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can make and let’s go ahead and make these delicious breakfast ideas that are
also paleo so the first thing we are making are these doodle myths and I’ve
been making these on the pan lately and guys they’re a game-changer so what you
need is some zucchini and a spiralizer or you can buy a zucchini pre spiralized
but it will save you some money to spiralize it yourself zucchini is great
because it’s lower in carb and it’s what’s gonna make our nest it’s full of
fiber for great digestion and the lutein in it helps to keep your bones strong
I’m using a pinch of salt and putting that on the zucchini noodles so that
they sweat a little bit so you’re gonna leave it for about five minutes they
sweat and then we’re gonna add this to our pan on medium heat and toss it for a
couple minutes until they start to wilt then you can go ahead and make your nest
shapes and I’m gonna be cracking in just the egg white first so just use this
method that I’m showing on the screen here to just put the egg white in and
then we’re gonna be putting the yolk on top after a few minutes now eggs are
great because they have all the essential amino acids that you need
they’ve got protein as well as healthy fats and my favorite part are probably
the yolks because this is where all than good choline that is great for brain
function it’s gonna keep your brain sharp and keep your memory and all that
and you don’t want brain fog so keep the yolks don’t be one of those people who
only eats the whites you’re gonna put the yolk on top after about two to three
minutes and then finish cooking depending on how hard or how soft you
like your yolks I like mine quite runny so I only added them for about two more
minutes on top a little bit of everything bagel seasoning on the top
and they’re delicious easy way to make a nice egg nests and they’re gonna keep
you full because of all the fiber in the zucchini next up we’re making a note
meal bake which is basically my twist on an oatmeal bake without using oatmeal so
I’m gonna use sweet potato sweet potato is a great complex cart now complex
carbs are great for blood sugar because you don’t get that spike they more go
into your blood sugar slowly which is why they’re called complex they’re also
great for digestion and a great anti-inflammatory
so you just need to shred up one medium sweet potato I’m gonna put that into a
bowl I’m gonna add in some coconut coconut is really great for your
digestion as well some ground flax which is great for fiber fiber is also great
for weight loss keeping you full and balancing a blood sugar do you guys know
I am a huge fan of fiber so this one is loaded with it you’re going to mix that
all together and it’s important to use ground flax not just flax seeds I’m
gonna be adding in a separate Bowl a couple eggs along with some banana so
was this one whole banana that I pureed in my food processor to get it smooth
you could also mash it if you don’t mind the chunks of banana there’s only one
banana in the whole bake which is really good adding in a little bit of maple
syrup before it some sweetness and along with some almond milk you can use hemp
milk any kind of cashew milk that you like along with some cinnamon that’s
gonna give it some great flavor again cinnamon is also really great at
balancing blood sugar so you’re gonna whisk all of that together either with a
whisk or with a spatula just kind of break up the yolks and get it till it’s
nice and smooth then you’re gonna be adding in our sweet potato flecks and
coconut mixture into that and then we’re gonna fold it until it’s combined
now you can definitely add in more things here if you want more nuts more
seeds I’m gonna add in a little bit more of some slivered almonds almonds are
great they’re rich in vitamin E they’re gonna make your skin glow and they’re a
great healthy fat as well so just mix that all together you can add whatever
kind of nuts or seeds that you want in here for a crunch or you could also add
in a little bit of frozen berries here as well so raspberries or blueberries
you want to add in a berry to keep it low sugar so I would go for that I
supposed to a higher sugar fruit and then just mix that all together I
sprayed a square baking pan just with a little bit of coconut oil so it doesn’t
stick and I’m transferring our mixture into this and then all you have to do is
spread it out into a nice even layer I’m a great thing about this is that once
you bake it you kind of have it ready to go
you can definitely reheat it quickly if you wanted to at work or at school or of
course at home too but I like the idea of just making this and having this
ready to go quickly in the mornings because mornings can be super busy
I’m gonna drizzle it once it’s done with a little bit of almond butter because
it’s so delicious with almond butter along with some blueberries but you can
definitely eat it like this on its own or just put it in a container and add
your toppings the morning of but it’s super delicious it’s warm it’s got great
complex carbs they’re gonna keep you full
but the almond butter drizzle on the top makes it extra decadent along with the
blueberries and lastly I’m gonna show you guys my recipe for bulletproof
coffee because I’ve had a lot of requests for this lately so I thought I
would show you and also because it is something I have most days of the week
so I’m starting off with some mushroom coffee you guys know I love mushroom
coffee because it’s got a little bit less caffeine and it’s made with lion’s
mane and chaga this one so it’s great for your brain health but you can use
any kind of coffee that you like I’m adding in my hot water but again you
wouldn’t add the hot water if your coffee is already made this is just for
me to make my coffee I’m adding in a scoop of collagen now collagen is great
for your gut so when you’re having coffee in the morning it’s great to get
something that’s nourishing for your gut lining first thing I’m adding in some
cinnamon for blood sugar now what’s important is I do add quite a bit
cinnamon about 1/4 teaspoon that’s about the amount you need in order to get
blood sugar balancing 1/2 a teaspoon of ghee this one is vanilla and it tastes
super yummy because it’s vanilla but it’s no sugar I’m adding in some brain
octane which is the coconut oil or MCT oil that I use because it actually goes
to your brain faster then smaller carbon ones so normal MCT it’s gonna have a
shorter carbon chain then this one so this one goes to your brain and just
makes your brain like work super quickly and effective and I bring this to clinic
all the time it’s delicious it keeps me say she ate it and you don’t get hangry
and it gives you that perfect kind of little jolt of the caffeine but because
you’re adding coconut oil and collagen it’s souls and jolts you don’t get
jittery from your caffeine so I hope you guys found these paleo breakfast
delicious if you have any requests for future videos just leave those in the
comments below but they’re all super delicious so I hope you guys enjoy I
hope you make them and I’ll see you in my next video