Today We Are Going To Make Mutton Stew Mutton ½ Kg Small onion 100g Tomato 1 Green chilli 4 Ginger1 Garlic 4 Coconut ½ Potato A little bit of curry leaves A little bit of coriander Sesame oil 100 ml Salt to taste Red chilli – 2 Cumin 1 spoon Anise 1 spoon Ghee 50ml Cinnamon 2 pieces Clove 5 Cardamom 5 Cashew nut 50 g Star anise,Jathipathri 4 in a mixer grinder add cashew nut Add Coconut,Garlic,Cumin Add water Grind well In a pressure cooker add mutton Add small onion,garlic,ginger,cumin Add Salt to taste Add water Close the pressure cooker lid and cook for 2 whistle sound Add oil to a kadai, and heat it up Add In a heated fan add anise Add Cinnamon,Clove,Star anise,Jathipathri,Cardamom,ginger,garlic Saute well Add chopped coconut Add curry leave & onion Saute well Add salt Add green chilli Add potato Add Chopped tomato Add Cashew nut Saute well Add boiled mutton Add mutton boiled water Cover it and cook for 5 minutes Open the lid Now add coconut,cashew nut grinded paste and stir well Cover it and cook for 3 minutes Add chilli.curry leaves,coriander leaves Add ghee Now Mutton Stew Is Ready