Keep the bowl close to me Good Pour some water in that Other wise the shrimps will become dry under sunlight Will leave it eggs inside hence it adds taste to the receipe Where is our guruji(venkat) he didnt turn up today My be in officee today He should have been here if he late today it will become night just like last video Shrimps are too hard and fresh too Perfect Are shrimps really bite Usually they will fight with fish How they look ? They have sharp nails it helps them to cut Lit the fire ponna? 2 minutes is enough to complete so it will take 2 minutes for you Ya in last video you took 15 miutes to lit the fire Today he says it completes in 2 min It will take 10 min to cut this nails 10 min !! let me complete in 5 min Just like machine does We shall clean it pour some water First we will remove water from this bowl Lit the fire quickly its too late today You said something at the begining of our receipe Set the timer on I will finish in 2 minutes Great I hope lucky day for ponna he made within 2 min ha ha Usually he finishes entire match box to lit the fire Will clean with spirte It would be a great receipe with that Hold on Ha Ha Ha Pour it before that i will drink it Enough Leave something to drink Come come pan became warm Ponna take some oil and pour it Will use oil only for fry the shrimps Has it become hot enough to fry Do it fast Now will keep the shrimps in pan Dont mix much Bring some salt and turmeric powder Adding two spoon of salt Turmeric powder Now we have completed the fry We will remove from fire and add masala Wait for 2 minutes Will remove from fire Hold on Keep it down Now we will remove shrimps from one pan to another So we have completed deep fry that is in oil Now once again we will fry with masala Mix with masala and eat Now will add some oil For 4kg shrimps According will add 100 ml oil Onion See now fire will break up ha ha Ponna trying to ran away before adding onions Will add little more salt Already we added at the begining Just for the reason of masala Ginger garlic paste One is garlic another is ginger paste Add shrimps Add our home made masala This masala we granded at home cumin powder cardmom powder cloves powder Black cumin powder cinnamon powder Will add together at one time Mix it Pour it on entire shrimps Give me Will add red chilles To make it too spicy Red chilles will add some steam it should cook in steam not to mix in masala We will cover it up for 5 min Almost we completed 2 min Will wait for 3 more min to complete Ponna is getting ready to taste the receipe And ready with the clean plate Completed our 5 min time frame Will remove it Red chilles half fried And mix well Its ready Ponna get ready with plate Come and help me Dont waste the time So we should eat fast and ran from this jungle Shall i bring the plates Its like choclate inside One hand is not enough to complete eat with both To cook shrimps this is the best way easy way great