Did you tell him about the Blasian dating show? Are you the one? / Yes, I am the one. / Oh Really? Miami Beach!!! / Miami! Hoot Hoot! She’s flying. Hoo-hoot! I see James. Sad and mad. You know what I mean? I…… can’t remember. so this is all nice looking breakfast that we’re going to eat Lots of fruit. I love fruit. So many mosquitoes I don’t know if I can live in Florida even though i really like it here but Mosquitoes… Crazy… I got so many bites. All the stuff was out. My wife goes crazy. like oh My God! I said I’m fine fine. i’ll just move it. so I do like the planes and this is another one here that I am building You are building it yeah but I learned everything I know from youtube to be honest with you and if I went to school and I knew the details of how everything works This is gonna have a big SLR camera held enough to the bottom of it so, you, you built it right? Yeah! /Wow…/ built it programmed it We are at the beach! Should we go? / Yes! I am giving him some massage! Sand massage, Sand foot massage Faster Faster! Turn! Turn! Oh. There we are! Look what you got. Look what you got! Keep turning. Keep turning. Don’t stop Oh Crap! Yeah. It tangled up some how. You gotta be focused. You gotta be watching that as soon as it hit that, you gotta… Alright. Whoot Whoot! I like that. I like it. I’m super tan! Police lights Wow Wow and then people’s gonna think that that’s a UFO. / I know, right? alright let’s run back inside. /oh yeah. I am in for inside. LOL Mosqituoes. / yeah I really have a lot of bumps on my body. Let’s go, baby. / Run, run!! Let’s wait until everybody is here. Run! Run inside! / One, two, three!/ Go! Go, go, go! What happened? Mosquitoes! / LOL Wow! This is a brunch! So, what is all this, can you explain? oh we have here oxtails with lama beans. OK. / And that is called Pilau. / Pilau with chicken olives raisins, coconut milk and there are… the pigeon peas and we have a little veggie going and fruits as you can see and this is the fried plantains. you know fried plantains. So, Caribbean food? / yeah this is all Caribbean… West indians Oh West indians…/ This is all West indians. / Oh… excited Oxtail bones She loves it. This is what she is sucking She’s sucking it out like you’re supposed to./ Yeah. She is supposed to.. Did you hear that? Ah! / That’s amazing! She goes… Look at her! She loves it! Airplane? No. This is a drone, Yuri. We are gonna fly it. Alright. Let’s set it up out here. / OK Watch your step./ OK safe to take off. So.. slide to take off, right?/ Slide, right. There it goes! Oh My Gosh! Right? / Oh My Gosh! That’s good. you’re doing good./ OK. And then? So, let’s get a little height. Push up a little bit. / OK OK. / slowly, slowly. Right, She’s doing it! the left one is up and down. the left stick the….. Oh, wait, wait, wait! Wait… let’s get it up high above the…. above the trees. /OK. and up now to record what you’re seeing you press this button to record. right so you’re recording whatever you see that’s what the camera sees. very good Yeah. There you go. you actually directing the video right there. Whoot Whoot! You see James… celebrating. Good… Perfect Beautiful! she’s flying! she’s a drone operator Official! See? That’s the one of the canals. That is used for irrigation and what not. Look at Lily. she is a drone operator. / Yes! Wow. I am proud of you. OK. Somi, take one. Baby, one. And this is for you. Be careful!!! Move away! Do you like it? I used to eat this when I was young growing up. / Let me see. Me, too. Me, too. Back in the Philippines Like… our house is in here. And there was a farm full of that Full of sugar cane. / Lily’s first time sugar cane experience You chew and suck the juice out of it. your first time?. / (Yes.) / What? Take a lot of pictures for the first timer! Then you…. After you chew, that’s the residue. So… these are sugar canes… Never…. never seen it. chew like… the small piece there. / OK/ There you go. Are you chewing that one?/ I chew this one. growing up…/ They used to brush your teeth with this This is just like i’m home right now./ Yeah. Man. You know. I have my Mercedes on my side and I have my shoes on. That’s why I like it here. Mangoes! Let’s see if it is ripe. Not really yet. This? No.. not really Somi? Tell her to spit it. There you go. It had not been touched. / Yeah. She didn’t even chew it. First mango! It fell on its own. Mango of the year You need to rip a little bit more. Oh Yeah…/ You like it, honey? / You need to ripe a little bit more. This is just right. / But, she? She loves it green. As you know, when we were in Miami. we went all the way down to Miami like we walked and then we started flying that drone and that just like totally made us feel like okay we accomplished everything it’s rainy let’s go back and the later when we came back well we realized that actually we didn’t even check the water on the miami beach. and like we were super…. super…. sad and mad, you know what I mean? yeah I couldn’t believe that we didn’t even touch the water and we didn’t even go close to the water and try to check out the water and everybody said like the water is so clear and nice. and I’m like… I can’t remember I mean like I was so I was so close to the water but at the same time like I was not that close. so we are on our way to Orlando… so we wanted to check out some good beach because of seriously we’ve been here in Florida And…the waters are like not…. The one that we went to, Daytona and It was okay, but it was not like the one that super nice Also… The one that we went to when we were in Fort Myers It was not that great the water looked Brown because of the rainy season, I guess. that’s what they say now we want to check out really nice Coral you know Emerald those water so I just checked online and I found out that this beach called Lido.. Lido Key Beach It is super super pretty so yeah we we want to check it out once we go back to orlando Um… We are gonna do basically just Disney stuff so I don’t think we’ll have time for any beaches. so This is our last time for us to be able to like… you know check out like really good beaches so anyway so / Who stole my skittles? I want some skittles. Your skittles? / Yeah. / You ate all your skittles! No! The ones we bought at the… The sweettarts? Yes./ Yeah. They are… They are here. 1,2,3/1,2,3 4,5,6/4,5,6 7,8,9 7,8,9 10/10 Wow. It’s really pretty here. / Yes! Yuri, can you see?/ Um…. Boat! / There is a boat? Oh My Gosh…./ This is Horrible So, today, I made some Bulgogi for our special and I get weird looks like why this black kid hanging around other Filipinos So…have you been to the Philippines? / uh huh How did people react to you?