Hi. My name is Carrie Hunt and of behalf of
Expert Village today I’m going to show you how to make Palak Moong. Next we’re going
to be cutting our green hot chilis. I am making this for friends so I am going to go ahead
and brave three chilis today. We’ll see how it turns out. First you’re going to want to
cut off the top. And you’re going to slice it right down the middle. Now inside you see
the seeds this is where the spice is. And sometimes it?s a very bitter, not very good
flavor so you want to just push them off into the sink and we’ll throw them away. You’re
going to want to do this to all three of your peppers. Cut the tops off and the seeds out.
These peppers were bought at a local farmer’s market which is where I recommend you really
try to find all of your ingredients. Because they are so much fresher than anything you
find at any supermarket. And, of course, you are supporting your local economy which is
always a good idea. All right, we’ve got one more to go. We’re living dangerously today.
Last one. And these are going to becomes minced green peppers. So we’ll take them all and
I like, in my Palak Moong, I really like bigger chunks of things so I’m not going to do these
small, I like them big. So these are about half inch sections , then I’ll run my knife
through them one more time just to make sure they get down to a good size. You can really
smell that spice and its already coming up right there. All right, that looks good.