Welcome To How To Cook That, I am Ann Reardon
today we are going to be decorating a super easy pink ombre buttercream cake.
The first thing you are going to have to do is make up a batch of the buttercream you
actually need a triple batch of it and the recipe quantities are all on the blog howtocookthat.net
there is a link in the description just below this video.
Stir the butter and icing sugar together using a spoon until it is slightly combined and
then use the electric mixers on low speed. If you just jump straight into high speed
you are going to end up with a face full of icing sugar which is not what you want. Once
they are reasonably combined and starting to look like a paste then you can turn your
mixers on high speed and you want to mix it for about 4 minutes. Add about three or four
tablespoons of milk until you get the desired consistency and it should start to look paler
in colour and fluffy like this. Take out 1/3 of the mixture and leave that
to one side and with the remaining mixture add a small amount of colour and mix it well.
You can use any colour you want if you want it in blue or pink or whatever you would like
to do. Place a decent scoop of this into your first
bowl then add more of the same colour again and mix again and repeat that process until
you have 5 shades going from light to dark of your colour.
Place each of these into a ziplock bag and leave them to one side for the moment. Using the plain buttercream put a smear on
your cake stand or plate, and then add your bottom layer of cake. Put a thin layer of
buttercream between your layers and add the next layer of on top, more butter cream and
the top layer of cake. I am using three here so you have a taller
effect rather than just using the two and that will give us room to do our different
colors on the cake. Smooth some more of your plain buttercream
on the top of the cake you could use a colour here if you want to I just like the contrast
of having the creamy colour on top. And then put a really thin coating around the sides
of your cake also. Take each of you bags of frosting and fold
the corner over on itself so it is doubled over and then just snip the corner off. Try
and cut the same amount off each bag so it is easy to pipe the same size blobs.
Push the frosting down towards the open corner and then twist the top of the bag so that
the frosting can’t push back up into the bag when you squeeze it.
Starting with the lightest colour pipe blobs the whole way around the top of the cake.
Then use a teaspoon and squash the bottom half of the blob and drag it downwards. So
you are just pushing it in and dragging it downwards towards the bottom of the cake.
ANd then repeat that the whole way around the cake.
Take your next colour and place a blob not just underneath the smear but just covering
any of it where it is starting to look uneven or not so good. So that you see the nice part
of your piping. Put those blobs the whole way around your cake and then repeat what
you did before just grab the spoon push it in and pull down. I found if you dip your
spoon in hot water you get a smooth look to these blobs than if you just use a dry spoon.
And so I dip the spoon in don’t even dry it just put it straight on the icing and drag
it down. You can use any icing that you like that will
hold its shape fot this you don’t have to use buttercream you could use italian meringue
icing you could use cream cheese frosting if you’ve got a nice thick or your you could
use white chocolate gnache whatever you prefer the taste of on your cake as long as it is
firm enough to hold its own shape it will be perfect.
Continue this way all around you cake in the different colours until you reach down to
the bottom. Use a knife to scrape off any excess from the plate and get some paper towel
and wipe your plate perfectly clean. Then take your final colour and pipe blobs around
the base. And there you have it a quick and easy ombre
birthday cake for you. Thank you so much to all my subscribers really appreciate you comments
and sharing the videos you guys are awesome and I’ll see you next week. [music by youtube.com/setsailtv
used with permission]