Hello Friends Welcome to Delhi 6 I’m your host Harish Bali Today after 10 months We bring to you Old Delhi Street food part 2 On the way to Jama Masjid from Chawri Bazar metro station The Bedmi puri of Shyam Puri on Barsa Bullah street is quite popular Today for breakfast we have got Bedmi puri along with aloo sabzi I have requested them to serve me the methi chutney separately but they have anyway poured it over the sabzi a little as well Now, if you look at this bedmi puri from close its quite puffed up it is made out of thick wheat flour good.. this puri contains urad dal stuffing I can also see red chilli inside it… As for the potato sabzi the spicy taste is a little on the higher side This potato sabzi has been made without tomatoes The Bedmi puri served along with a potato sabzi made like this is an amazing combination together.
The best thing about this dish something I observed during the preparation of the food They were using the methi (fenugreek) chutney to pour over the sabzi.. which i have also taken separately That is tasting just fabulous..
let me taste it separately too now There are quite a lot of things in this chutney methi is also called methrey There is aamchoor (dried mango powder) haldi (turmeric powder) and I can also see saunf (fennel) in it The puris are deep fried.. but there is hardly any oil on my hands there is very little oil consumption which is quite admirable So this is the breakfast for today morning nagori halwa and bedmi puri the nagori puri is made out of suji (semolina) and this is eaten along with potato sabzi and halwa And that’s a delicious breakfast to have in the morning Available At Al Jawahar opposite Jama Masjid this dish is called Shahi Tukda In this Shahi Tukda, there is crushed bread which is soaked in Syrup…
There is khoa.. and then this has been fried… in oil.. The dish is quite good to have during the winter season the only flip-side here is that I think they have used some extra oil while heating it up.. The tea here is quite famous.. But I’ll take a 5 mins break and then try a cup of tea
Or I won’t even know if they have added sugar in it or know whether they have added the proper ingredients or not The tea is available here from 4am in the morning to 1am in the night The quantity of milk used is quite good… The quality of the milk is good too… Tastes decent…Its a good thing I took a 5-7 mins break after having the shahi tukda .. or would not have enjoyed the tea at all I’m standing in the Parathe waale galli located in Kinari Bazar in Naughara area… This gentleman standing here is selling Daulat ki Chaat This chaat is different from the potato chaat we usually eat This chaat is made out of milk and cream So I’ll now first understand from this gentleman how this chaat is made Then I’ll taste it and let you know how I find it In the evening we keep the milk and cream together …in open by covering it.. At around 2am in the morning we wake up and mix it up . the way makkhan (butter) is mixed in villages. For everything to be prepared it takes us till 8am It takes 6 hours?
Yes, sir..Daulat ki chaat That’s quite a lot of hard work I liked the way they serve it… First they put the Daulat ki chaat.. then they add grounded sugar over it scrapings and then again daulat ki chaat along with kesar.. as you can see there is pista on top, and there are scrapings in the chaat… this is quite an interesting dish… it is my first experiencing of tasting Daulat ki Chaat The first feeling on the tongue was that of butter..quite buttery feeling because of the way it is made and the process involved..After 2-3 seconds I got the taste and feel of pista and scrapings.. because they have been used for garnishing on the top.. I didn’t even realize when the dish got consumed The flavor of Kesar is identifiable as it has been added on top separately..
It is quite delectable.. He also has a banner put in the bottom..
Daulat ki chaat… Khemchand Adesh Kumar There are only few places in India where you get Daulat ki Chaat If we talk about Delhi.. its is available only in Old Delhi..
Lucknow, Kanpur and Banaras..
Am I right? Yes, sir…
It is only available for 4 months in a year…November, December, January and Februaury Is it available in March? No, its not available in March and at what are your timings? From 9am in the morning to 1:30pm in the afternoon I stand here..in this area and in the afternoon from 2pm to evening 6pm.. in New Street, Chandi Chowk, Ghanta Ghar.. right opposite the entry.. so..if in the evening the chaat is left over.. in case this much quantity doesn’t sell.. what do you do with that? we take out the makkhan (butter) from it and make ghee out of it This shop is famous for Gujarati sweets and namkeen This thing is called fafda If I ever to Ahmedabad or Surat I’ll try it there too.. right now however we can call it trial run… This is Chawri Bazaar.. Delhi 6 Fafda is basically made out if besan (gram flour) only The difference comes because of three ingredients which are ajwain (carom seeds), jeera (cummin seeds) and hing (asafetida) these are the three things which add flavor as well as taste. this dish is fun to eat…I asked them if they have a live counter and they said yes … but right now because its lunch time so the staff has gone for lunch if drop by after 2 hours you can see it getting prepared too.. Our shop has been in business since 1960.. Our Khaman and Fafdas are very famous You can come here for buying any Gujarati food items I’ve come here searching quite a bit for you.. You are Bagiche Charandas Charkhewalan, right? What types of Kachori do you have? We have aloo (potato) and dal (split black gram) Dal means urad dal (split black gram)?
yes, urad dal Please give one dish of that.. This is quite crispy..
he has added raw mango pickle on top I can see green chili separately… this is spicy even though I asked for a medium spicy one.. what a combination this is.. ultimate! The spices in this are almost negligible But the flavor of chili along with cholley that is ultimate… this is extremely delicious.. but the spices are strong…
someone has referenced this to me saying ask them to add more spices.. though your eyes will water but you will enjoy eating
and won’t be able to stop or leave it midway because you will enjoy… exactly that is happening I’m enjoying this combination very much… If you like spicy food you will love this… The cholley is delicious.. There is crushed pomegranate and the garam masala is adding flavor to the mix I’m specially mentioning the raw mango pickleadded on the top even that is adding quite well to the combination… so are you coming here for the first time? No, I’m a frequent visitor here. In fact I visit at least once a week.. Did you taste the cholley water? I’ll take it Sir, please try that. That will give you idea of the pure taste Cholley water?
yes, sir Today I’m happy that I’ve identified a hidden gem in Delhi 6 which is this kachori There is a lot of flavour in this cholley water because of black pepper, asafetida and garam masala. they are making it delicious.. In fact, the black pepper and asafetida are at an ultimate level… Standard Sweets is quite a popular shop in Chawri Bazaar I have ordered a Gajar Ka Halwa for myself Right now the season is right for trying this … It has been garnished on top with cashews The taste is okay We can say its a decent effort on the Gajar ka halwa Actually there are only a few things in the halwa besides carrot like khoa, milk.. but everyone has their own style of making it everyone makes it in their own way my own personal favorite experience with Gajar ka Halwa has been at RK sweets in Sonipath I have never had a Gajar ka Halwa better than thata this is not better than that..but lower than it.. but overall as I said earlier it’s a good effort .. in preparing the dish If you move towards the Chawri Bazaar metro station from Jama Masjid You’ll see a lot of paper products and wedding cards market if you go a little more further there are many hardware retail as well as wholesale shops In front of me as I a VIP Mobile number shop something… let’s go in and find out what it is Excuse me, what is this VIP mobile number? Sir, we have a lot of prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers available The VIP numbers are those which are easy to learn.. Right now we have these numbers available…have a look… These are available in pairs.
What do you mean by pair? Sir, there are two similar numbers in pair.. if you want same or similar number like you have and want for your wife too These are single numbers This number is priced at lakhs? Yes, sir..it is very rare that’s why How many times does it have 5?
Sir, 6 times
Oh, 6 times 5 Sir, look at this 123456. .its a complete sequence Is this also for 2 lakh rupees?
Yes, sir
very high priced We learned something quite intresting today That VIP numbers are also available at such a high cost in the market The find of the day is this…It is a different type of sandwich I’ll open it and show it you all… Inside it there is apple, pineapple, grapes, strawberry and pomegranate pieces.. and on the sandwich layer there is kesar chutney I’ve tried many sandwiches with potato filling But this type of sandwich with fruit filling is my first experience I’d never imagined a sandwich with such type filling is possible The kesar chutney which has been applied on the layer is giving a good flavor Frankly I can’t say that I’m overjoyed or loved trying this Because we are used to eating potato filling sandwich I think I’ll have try it 2-3 times to develop the taste..
Its a little weird trying fruit with bread but I think we have to experience it a few times to develop the taste.. This area is called Raghu Ganj …there is PNB bank outside This place is about 5-7 mins walking distance from Chawri Bazaar metro station.. This is yet another find of the day … This is a 200 year old shop… It is the fourth generation currently running it I spoke to them… they are very famous for their Aloo Chat (potato) I asked them to keep the masala light… To understand the flavor… The masala is good.. The chaat is also made well… very crispy I find the aloo (potato) quite different in taste It is a little different what is normally available… I’ll find out about the potatoes…
let me finish eating this first… This aloo (potato) is roasted in sand … The water contained in it dries off because of the sand Opposite gate number 3 of Chawri Bazaar I’m having Bhalla and Kalmi Vada Chaat I observed while they were preparing it… that besides the sweet and sour chutney.. they were also adding raw mango pickle there is also chickpea (chana) …and it is anyway looking very tempting… The bhalla made out of moong dal (Split Green gram), the savory taste of chaat is very deilcious The masalas are mild… but very enjoyable… If you’ve never seen a kalmi wada before I asked for this .. This comes along with the bhalla in this chaat This kalmi wada is made out of chana dal (Split chickpeas) May I have some water please? The spiced water is quite tasty…
The sourness is little more… but the flavor is different whenever I walk towards Chawri Bazar… These people are who are selling the Choley Kulchey…. look very tempting and inviting.. actually these shouldn’t be called choley kulchey instead they should call it mutter kulchey. I just got only matar for myself. The taste is okay… the tomato added on top tastes delicious other than than the masalas added are also fine..neither more nor less Its at a decent level When you come to Old Delhi it feels like you’re walking into history someone is selling chaat from 200 years . some from 50 years and this one here..Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfiwal e…they have been selling kulfi since 80 years Fruit based kulfi is available here…I’m taking a mango kulfi for myself They have taken out the mango core and made a filling of kesar , rabdi and pista in it and this was then made to freeze This has been cut and served to me.. and now I’m having it in the form of kulfi The tatste is okay Actually it is not the mango season right now… I did not realize it while ordering that I should have tried some seasonal fruit So obviously if there is the season for it main thing is that fruit is the best to have… As a concept this is a good effort But at a personal level.. the pure kulfis made out of rabdi I enjoy them more ..
This is my first experience trying something like this… And I’m still happy that I tried something new and different If you want to come here and try any of these kulfi flavors Then this place is called Kulcha patiram From the Chawri Bazar metro station it is hardly 5-6 mins walking distance We come to the end of our street food journey at Kucha Patiram If you have not yet watched the Chandi chowk part 1 yet Then please do so..
You can find the link to it in description of this video If you have your own experiences of Old Delhi Street food Do share them with us in the comments section..
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