Hey everybody it’s Corey and today I want
to make for you one of my favorite apple dessert recipes. Before we do that I want you to go
ahead and download down here my friend Diana, she’s giving away a free cookbook 27 of hear
easiest healthiest recipes. Again, go ahead and visit her site and go ahead and get your
free cookbook. All right before we start I had a basically
gluten free crust. Diana’s recipe she actually used almond flour and other ingredients which
I didn’t have so used a recipe that was gluten free. For the filling we have 3 apples that we’ve
cored and sliced thinly just like an apple pie recipe. We have our coconut crystals,
replacement for our sugar, next we have 1 tablespoon of coconut flour, and then as a
baker I never really measured a whole lot of cinnamon we just take our cinnamon and
let’s sprinkle some of that in there and then all we’re gonna do is just kinda mix that
in real good like this you don’t have to be really scientific what you want to do here
is take your apples just like an apple pie and kind of work these out to the edge. Again
once you taste this you’re definitely going to know why this is one of my favorite apple
dessert recipes. Once we put the apples on we’re going to go
ahead and make the filling or I should say not the filling we’re going to go ahead and
put the topping on what I really think makes the recipe. So the pizza out of the oven and basically
I am taking just putting on the icing if you will. You want to make this fairly thick but
not too thick. Kinda spread it around the pizza. Once this is cooled you’re going to enjoy
this apple dessert recipes absolutely one of the best you’
re ever going to try. Share with us on facebook how you like it. Thank You!