[Music] little parsley on top instead to eat it like glue on it like I do for my kids you don’t need like a double take without me blow ya I’m so used to being with my one-year-old I don’t have to do one of those like mmm I’m now a Portman and I am here to cook one of my favorite at home recipes of a chickpea stew and talking about a new film that I produced called eating animals documentary about factory farming in America I like to cook this at home for my family it’s quick has their few ingredients and managed doing it between running around after kids so all you need is two tablespoons of olive oil 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped 1 large zucchini diced 1 can of whole peeled tomatoes 1 can of chickpeas which I usually use canned because to use the dry ones you have to soak them overnight and I always forget to do that ahead of time but it’s always better to use the dry ones 2 teaspoons of salt and red chilli flakes to your taste and some chopped parsley for garnish so the pot is heated and you just pour in your olive oil and garlic and Cikini time I like sauce I’ve been vegetarian since I was 9 then when I was 30 I became vegan I feel much steadier energy as a vegan I feel like I have less like ups and downs of energy it feels more constant throughout the day I definitely had a lot of avocado which makes it lucky to be in California because we have lots of great local avocado and I eat a lot of tempeh bacon that’s definitely a staple and so then we add these Tomatoes smash them down a little so I read eating animals the book by Jonathan Safran Foer when it came out and so I immediately approached him about making a documentary of the book because it really impacted my life a lot and made me become a vegan and there was just all this information about how this factory farming is an is affecting the environment is affecting human health and I didn’t know about before and and so I really thought it would be great to put it in a different format for a different audience through documentary the movie takes a very different approach because it’s really talking about this great American tradition of farming that really had like respect for the active farming the the difficulty the labor the beauty of it and the humane treatment of animals focusing on these these farmers that are the salt of the earth Americans and what they’ve lost and how they’re being treated and how that culture and tradition is being treated I was really on from from the start and also I narrate this one it’s a little more personal and and you add the chickpeas and you can add it some of the chili flakes too I like spicy more salt yes salts really good put in a lot I was just told they have a very low blood pressure so I must crave salt and I was like that explains it so now it’s up to a boil and we can just let it simmer and then reduce for 20 to 25 minutes well I think that if you ask most people if they care about environmental destruction if they care about harm to animals almost everyone would say yes they care factory farming is the most destructive thing to the environment that humans do and it’s very harmful to animals and it’s not likely that most people will become vegan tomorrow but even if you think about how you might be able to change the way you eat once a day or or once a week that makes a huge impact over billions of people now it’s time we can serve it over rice and some with this and then a little parsley on top to eat it [Music] let’s go