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channel today I’m showing you some delicious on-the-go healthy lunches that
I have been loving lately and I know you’re going to love them as well
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we’re making is this lemon mint salad I’m starting off with butter lettuce I
find butter lettuce has a lot more flavor than your traditional romaine but
you can definitely use your favorite type I’m adding in some cucumber which
is incredibly hydrating so it’s gonna help your skin it got some tomatoes
tomatoes are full of antioxidants full of lycopene some meatballs that I made
from Turkey but you can use whatever kind that you like or just any kind of
proteins and whatever a protein you’ve prepped that week I can use chicken
sometimes or tofu whatever you like half of an avocado for some healthy fats
because we definitely want healthy fats and protein at every meal
healthy fats really help to not only keep you full but they help with your
blood sugar so they help with any kind of hang greenness or they help to
prevent that some mint which is really good for digestion especially fresh mint
and fresh herbs in general are just very delicious and then I’m adding in half of
a lemon that I’m gonna squeeze over top once I get to clinic and the salad is so
fresh and delicious it’s perfect going into the springtime next up we’re making
a salmon tahini Bowl so I’m starting off with some asparagus which is great for
your gut because it’s actually a prebiotic I’m seasoning it with this
Trader Joe’s Mommy seasoning but you can use whatever kind that you like and then
once the asparagus is done about after three minutes I’m cooking the salmon and
I like to cook my salmon on a pan on medium heat for about three minutes per
side and while that’s cooking I took some frozen cauliflower that would had
been thought out which is a great hack to use because a lot of frozen
vegetables if you just let them thaw they’re actually cooked al dente I’m
making a little sauce for the side with one tbsp tahini and half a juice of 11
so you got the wonderful healthy fats from the salmon that are so good for
your gut health good for your brain salmon is definitely a brain food so
this is gonna be good for you to have her lunch drizzle the tahini on top
we’ve got the asparagus just in season and some wonderful
cauliflower it’s just so good and one of my tried-and-true things that I make for
so many lunches and also so many dinners is my egg roll in a bowl but I need to
show you guys because it’s just so delicious again I start with avocado oil
some ginger and some garlic and I saute this in a pan and the great thing about
this is that it comes together really quick I just buy a ready mix slaw and I
add some lime on the top and then you just add your favorite protein so this
is also something that I meal prep in advance because it’s not a fresh salads
if you don’t have to worry about anything wilting we are cooking this
slaw I add a little bit of coconut aminos which is a great way to kind of
get that Asian style flavor without any of the harmful stuff in it because it’s
made from coconuts and it’s lower in sodium so adding in some chicken but you
could add in Turkey you could add an eggs you could add in tofu you can even
add in a handful of nuts here as well so once that’s done just putting that into
my container and I’m adding some green onion on the top but that’s totally
optional I kind of just like to throw in whatever kind of fresh herbs I have in
my fridge a sprinkle of sesame seeds but you could do hemp seeds or like I said
any kind of not amiss it’s a great thing to prep in advance easy to eat on the go
but full of nice nutritious veggies so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
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