– Hey everybody I’m Joey
and today we’re baking crispy chicken wings in the oven. These wings are so tasty,
you’ll be the big game MVP. So follow me, and let’s get baked. (intense rock music) Let’s put an end to the
old debate right now. Survey says 54% of people
prefer the drumettes, while only 25% of people prefer the flat. So that settles that. But interestingly enough, 21% of people love wings so much, they don’t care which piece they get. Just gimme them wings, man. And do you know, that
wings are so popular, that Americans consume over
100 million pounds of wings on Superbowl Sunday alone? That’s a lot of wings man. But, enough with the facts. Let’s get to the goods. Today we’re making chicken wings, so yes we’re gonna need some wings. Here I have four pounds which have been pre trimmed
to remove the wing tips. Which I just reserve for soup. You can trim ’em, not
trim ’em, buy ’em pre cut. I don’t even curr. Because they’re gonna turn out great no matter what you do with’em. Next, you wanna preheat
the oven to 250 degrees and get that warming up while we get ready to season these. Also, one more tip. You wanna go ahead and prepare
your baking pans right now. As you can see I have
these baking racks on top. We do not want to put the
wings directly on the foil. So let’s get seasoning. Okay, to season these, the
first thing we’re gonna need is just a little bit of flour. I have a half a tablespoon here. Next we’re gonna need some JoJo rub. This is three and a half
tablespoons of the simple rub, we created ourselves, from
using common ingredients found in most kitchens. It’s really easy to make, but you can also substitute it with whatever seasoning you like. And finally we’re gonna need 1 1/2 tablespoons of baking powder. Not baking soda. And this is the real key
to getting the chicken skin with that crispity, crunchity exterior. What this does, is it actually
changes the pH balance of the chicken skin as it cooks. Or something like that. Look I don’t really know,
but I know that it works. And it’s science man, so
if you don’t believe me, go check it out on your Google machine. But we’re gonna want to
mix all these together and just liberally coat these wings right before we put ’em in the oven. Let’s get going. Okay, so now let’s get
this mixture on the wings. What we wanna do is just try to thoroughly coat them as best as we can. Dust a little bit on top. Then you can really use your hand. Or you can use a fork or whatever
you feel comfortable with. I’m gonna use my hand. I’m gonna use all this
seasoning here today. So let’s just go ahead
and get these mixed up. And, continue the process until we get it thoroughly
coated on all sides. We want these seasoned liberally as well. So now that I’ve had these
wings thoroughly coated three or four times I’ve mixed them up. Fully seasoned, let’s just go ahead and get ’em on the rack. Yeah, you wanna make sure that these are spaced out enough to make sure that they’re not
quite touching each other. Let the air circulate
around them as they cook. And I can’t get them all on one pan, so I actually have two set up here. I’d rather use two, than try
to put too many on one rack. Alright, now that these wings are seasoned it’s time to get ’em in the oven. As I said, we’re gonna put
them in at 250 degrees. And this low temperature
is gonna help render some of the fat from
the wings as they cook. We’re gonna leave them in
there for about 30 minutes. And after 30 minutes, we’re gonna turn up the
temperature to 425 degrees and this is where the wings
are gonna get really crispy. We’re gonna leave them in there for about another 40 to 45 minutes. Look, it’s an easy
recipe, but it ain’t fast. While your wings are cooking you can indulge in your own
healthy drinking habits, watch the big game on TV, or my favorite, search for
conspiracy theories online. (dramatic music) Alright, these wings took about an hour and
10 minutes total cooking. As I said earlier it’s not fast, but it’s totally worth it. And they smell absolutely amazing. So you can make these
plain as I’ve made them or coat them in your favorite sauce. They’re gonna taste absolutely great. I’d be proud to serve these
anytime and you should too. Our motto at red meat lover
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division in the world today, some people are a left wing others are a right wing. But I’m team chicken wing all day. We’ll see you next time. (intense rock music) Mm, so crunchy.