♫ Hey ♫ You’re my forbidden fruit ♫ Can’t stay away from you ♫ And even though I should ♫ You probably taste so good ♫ You’re my forbidden fruit ♫ Can’t stay away from you ♫ And even though I should ♫ You probably taste so good – Good morning hunties and huncles, guess who’s hanging out
with us on Facetime! Auntie Maya, she’s so pretty! Can you please continue to grow your hair? This girl wants to cut her hair already. – [Maya] Oh, okay, say bye. – Why did you do this? – I’m in my PJ’s and a (mumbles) – You look sexy, you’re
hot, you’re a hotcake. Anyways, Samia grabbed
her jacket this morning and she went downstairs in the basement talkin bout dat, dat, dat, dat, dis car. She wanted to bring it outside so and it’s a beautiful
day, like, it’s so nice. Oh my gosh. – [Maya] And it’s Christmas Eve. – And it’s Christmas Eve
and I’m hot in this jacket. Like I can literally
wear shorts right now. I see like white people walking
up and down in their shorts. (laughs) So yeah let’s go for our little walk. Samia you ready? Samia. Samia’s driving. Whoohoo. It feels like spring man. Feels beautiful. Gorgeous. This is a gorgeous winter. Let’s see if the horn works. (laughs) Isn’t that so cool babe? Are you having fun in your car? Huh? She watching the kids play hockey. Say, hi kids my name in Samia. (chuckles) You look so cute baby. She just woke up from a nap. Aww, you want mommy to push you? Okay let mommy push you. Wee. Wee. Wee. I’m so out of breath from this walk, I’ve been walking for about 15 minutes and I’m so exhausted. (chuckles) But I need to do this
because I cannot gain like eight pounds a month. That just cannot happen. I do not want to be 200 pounds. Oh my gosh, I’m freaking out. I’m freaking the heck out. Anyways, I’m gonna slow down my eating, and I’m gonna eat a lot
more healthier and I’m gonna cut down on my Pepsi. (baby mumbles) Look at the snowman. You see the snow man? Isn’t that so cool. And the polar bear. Brrr. But I don’t know what they’re
doing here because there’s no snow on the ground. We’re at grandma’s house. Hey grandma. (laughing) Ooo I smell bread. – Come. – [Latoya] You’re making bread? – Yeah. Hello. – [Latoya] Say hey. Oh my gosh is the bread, is it finished? – [Grandma] Come, come, come. – Okay we have to go
the mall closes at six, and we only have like two hours. – Oh I have something to tell you. – What? What? What you gotta tell me? – Oh you want a present now? – [Latoya] Oh you do your makeup huh? – You want a present now? – [Latoya] My present? – I have present for her. – My present you got me something? – No. – What did you get me for Christmas? – This is serious business. – What? What? Grandma you literally
have two gifts underneath. Where are all the gifts? – Well, (mumbles) – [Latoya] Okay, okay. Now what? What happened? – Take that (mumbles). – [Latoya] Tell me what happened. You look pretty. (laughing) You look good. Where’s the bread? What is serious business? I want some bread. Haaay! What happened? – This is serious business
you cannot put that on camera. – Okay, what? – I went to the mall in the week. Right. I’m walking down the street, and these three black
girls they come up and say, grandma you can do that very well. (laughing) I said, what? They said, you’re looking great. – [Latoya] You looking damn good girl. – Yes. That’s what they said. – [Latoya] Ohh. – They said, ohh. – [Latoya] What is it huntie and huncle. – I said ooo thank you girls. (laughing) – Awww. Thank you for complementing grandma, she’s a hot girl. Samia has a cold. Like a little cold. And she’s teething. Alright, whipping around
the city with uncle JayJay. – Yo, yo. – We’re starving and Jay suggested
that we go to McDonald’s. – Yes I did still, I did. – What the hell, like you know
that I’m over weight right? (chuckles) And you tell me this all the time right? – Yes. – The doctor told me this as
well and we’re at McDonald’s. – But you see the thing is,
you didn’t even stop me. You just said yeah. – No I said, are you sure,
are you sure, are you sure. – You didn’t stop me still, you didn’t. You didn’t stop me. – Don’t even front right
now, are you serious? – You know low key you want McDonald’s. – No I want McDonald’s
still but that’s the thing you’re supposed to prevent
me from going inside though. – And you’re also
supposed to help yourself. You need to tell me. What if I did it on purpose? – No you know that I’m fat though. – What if I did it on purpose? What if I just said, let’s go to McDonalds to see what you would say. – Yeah exactly but you’re
still gonna eat it though. – Hmmm. – Anyways. We’re doing last minute
shopping for people, a lotta. Am I last minute with everything? – Yeah you are still. (laughing) With everything. – With everything. Alright let’s just get this grub and call it a day and don’t
tell anybody that, god. Wow. Yummy. We got 10 piece chicken nuggets, a McChicken, two fries, ice cream, salad, I’m
about to go ham right now. Hammer time. You about to go ham? – I’m about to go ham. – Bro. Sweet and sour sauce haaay. Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. (mumbles) this is my big boy. He’s just gonna be a big boy. That’s it. A big ass hungry boy and what. He gonna be hungry, he
gonna come out of my womb, wanting Pepsi, Sprite,
and a McChicken burger with some nuggets on the side, and what. But on the real Jay,
I’m trying to get that caramel sundae brah. – No you don’t need nothing else. Nothing else. – [Latoya] Are you sure? – You don’t need nothing else. – [Latoya] Well are you gonna eat that? – I’m full. – [Latoya] Okay I’ll take that. – No. – [Latoya] What? – No. – [Latoya] You can’t waste it yo. – You can’t take this either. – [Voiceover] Really
your’re wrapping ketchup? – [Latoya] No oh my god. So faces by Curtis came over. – [Adam] This is what
we’re giving people guys. – [Latoya] Brought us a gift, and she– – [Adam] Let me guess this is for Jalen. – [Latoya] Me and Jalen
Gemini we’re obsessed. – [Adam] What do you mean? You’re wrapping this up or
you just got this as a gift? – Forget it. I mean Adam, we just bought it. – [Adam] Oh. – As a gift. – [Adam] But why you
open it a day earlier? – Why not? – [Adam] Zecko. – Yo. – [Adam] What’s up man? – Nothing much. Just editing. – [Adam] So what you get home girl? – A bunch of stuff. – [Adam] Bunch of stuff, okay. – [Latoya] A bunch of stuff huh? – No not that much. – [Latoya] A bunch of stuff. – [Adam] Oh you putting your seed, you know I shouldn’t have to ask you, now you putting you see. Subliminally threw me under the bus bro. You should of said nothing dawg. – I’m so sorry. – [Latoya] A bunch of stuff huh. – Yeah a bunch of stuff. A bunch of little stuff. That add up to one big thing. – [Adam] Brother, you
know what I didn’t ask you that question. You’re just thowing me
under the bus bro, bye. I’m here getting her
ketchup and chocolate, and it’s a bunch of
stuff that adds up to… – You have all of this,
adds up to one big thing. There you go. – [Adam] You’re smart. – [Zecko] Keep going. (laughing) – [Adam] You smart. – Okay I’m in my office
with auntie Delaila We’re sisters. And I want her to open up
her gift that Sami got her. – Sami you got me a gift? – [Latoya] Yes. Not only did she get you that cookie, she got you a present. – Latoya are you serious
right now you got me a gift? – [Latoya] Yes. Samia did. Delaila. Yes. From the Ali’s. Whoohoo! – Is it a prank? – [Latoya] This is not a prank. Why the hell would I prank you? – ‘Cause you’re a prankster. – I, me, I’m a prankster? – Open this up, oh my god, oh my god. Oh Toya. (laughing) Boiiii. (laughing) Oh my god and red’s my favorite. – [Latoya] I know so she
got her red lipstick. – Oh she got me some earrings. – [Latoya] Some earrings. Yay. – Oh my god I been
looking for the necklace. – [Latoya] I love that
necklace it’s so cute. It’s so you. – Lashes haaay. – [Latoya] Of course lashes on deck. – You’re gonna have to
bring it for that one. – Yes. I love you too. – [Delaila] You’re such
an amazing big sister. – Thank you for being like in my life and being so good, and
humble and supportive. – Ever since I met you
you’ve been such a blessing to me and words can’t
describe how much I love you. – Oh my god you’re so cute. I love you. I just wanna see the best. That’s it. – No really a lot of people
wouldn’t go out of their way for me to do what you do. – Oh my– – You’re gonna make my cry oh my god. You’re amazing. – I love you. I love you so much you make me happy, you make me proud. – Aww. Thank you Sami. – [Latoya] Yeah good to see sister Laila. (yells) – Okay look. Let auntie help you okay. – [Latoya] Ooo. Look at that Samia it’s a dress. This is so cute. – A little dress. – [Latoya] It’s so cute. Ooo and a little cardigan with two hearts. – The hearts are pockets. – [Latoya] And they’re so cute. – Put your cookies inside. – [Latoya] Hey Brookie. – Hi. – [Latoya] Would you like
to open up your gift? – Yup. – [Latoya] Whoohoo! Okay there’s Brookie’s gift. – Thank you. – [Latoya] You’re welcome. Is it hot in here ya’ll? – [Ana] No. I’m not hot. – And this is Ari, she
gonna open up her gift. – Now you’re gonna teach
me how to do my makeup. – [Latoya] Exactly. (laughing) Right. – [Ana] That’s a really good gift. – [Latoya] The eye essentials. Seven pieces. I know we have. I use like three brushes to do my eyes. Lawd. Yes you wanna learn how
to do your eye shadow so I got you an eye shadow palette. – Thank you. – [Latoya] You’re welcome. Haaay. Mommy’s gonna look sexy. She gonna look like a sexy mamis. (laughing) Whoohoo! Show them all the colors. I love that palette. Haaay. – [Ana] So nice. – [Latoya] Pretty. – Where you get that from? I gotta order me one tomorrow. – [Latoya] Oh you want one? – Yeah, I gotta order one tomorrow. (laughing) – Okay Latoya, I think
Stud needs to just leave Crystal alone. Just leave her alone, you
messing with her mind. – You have food poisoning but
like there’s no need to keep a gap all the way til 12 to learn
oh, you have food poisoning. Like what are you.. – I feel like Stud is playing. Like he got mad ’cause he
didn’t get what he wanted. Like no that’s not how things work. – Personally I don’t think
he knows what he wants. And during that whole
conversation I was just like… – Guess who’s here? – Say hi. – [Latoya] Auntie Dom. The little not annoying friend of all. (laughing) They’re so annoying
calling my baby annoying. – Oh well. – [Latoya] You’re lipstick is so… Yo you’re makeups on point today. – Thanks. – [Latoya] Bruh. – I did a little bit
of contour, you know… – [Latoya] Isn’t it on point? Like usually she doesn’t
really wear makeup like that, but she’s out here like getting
it in the makeup industry. – You know it’s Christmas Eve so… – [Latoya] You look cute. – Look at my socks. – [Latoya] Haaay. Okay never mind. (laughing) – Where’s your festival socks? – [Latoya] No festival socks,
I’m in all black today. I’m fat and I have to lose some weight. What? – Okay you’re barely fat,
you’re not even fat at all. – [Latoya] You know what my mid wife said? – What? – [Latoya] By the end of my
pregnancy, if I don’t slow down on my eating and if I keep
on going at this rate. – Yeah. I’m gonna be 180 pounds by
the end of my pregnancy. So I have to slow down my eating. So, no more junk. And I ate McDonald’s today. – [Dom] Wow no more junk,
but I ate McDonald’s today. – Okay last time. I’m at 149. A month ago I was at 141
so I gained eight pounds. – In a month? – [Latoya] In a month. – Yeah if you keep going
that rate, think about it eight pounds a month– – [Latoya] Look at Aria. (laughing) – She’s so cute. – [Latoya] Hi Aria. – Oh best friend, I was like
are you guys best friends. And Mia’s like yup. – [Latoya] They’re bff’s. So Samia got auntie Dom a gift. – No. – [Latoya] ‘Cause she loves you. – I gave her a gift. – [Latoya] She got you a gift too. – Awww. – [Latoya] Say thank you. Say thank you auntie Dom for my gift. – She has no time for me ’cause– – [Latoya] None. – ‘Cause she was there. – [Latoya] I know Samia,
see they don’t even care about unwrapping gifts and cleaning like they don’t care. Alright let me get it. – [Dom[ Okay. Come here Samia. – So this is Samia. Samia look. Samia wanna open up your gift first? – Open up your gift. – [Latoya] How come you keep
putting lipstick on her? – I know. (chuckles) – [Latoya] Oooo. – She thinks that this is the gift. Keep going. Come on. – Ooo. All that chocolate on your face. – In here. – Oooo. (laughing) – She’s like what is this? – Ooooo. (yells) Oh my god Samia got shoes. – Look how cute they are. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – They’re so cute. – Oh my god they’re so cute. – Look how cute they are. – [Latoya] I love them. Samia put on your new boots. Oh my god Dom that’s so
nice thank you so much. – She has more. – [Latoya] Oh my gosh there’s more. Yes! I asked for this. – I know. I was like– – [Latoya] Oh my gosh I
asked for these books. Oh my gosh I’m so happy. – [Dom] And they’re the one’s you wanted. – Oh my gosh, thank you so– – [Dom] So it has one thing. – [Latoya] Okay perfect. – [Dom] One thing. – [Latoya] Oh my gosh yes. Balloons, B for balloons. Yes C for cookie. I love it. – I hope you do because– – [Latoya] Where did you get these books? – In the Go Chapters. – [Latoya] Oh my gosh I love it. Oh my gosh. – Look at this book and
tell me it’s not weird. So you open it, and it starts at two. – [Latoya] Okay two. – [Dom] Where’s one? Why is one, all the way in the back? – [Latoya] That’s so weird. – I was like what? – [Latoya] But it’s all good I love it. Oh my god. – Oh and this one’s so cute. – [Latoya] Oh let me see this one. – [Dom] She’ll play with
this and it like will tell her what the words are. – Look at her, look at her. She’s so excited. (laughing) – [Dom] Are these yours? Look at your book auntie
Dom bought for you, they’re so nice. And you’re gonna learn
all about your animals– – [Dom] And her colors. – And your colors, and your numbers. Your turn. – Okay. – [Latoya] Alright the
gift is right there. Whooo. Yes guess first. – I don’t know. (laughing) I don’t know but, how’d you know? (laughing) – [Latoya] You’re so cute. – Oh my gosh. – [Latoya] Eyelashes. So now you can practice. – Yeah. Remember was it you I was talking.. Oh Delaila. – [Latoya] Who? – ‘Cause I was just telling
somebody at your party, I’m like I need to buy
eyelashes and I don’t know where to start. So this is a good start. – [Latoya] Start a new supply, yes. – I know what this is. – [Latoya] Right yeah,
that’s what you wanted. – I obviously. (laughing) I know what this is. You actually gave me one. – [Latoya] Yes. – I’ve been in love… Okay I love you. – [Latoya] I love you too. That’s a Misty Lynn collection. I ordered a bunch of them
’cause all of my friends are like where did you get your lipstick? I’m like the Misty Lynn collection. It’s so pretty. – Like I’m so ha… How do I open this? (chuckles) – [Latoya] Yes. – I am so excited to wear this, I’m about to go wipe off my red lip. – [Latoya] No the red lip
looks good with this outfit. – I can’t believe this. – [Latoya] Aww. – ‘Cause I was just like, I want that. – [Latoya] Yeah, and I got it for you. Next. – I can’t believe you got me a charm. – [Latoya] What do you mean? Why can’t you believe that? – Oh my gosh I don’t even
have my bracelet here. – [Latoya] I’m so angry. Like why don’t you have it? – Me too, I don’t know. – [Latoya] I hope you like it. Like I tried, I was in
that store for so long. – Oh my gosh. It’s so cute. – [Latoya] Aw thank you. (chuckles) Do you like it? – Yes I love it. I just wish I had my bracelet to wear. – [Latoya] I know, I’m so annoyed. – And you know how I feel
about my pandora bracelet. Like everything has to be very– – [Latoya] I know she obsessed with it. – Yeah. – So I knew that’d be the perfect gift. – I’m so happy, thank you. – Muah. Your welcome. – [Dom] Thank you baby. – [Latoya] Let me show them the charm. Oh it’s so pretty. – Look how cute this is. It’s my first one that has like– – [Latoya] Do you love it? – Yeah. – [Latoya] It’s the best friend one. (laughing) – ‘Cause I’m your best friend. Everybody’s gonna be like, how many best friends does this girl have? I’m her best friend. – [Latoya] Yes Look at your timbs Sami. Go show Aria your timbs baby. – Awww. (laughing) Are they heavy? She’s like what are
these bricks on my feet? (laughing) – [Latoya] This is so funny. (up beat music) Next! Hi Jalen. Were you sleeping? Yo you look so tired
like you just woke up. Okay here open your
gift, open your present. – Okay so this one. – [Latoya] Yes. – [Jalen] Ok bomb. – [Latoya] I think that’s the one. – [Dom] That’s a really nice bag. Can I have it? – [Latoya] Yeah you can have it. – Heyyy. Okayyy. Okay go, wait. – [Dom] That’s so nice. – They left the tag. – [Latoya] Oh my god. I know they did, they did. – It’s okayyy. – [Dom] I can so see your wearing that. – This is bomb. – [Latoya] Let me see. – This is bomb. [Latoya] I love it. – So bomb. – [Dom] I can’t wait
until you call (mumbles). – I told her already ’cause
I’m getting bottom grillz. – [Latoya] He’s getting grillz. He’s getting his grillz. So it’s gonna look so dope. – [Jalen] Yo I’m getting bottom grillz. I told her I’m gonna
wear the bottom grillz, these bad boys. – [Latoya] But the only issue
is they left the freaking sensor on it. – Yeah this is annoying. – [Latoya] I know. – Just take it on– – [Latoya] I know I have
to go like on boxing day or the day after. – Like I can’t wear it like this. – [Latoya] I know. And I’ll give you the receipt so– – [Dom] I’d so try to pull that off. (cross talk) – This is dope though I
really, really like this. – [Latoya] Aw yay, I’m so
happy that you love it. – This is so me. – [Latoya] Yay yes. – This is nice, I really like this. – [Latoya] You like those? – Yeah this is so nice. – [Latoya] Okay good. – I like this. And there’s another one in there. – [Latoya] Yay. – I know. – [Dom] He’s stayed
pulling out all the stuff. Oh my gosh. Those are nice. – [Latoya] His lounge wear. ‘Cause he’s always like
in lounge wear whenever he’s around the house. – [Jalen] Yeah I love it. – [Latoya] Yeah so. – So bomb, I like this. – [Dom] Those are nice. I like the color of that. – [Latoya] You can work in comfort. – Aw thanks Toya. – [Latoya] Aw your welcome. Aw I’m so happy that you like it. – I love this. I love all this stuff. – [Latoya] Yay. – I’m all swagged out. – Whoohoo. – [Jalen] I can wear this with this. – [Dom] As per usual. Awww. – Aria’s opening up her gift. – [Dom] She’s not wasting no time. – Oooh. Good job baby. Oh what is that? Oooo. Oooo. Does she have this? – [Voiceover] No. – Okay perfect. Yay. It’s a pretty pink popper. It even pushes around. And the little things will pop out. Isn’t that so cool? – [Dom] She’s so cute look at her face. – And look at your pretty little outfit. – [Dom] Awww. – Isn’t it so pretty? Is it gonna fit you? – [Dom] She can wear that tomorrow. – ‘Cause you’re a big girl. And ooo. A piano. Yay. Okay Judy there’s no more. – [Dom] She’s like where. – Anymore up in here. Good job. And Samia bought you that. My sister in law is here. – Hey. – [Latoya] Oh my gosh
I’m so happy to see her. Watch I saw you like two weeks ago. Did you get your gift? Did you open your gift? Are you gonna open your gift? – [Girl] Yes I am. – [Latoya] Can I record
you opening your gift? I’m so excited. – Okay, okay. (laughing) – [Latoya] Oh isn’t she so cute? Doens’t Samia look just like her? – [Dom] Exactly like her
I knew that from jump. – [Latoya] I know. – Oh my gosh. This is so cute. What is this? (laughing) – Yeah it’s perfume, I have it on. It smells so good. – I love perfume. – [Latoya] It’s one of my
favorite from Victoria’s Secret. You have to smell it. – [Dom] That looks so good. – [Latoya] Do you like the smell? – I love it. – [Latoya] It smells so good doesn’t it? – [Dom] Yes. – Oh my god let me smell. Yeah that’s the one that I have on. So good! – Thank you so much. – [Latoya] Oh you’re welcome. There’s more, there’s more. Wait, where’s the actual– – [Dom] Does it come off? – [Latoya] Yes. – And there’s lipstick. – [Latoya] I know you love purple. – Yes I love purple. (chuckles) Nice I love this color. I can’t wait to rock this
when I go to Zanzibar. – [Latoya] Yes! Oh yeah
you’re going to Zanzibar when? – On January 6th. – Oh my gosh. Tell your mom I said hi. – Eyelashes. – [Latoya] Yes your eyelashes. You know you love your eyelashes. And earrings yes. I needed earrings. Now I don’t have to go
buy earrings anymore. – [Latoya] Yes. – And earrings yay. – [Latoya] Whoohoo. Yay. – And then it’s (mumbles). – [Latoya] And you bought
all this for your auntie. – Thank you much. – [Latoya] Oh you’re welcome. – Oh my god yes makeup. More makeup. I love makeup. – [Latoya] I know she loves
her makeup so I got her some cute brushes. – Yay. – [Dom] That’s cute. (laughing) – [Latoya] She opening it now haaay. – Oh my god. This is so nice. I love makeup. – [Latoya] Yes. Do some makeup tutorials on YouTube. – I don’t know how to do makeup though. – But you’re learning. You’re learning. You’re gonna learn. Oh my gosh and Annita you got me a gift? – Yes that’s her gift it’s right there. – Oh yeah. Yay. (laughing) You got me a gift and
you didn’t (mumbles). So dramatic. (laughing) Oh my god yay. Ooo. Michael Kors perfume. I’m so excited. Thank you so much. ♫ Ooh what’s love ♫ Mhm ♫ Somebody tell me whats love ♫ Mhm ♫ Whether it’s a son or brother ♫ Your dad or your mother ♫ Tell me what’s love ♫