– Hey, everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. First things first, today we are making a no-bake chocolate orange cheesecake. And not just any chocolate orange, uh-uh. I hope it’s not just me, but on Christmas Day I get
a Terry’s Chocolate Orange every single morning
since I was like five, and I would just eat the whole thing. But I love them. So that’s what we’re putting in it. If you can’t get one of these,
any chocolate orange will do. If not, just put some orange extract in with your chocolate when
you melt it, all right. So we were gonna do a
pastel de nata today, which is Portuguese custard tart, creme brulee, puff pastry,
cupcake-looking thing, which was phenomenal. Unfortunately, we’ve come back, and despite the kitchen
looking awesome now and all safe and done
apart from the tiling, it appears unfortunately
when the kitchen was fitted, they might have nipped
the electrical cables, which means now the microwave,
which is fixed, doesn’t work. We’re getting a new one anyway, cha-ching. The oven doesn’t work,
so couldn’t use that. But the hob does if I use a match, so it means we can melt our butter and our chocolate for this recipe. So if you wanna give it a go, the full method and ingredients
are on myvirginkitchen.com, which is about to be revamped. It’s gonna be so, so good. I’m looking forward to
sharing it with you. So really hope you give it a go. Let’s crack on and make it. Cha-ching. Just as an aside, this
microphone is really heavy. I’m finding all my lighter T-shirts, they end up turning into V-necks. I should be walking around with a gold medallion or something. Little disclaimer, look, our
wall units are suddenly up. Hey, we’re pretty much
done now with the kitchen, but the lights, as you can see, are reflecting against the wall unit, so I’ll move those soon. Just ignore them today. First step, grab yourself a mixing bowl. And as we are still living
out of boxes at the moment, I can’t find my sealable
bag to bash my biscuits, so I’ll be doing it right in here. And they aren’t just any biscuits. That is a whole pack of Hobnobs,
nice, rich, oaty biscuits. I need to do that as a
video recipe actually. Rolling pin. And just bash away until
you get fine crumbs. You could alternatively
bash this in a Ziploc bag, which I normally do, or you could put it
through a food processor, which is actually probably the easiest way out of all of ’em. Now, Hobnobs break quite easy ’cause they can be quite crumbly, but if it’s more of a harder cookie, then you should pretty much
use one of those other methods. You don’t need to see that
right now, so there’s the dogs. Amy, Boston. We’re nearly there now, folks. I actually think an underrated
biscuit, in my opinion, a ginger nut, would work really
well here as well as a base. Most biscuits would, but I think
the ginger would complement the orange really, really well. I’m sure there’s loads of variations of those all around the world. Just sort of ginger-flavored
biscuits, really. But you could use any sort of cookie or biscuit for the base. Oreos is quite common. I’ve done that in the past a few times. But just get them all nice and fine. Make sure whatever biscuit you use though is not too fine and soggy. You get some biscuits that are soggy and you’ll just have a droopy base. It’s all about that buttery
biscuit base, folks. Had to mention that, otherwise it will just
come up in the comments. Oh, crumbs! Look at me crumbs all done. So here goes our melted butter
right in with those crumbs, and don’t let it soak in too quickly. Stir it almost immediately. You wanna completely coat it, ’cause that is gonna act as
a glue, hold it together. And of course with it being butter, it’s gonna be very naughty and
add a bit of flavour in it. Try not to add too much butter, ’cause it can become greasy, okay. But if you follow the
ingredients on the website, you should be fine. Either that or I’ve
written them down wrong. We’ve got an orange here, and I’m just getting
the zest of it in there. This is completely optional, but it’ll give it an extra
orangy vibe running through. It’s a shame you couldn’t do
this with Jaffa Cakes really, but the base of those is too soggy. You’ll have a real orange
Jaffa-ness running through. But actually you could
just put an extra band in this cheesecake of
orange jelly filling. That would be amazing. I didn’t do it, but there we go. If you do it, your cheesecake’s gonna be probably better than mine. So if you do do that, let me know. And just mixy, mix that through. It smells so orangy now. Oh, so good. The butter will grip that too. And this is our base. Now, some people actually
do bake this now. I can’t. (laughs) But as it’s a no-bake cheesecake, we’re gonna press it
into a loose bottom tin. Yeah, so a nice round loose bottom tin. Pop that open and the
bottom will come off, which is gonna be essential
for getting it out later on. So, we just push this base in. It’ll be a bit crumbly at
first, but don’t worry. Do not worry at all, my friends. It’s all about just
getting it down in there. Get every single nook and
cranny out of the bowl. And then of course make
sure you have secured that. The worst thing is gonna be lift that up and it just goes (blows raspberry). Just use the back of your spoon to press it all into place. All right, so make sure
it’s evenly covered. Don’t worry if you’ve
got the odd bump in it. I mean, if you want to, you
can really press it down and get the spirit level out. We’re not gonna go to that detail, folks. It’s a cheesecake. You want it in your belly, right? So with that done, it’s
going in the fridge while we work on our filling. Just before we do the filling, massive thank you to everyone
that’s pre-ordered the book. Last video I did was
the announcement of it, and you guys got me to
number one in pies, pastries, and bakes or something
like that on Amazon. It’s absolutely bonkers. We were trending on there and everything. So thank you so, so much. If you haven’t pre-ordered it already, there’s a link in the description. Those in the US and Canada,
it’s coming very, very soon. It should be by the end
of this week hopefully. Some of you guys also
pre-ordered my first one, so really appreciate it. Thanks for the support. To make the filling, we are
gonna need some double cream. You could also use whipping cream. We’ve just gotta whip that up. I’ve only got a small
bowl at the moment there. This could go everywhere. Hopefully it won’t. Watch me whip. To be fair, that didn’t go everywhere, so we’re just gonna whip this up until it’s nice and thickened. There we go. Nice whipped cream. We have our bowl here which
we’re gonna put the filling in, but just to one side, cha-ching. Not one chocolate orange, but two chocolate oranges
going into a bain-marie. I’m gonna break them up. Well, in fact, they do it anyway for me in segments like that. Just break up your chocolate. We wanna melt it away, and it’s important to
start this step first, ’cause we want the chocolate
to be melted but cooled down. So just to show you
with the pugs looking on in the background, it’s a pan
of water that is warming up that will melt the chocolate. You guys have seen that loads of times. All right, icing sugar first. Is it gonna make a cloud? Oh, a little one. If I went crazy with that,
that would’ve gone everywhere. It’s kinda like my pet hate. I don’t like breathing in icing sugar, and neither should you. Putting in two tubs of cream cheese. Now, this particular brand of
cream cheese reached out to me to do a brand deal once, but they actually gave me an entire script that I had to say. And when I do brand deals, folks, I only make sure that
I can say what I want, just so you know that. Hi, I really like this cream
cheese on my bacon sandwich! Kinda like that sort of vibe, all right. Let’s not go down that route. So let’s just let the cream cheese cling to that icing sugar. Do this quite delicately,
because it will go everywhere. Just let it bite into it, stir it gently, and then after awhile
we can pick up the pace and get it all incorporated. So don’t worry if it loosens
up a little bit like that. That’s just a little bit of the heat from me moving it around, ’cause it will get all
fridged up in a bit. But the icing sugar is all
incorporated in there now. Ooh, look at you trying to escape. Bump, ugh. (slurps) Mm, that tastes good. The chocolate’s just finishing
off melting behind me, so we’ll now take our double cream. We’ll probably lift it in
in a couple of portions. Donk, donk, like that. So what we wanna do is we wanna try and make this as minimal as
possible by folding it through, because if we overbeat the
cream, that’ll go too thin, and that’s gonna kinda
help hold it together. So just work it through. Now, I’m not gonna count how many folds, like 10 or something like that. But just until you can’t see
it anymore, literally just. You don’t wanna overdo it. And don’t go like that. (grunts) Just fold it. Lovely jubbly. Now, I don’t know if I dropped
any cream on the floor, but Boston is just
conveniently hanging about. I think he just likes to
look at the chocolate. So this has now cooled down. Please make sure you do that. Again, ’cause you don’t wanna add any more heat to that cream. And we’re gonna get that in right now. So let’s just push that chocolate. This is gonna look awesome, by the way. Push that in there. Oh, that smells so orangy. All righty, so we’re just
gonna fold this through. Oh, wow, we’re making a
yin-yang sign in our bowl. Going all marbly. The chocolate’s working in with the cream, the cream cheese, and the icing sugar. If you wanted to now, you
could use orange extract. So if you’re just using
standard milk chocolate, add that in now and really tweak that orange flavour to your liking. All righty, that is looking gorgeous. Let’s get it in our tin
with our biscuit base, which I almost forgot about. So the chocolate filling
is just going in there. Just pile it on there initially. And what we’ll do is start
to just spread it all around. Let it sort of settle as well. You could tap it if you want, but just, it’s a big, thick old layer. It’s gonna find its way. So I’ve gone for a little rippled effect, but you could make it
as smooth as you like. Now the bad news. The bad news, well, it’s worth the wait, is it has to go in the fridge for at least five to six
hours, or ideally overnight, unless you’re making a TV show and you’ve got a billion home economists helping you behind the scenes. Not that that happens. True story, but anyhow, the best I could do is
here’s one we made earlier. We actually did make
one of these last night, so let’s get it out of the fridge, stick this one in the fridge,
and show you what it’s like. And of course Boston is
protecting the fridge. Also, we finally got a dishwasher and we’re not even using it. It’s amazing. Oh! Here it is. I take it out of the tin already, ’cause I’ve only got one of those tins. So I sat it on a cake stand thing, and now it’s back on the stand like so. Check that out. It’s looking awesome. We’re gonna top it now, just
with Terry’s Chocolate Orange. You can put grated orange on there. You could put grated chocolate. We’ll just put some segments on it. That’ll do. I actually just did find a
random square of dark chocolate. Don’t know where the
rest of it went. (laughs) So I am gonna grate that on top, which actually on its own like that, I think that looks pretty good. It’s just quite discreet, you know? Ah, this is where I go crazy now, where I say I don’t
wanna do anything to it, and I’m just gonna go absolutely bonkers. See, I’m now grating
some orange zest on top. This wasn’t meant to happen! This is just an accident. And so this does look awesome, just out of shot, I’m
just trying to work out how to make this look quite cool. Because there’s 20 segments
in a chocolate orange. I didn’t know that. It’s a fact I now know. But I want it to look nice. Done a pretty little flower
thing out the back there. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. There’s only one way to find out though. Remembers, folks, the true
point of My Virgin Kitchen is the fact that I am self-taught, and future hosts of the channel
along with me will be too. So if we can do anything like
this, you definitely can. Cooking is all about confidence, and most importantly, creativity. That looks a lot better
from where I’m stood. Ta-da! And the bonus, I’ve got loads
of chocolate orange left, which of course I am not going to eat. All righty, I’m just gonna
have to push the chocolate to one side and go… Ah! Oh, that base. Oh. Oh my word, that’s mind-blowingly good. I had to have another taste
just to make sure, right? Oh! Get back in the zone, Barry! Sorry, I was in some sort
of orangy heaven then. Phenomenal, super crunchy
base, and the smoothness of that orange filling
is absolutely gorgeous, the chocolate running through it, mm. So creamy, so creamy. So that’s it. Don’t forget to head over
to myvirginkitchen.com if you’re not already
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