Namaskar!!What’s up!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also fine here With respect to your requests for healthy oats recipes, I’m sharing one of such healthy recipe today I’ve a lot of oats recipes to do Most of them are healthy breakfast recipes Today let’s see one item with oats,yogurt and fruits Many of you might know the recipe and many of you might not be aware of this recipe So those who haven’t tried it yet,please do try and send your feedback I got some messages asking some doubts regarding the Vietnamese spring roll recipe Few of them asked,if the rice paper using in the recipe is edible or not Its a paper like thing made with our normal rice only So we can soak it in water and wrap the vegetables inside it and dip it in the sauce and have it Its not a throw away material.You can have it If you didn’t get it in your locality,you can use lettuce leaves instead of rice paper Or you can make it with cabbage leaves also Some viewers had send me the pics by wrapping it with cabbage leaves And they told me its also tastes good Cabbage has got a different smell and that’s why I didn’t mentioned about it in the video Lettuce is better but you can try it with cabbage leaves also The sauce is available in all places.So please do not forget to buy it Many of them have gone to Lulu yesterday and bought it from there.Some of them told that they didn’t get it from there So do try it with the ingredients available to you So now let’s see how to make this healthy oats recipe So lets see how to make this healthy oats fruits yogurt recipe Here I’ve taken the normal plain quaker oats which can be cooked so easily But in this recipe we are not going to cook the oats But we need to soak the oats When I put the oats apple smoothie,many people have asked me why am I not cooking or roasting the oats first For these kind of recipes,we don;t need to cook or fry the oats Take enough oats and just soak it Before that there are some procedures SO here I’ve taken 1 cup of fresh pineapple I have removed its skin,the black spots and the thick middle layer.After that I washed it properly and made into small pieces like this The middle part should be removed or it may cause itching to some people So please don;t take any risk on that You can replace pineapple with any fruit of your choice I used to change the fruit everytime.You can take orange,strawberry or any other berries etc By changing the flavors we don;t feel get bored with this item Today let’s do it with pineapple.First let’s grind the pineapple well in a grinder Do not need to add water.Just grind the pieces alone Put them into a jar Let me grind it well So the pineapple pieces are grind well without adding water Transfer them into a bowl Let me tell you the exact amount of pineapple juice I got here Its exactly 1 glass of pineapple puree (240 ml) Transfer them into a bowl If you are using orange instead of pineapple,use a strainer to pour them into a bowl Its pineapple puree only and that’s why I didn’t sieved it Now we need to add some yogurt into it Now we need to add yogurt into it,which is not sour The pineapple I took here was so sweet Into this pineapple puree,we need to add some yogurt which is not so sour Let’s add 4 tbsp of yogurt into it It gives you the flavor of almost 5 tbsp yogurt Do not use a blender or mixie to mix them together Use only a fork to beat it and remove the lumps in it When you blend this in a mixie,it will turn out into a thin liquid form Its a healthy breakfast and we don’t add any honey or sugar in it If the yogurt is sour,you can balance it by adding a little bit of sugar or honey into it If you want to make it more healthier,you can use Greek yogurt instead of normal yogurt Or you can make use of low fat yogurt We don;t use milk in this recipe but we use yogurt When we go to any foreign countries,we used to order this kind of oats recipes as our breakfast They serve this like a porridge but we cannot call it as porridge because we don;t cook it Some used to soak the oats overnight But you should never soak the oats in juice but you can soak it in the yogurt and mix your favorite juice in the morning When the lumps are removed we can add oats into it We should not add more oats into it I’m adding only 3 tbsp of oats into it Because it double its size when you soak it for more time Therefore 3 tbsp of oats is enough for this recipe SO let the oats soak in this flavored yogurt It will be soaked perfectly within 15 minutes As I said,some used to soak it overnight but I never felt it is required Because we would get a soft mixture after 15 minutes itself After that we need to add some fruits and nuts into it before serving You can either keep it closed in an air tight container or use a cling wrap and seal the bowl well When you keep something in the fridge,you have to close it thoroughly Because we used to store some remaining dishes and vegetables in the fridge.So the smell of such things should not gets into any dishes and that’s why I told you to keep everything closed well never keep such things in the freezer and please do keep it in the fridge only Many have asked me if they can keep the pudding in the freezer.You cannot keep the pudding in the fridge because you won;t get it set moreover it turns into the form of ice Ice creams can only be kept inside the freezer let me keep it inside the fridge for 15 minutes and will do the rest after that 15 minutes are over now.Let’s serve it So we need to add some more ingredients into it I’ve taken some fresh fruits here like pomegranate,blue berry,some strawberry,apple and banana Its not required to add every vegetables like this.I’ve this all at home now and that’s why I’m adding them all We should add the banana and apple at the time of serving only or else the colour may change Then we need some dry fruits like,almonds,cashew nuts and raisins You can add dates,pista,walnuts etc of your choice Its all optional but it gives you a crunchy effect while having the mix Let me chop the banana and apple now Decide the amount of fruits according to the number of servings We are adding only less amount of fruits into it I’m using the robest banana here ( filipino banana ) Chop them into small pieces only Similarly chop a small portion of apple.You can use green apple also You can remove the skin of apple So now pour the oats mix into the serving bowl and put the chopped fruits and nuts on top of it For taking the photos,I’ve taken here small bowls only You can serve it to 2 people with this measurements Depends on person to person,number of servings also vary This would be sufficient for me and Jan So now let’s pour this oats pineapple and yogurt mix into this bowl You can fill this upto the 3/4th of the bowl You can add honey or sugar as per choice into it Here its not required because the pineapple itself has got sweetness in it And also we will be adding raisins into it.You can add dates or dates syrup into it SO make necessary adjustments with your choice Let me put some apple pieces into it Add everything in a small quantity Adding banana Let me add the chopped nuts into it It gives you a crunchy effect as well as a natural sweetness Some pomegranate It makes it so colourful Some strawberry You can change the types of fruits according to your choice Its not at all required to add each and every fruits as I did Finally some blue berries Or you can add some black or green grapes That’s it SO the healthy and colourful tasty yogurt is ready now Its like a complete meal and fills our tummy well Many have tried my oats apple smoothie and they told me that it never made them starving till the time of lunch once they had it as a breakfast So please do try this recipe also.Its very healthy and you may feel so fresh So make it with the fruits and other ingredients available to you Never soak it overnight in juices.Soak it only in the yogurt and in the morning mix the fresh juice and the chopped fruits and nuts into it I don;t recommend you to soak it over night because we would get a very soft mixture with 15 minutes itself So without cooking we can have a very tasty oats dish Let me serve this to Jan and get the feedback from him So try our oats fruits yogurt Its good For me I need to add some sugar or honey into it But its better to avoid sugar and honey in a healthy recipe Its also varies with the type of yogurt we use If we use the yogurt with less sourness it would be good And also the fruits Its better to have it early in the morning So please do try this recipe The main advantage of this recipe is that anyone can make this at home without much complications You can prepare this in 15-20 minutes and have it and go for your work So do try it and send your feedback See you all with a new recipe till then thank you sooo much… Aathu,what happened?? Like having some medicine… Why don’t you try some fresh juice?? Se!! one duck is standing there on one leg like a saint This is a small lake in our Silicon Oasis Its a sunny day and I forgot to take my sunglass