okay guys so today we’re gonna be making
up my chili recipe that I showed you guys before on snapchat and a lot of you
loved it so I wanted to make a video on it so let’s go through all the
ingredients so you guys can cook along with me so the first one I have is extra
lean ground turkey this one I buy from Costco and you’re going to be needing
two packs of these and then I have half an onion that I’ve chopped here you need
some chopped carrots as well this is about a cup and a half of carrots you
need some cilantro this is I would say half a cup and then I put a ton of
spinach this time just because I want to put a little bit more in there so I
would say this is about three cups of spinach and then I have here two and a
half cups of grape tomatoes that I have cut in half and then we have some
cayenne pepper black pepper paprika you need some salt of course garlic and then
this is the tomato sauce that I use to make sure you guys get a tomato sauce
that only has a little bit of salt and it’s pure tomato sauce and if it doesn’t
have any salt that’s even better and then we’re using one can of black
beans we’re using one and a half can of red kidney beans one can of corn and a
little bit of olive oil or you can use avocado oil okay guys so to get started
I’ve added the two packs of my extra lean ground turkey in here and now I’m
gonna add in a cup and a half of water and we’re going to let that cook for a
little bit and this is also when you want to add probably a tablespoon to a
tablespoon or and a half of some oil I’m using olive oil you can also use avocado
oil and now we’re just going to put that on medium heat so that it can cook okay so while the meat is halfway cooked
here now you can add some salt to it and then you can add more salt later on I’m
using pink salt and then you do want to add two tablespoons of garlic chopped
garlic you can also use garlic powder if you don’t have chopped garlic and now
I’m gonna add in all of my carrots because the carrots did you take a
little bit longer to cook so I’m gonna add those in and I’m also gonna add in
the chopped onion and now we’re gonna put in our grape tomatoes once they cook
down they will also become sort of a sauce so that’s what I really like about
them and they add a lot of texture to the chili okay so now we’re gonna put in
some paprika what this does is it helps to give a lot of color to the chili I do
like to put a lot and then we’re gonna add in our black pepper I like to just
eye it but I would say you can put a good two tablespoons of it now we’re
gonna add in a whole bottle like this if you have smaller bottles I would suggest
putting in two of these because I am doing a nice big pot so you will need
the whole thing so now I’m just going to mix all of this
up and as you slowly cook it it’s going to get thicker and the longer you
actually cook this chili the more tasty it will be but if you do pick the longer
you do have to keep it on the lower temperature and not high now we’re gonna
put in our red kidney beans I’m gonna do a full pan and a half this also adds texture but this is
what’s going to make the chili have a ton of protein and fiber in it and then
you do want to add your full can of there black beans and I do keep the
juice in it you guys can empty it if you want to but it just adds to the sauce
then we’re gonna add in our full can of corn look at all the colors so before we
add in our greens I’m gonna put a lot of cayenne pepper this will just add a
little bit of a kick and now it’s time for our greens so I’m gonna put all of
my spinach in I know this looks like a lot but when you cook spinach it gets a
lot a lot smaller and we’re gonna stir up the chili so you guys can really see
how it looks and my favorite cilantro foster it and then I’m pretty that looks so this is my finished chili how
colorful is this this recipe is full of protein full of fibers so many
antioxidants and a lot of vitamins from all the greens and veggies and it is
such a super quick and easy meal prep it I love to use all the time and it’s a
perfect fall and winter recipe so I hope you guys enjoyed it
and we’ll be cooking together next time