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welcome to The Family Fudge. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite healthy lunch
ideas, so stay tuned. (upbeat music) Before we get started, I would love it if you’d hit
that red subscribe button if you haven’t already and go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up if you love lunch ideas. Now let’s get started. I’m kicking things off with my turkey bacon avocado lunch box. For this, I’m starting with two
pieces of whole grain bread. This is the kind with the seeds in it. It’s super yummy and to
this I’m going to add a little bit of avocado. Now you could use slices of avocado, but I have mashed here,
whatever you prefer. So I’m gonna go ahead and spread this out. I have a good thick layer on here and then on the other side of the bread, I’m actually gonna use mayo instead. Now if you’d like, you can definitely put
avocado on both sides. It’s totally up to you. Next up is the turkey. I’m gonna add several slices
of a smoked turkey here. I really like this smoked
turkey with the bacon. I think it goes really well together. Now for the bacon, this is pre-cooked and I’ve already crumbled it up. So I’m just gonna sprinkle
a little bit on top. I’m gonna top this with
one slice of Havarti cheese and then I’m gonna add lots of lettuce. I really love extra
lettuce on my sandwiches. It adds a nice crunch and a fresh flavor. So now I’m going to go ahead
and close up my sandwich and cut it into three pieces and I really like to cut it like this so I can fit it nicely into my lunch box. (upbeat music) And there it is, it looks so yummy. Now to go along with this, I’m also gonna add some
carrots and some cucumbers. That’s such a fun, yummy combination and then in this little compartment, I’m also going to add
lots of fresh blueberries. I love blueberries, they are so tasty. And there you have it,
there’s lunch idea number one. Next up I’m sharing my barbecue chicken wrap
lunch, it is so good. For this, I’m going to start
by preparing my veggies. Now this is actually a chopped salad kit from the grocery store and this one is in the
barbecue ranch flavor. So there’s lettuce and cabbage in there. There’s carrots, it is so tasty and it comes with a
barbecue ranch dressing. So I just add a little bit in there. I’m gonna give this a big stir and then set it aside. Next I’m gonna take my flat bread and I’m using this kind
from the grocery store. It’s called Flatout and
it’s a multi-grain one with only 100 calories, lots
of fiber and protein in there. Next I’m going to make
a sauce for this wrap and I’m going to combine
my favorite barbecue sauce with some yogurt based ranch dressing. This is about one teaspoon of each. I’m just gonna mix it together and then spread it out
all over my flat bread. This adds so much flavor to this wrap, but it really doesn’t
add a ton of calories and now it’s time for the chicken. Now I really like to use
rotisserie chicken for this if I have some left over
form the night before, but when I don’t, just
some regular chicken, a deli meat is totally fine. And now it’s time for our veggies. I pile as much as I can in there. I just wanna make sure
that it’s not too much ’cause I still have to wrap it up. This part can get a little bit messy. I do like to go ahead and
cut this on the diagonal, and then to keep it together, I usually like to add some sandwich picks. So now I’m going to get
these guys into my lunchbox and to go along with that, I’m also going to add
some slices of carrot and then in this corner
one of my favorite treats, this is a vanilla Greek yogurt and I like to top it with
a little bit of granola. This is a pumpkin seed flax granola, and then just a sprinkling of blueberry. Oh yes, and I also added a
little Babybel cheese as well. Okay guys, now this next lunch is probably one of my absolute favorites because it includes peanut butter. I’m a huge fan of the traditional PB&J but today I’m actually making peanut butter and honey instead. So for this, I’m going to start
with my multi-grain bread. This is the same bread that I used before. Now to this I’m going to add
a nice smear of peanut butter, and this is the all-natural creamy style ’cause that’s what I prefer, but of course if you like
chunky, feel free to use that and now it’s time for the honey. I actually picked up
this little honey bear on my last trip to Utah and
it’s actually really good. So I’m gonna go ahead and
drizzle some on my bread. Not too much, I don’t want
it to be all squishing out and getting all messy for me. So now I’m gonna go
ahead and close this up. And then again I’m gonna go ahead and cut this into thirds because that’s the best way
to fit it into my lunch box. And there they are, so cute, so tasty. Now to go along with this, I’m also gonna add a cheese, but this is actually a string cheese and a cheddar cheese in one. I love that duo cheese stick. To go along with this, I’m also gonna put some celery sticks because I think that it goes
so well with peanut butter and then for my fruit today, I’m also gonna add some strawberries. And lastly I have a special
little treat in this container I just have a few dark chocolate raisins. These are so yummy and definitely a treat and there you have it,
lunch idea number three. Next up I am sharing a
cheese and crackers lunch kind of like a grown up Lunchable. I’m gonna start with some
of these yummy crackers. These are the reduced fat
and salt whole wheat crackers and to this I’m gonna add
one slice of Havarti cheese. I’m also gonna add one little wedge of this light creamy Swiss cheese and then I’m also going
to add a Babybel cheese. Now this lunch is definitely based off of the cheese and crackers lunch that you can get at Starbucks. I’m a big fan of those. For the veggie today, I’m
gonna add more cucumbers. I’m such a big fan of cucumbers. They are so refreshing and crunchy and then speaking of crunchy, for the fruit today I’m just gonna add in this tiny little Fuji apple and of course I love it because
it’s a Mini Mouse apple. I get these at Costco. And there you have it, guys. Four super simple, on my
healthier side lunches. These are definitely what
I would choose to eat. You guys know I love sharing
lots of fun lunch ideas, but these lunches are
actually what I prefer to eat. Let me know in the comments down below what your favorite lunch combination is. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time. ♪ We only need the two of us together ♪ ♪ I need only you in this crazy world ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we got love ♪ ♪ Love ♪ ♪ I need only you here with me ♪