Hi, my name is Carrie Hunt and on behalf of
Expert Village today I’m going to show you how to make Palak Moong. Now we finished our
spicy tomato butter and its sitting to the side now still keeping on simmer so it will
stay warm for us. We’re going to move back to our Dal. Its been cooking for about an
hour and a half now. Mine has been going a little longer because my stove’s a little
off. But we have a nice pulpy and when you taste it its creamy. There’s not much, its
just creamy. Its very smooth. And we have one last step. We’re going to need to add
either two cups of fresh chopped spinach or ten ounces of frozen. We’re going with frozen
today. And you’re going to add it right into the Dal. Now I’ll stir in. And, of course,
you can do more or less of the spinach. I like more tomatoes than spinach in mine, personally,
but its up to you. You’re going to stir this in and this is going to sit on the stove and
simmer for about fifteen more minutes. The spinach will really help distribute the flavor
of the tumeric and the mung beans and it will get it ready to be combined so that you can
get an all over wonderful dish. So we stir it up and now its starting to look really
nice. Its dark green with a light green. We’ve got our red and greens over here and when
they come together it’ll be beautiful.