I used to come here by foot from Scholars Home. Okay
-From the back lanes. So from the very beginning you were interested in walking. Walking and eating. So I used to walk until here to eat. We are at Mussoorie. And the weather today is very pleasant as well. We will go to the marketplace in Mussoorie. In Kulri Bazaaar there is a very famous omelette shop named Lovely Omelette We will go there. And from there we will go to Landour To Char Dukan. And we will see the traditional bakery over there. so Mussoorie, we all know is a well known tourist spot. It was discovered in 1815 when the Britishers first arrived at the Doon Valley. And Since then, Mussoorie is a fun place. because the other hill stations that were developed like Shimla, Nainital So everything over there were official. Because those were the summer capitals. Like Nainital was the summer capital of United Province. Shimla was the summer capital of India. So whenever the Britishers came their, they wear afraid… that some senior might see them. But that was not the possibility in Mussoorie. Mussoorie was a plan to have fun. So the same atmosphere is prevalent now as well. And the food over here too was developed in those lines. And we will get out to see the same. So what ever was being followed from the British time The same thing is on now as well. Our friends from Pujab Haryana and Dehi keep coming here No, some changes are there. Earlier there were lot many places like Landour Landour was a British cantonment, a British preserve. Less people used to visit this place. Now a days people have vehicles And people are reaching here faster through aeroplanes. It is a fundamental taste. It has bread Omelette that has turmeric, pepper and salt. And more than the taste it is the place that is exciting. And the weather here adds flavours to this. About this omelette store, I was reading that it started in 1918 Earlier it was an egg store. And from 1975, they started the omelette. And they have got many recognition like the best omelette in the country. and best omelette in India. This is its identity. It should stick. It should stick to the jaws like the way it is sticking to the fingers. Yesterday you had made us eat Bolti Band Paan. This is Bolti Baand Chocolate. Very chewy. It is made with milk.
-Milk and sugar. You also get the Softy. Softy and the cone ice cream. When it snows in Mussoorie, After that there is a custom of eating Softy. As soon as there is snowfall you will see a lot of people here, having ice creams It is fun to have ice cream in the chill weather. Come let’s go to our next stop. A huge Tibetan population arrived at Mussoorie in 1960s. When his Holiness Dalai Lama came from Tibet, he first came to Mussoorie And along with him a lot of people came So the Tibetan food here is very popular And And as you can see here that there is Tibetan, Bhutanese and Thai, all kind of food is available here. And this is one of the oldest Mokthuk let’s order Chicken Mokthuk This is Mokthuk and it is a Tibetan dish. It is momos in the soup I was telling that these are swimming momos It has the authentic and classic taste of the momos. It is steamed momos with chicken mince And in this you have added onions, carrots… And you have prepared the stock with the vegetables And the momos have been cooked in this only We also add spinach But now a days it is the season of mustard greens so we have used it. This is quite healthy and nutritious. It is mildly spiced And the basil paste that you have added and the basil leaves has a great flavour. And its little garlicky as well Typical Thai flavour The weather here changes very frequently. Yes.
-When we had come it was sunny and clear. Now it has began to rain The weather here is like this only. Sometimes its raining sometime it s sunny You can’t predict what will happen very nice Thank you so much For showing us how these dishes are prepared And for serving us such tasty meal Thank you We have arrived at Landour At Char Dukan And this is a famous eating joint A lot of international students live here because there is Woodstock school nearby. And there is the Landour language school where people from all over the world come to learn Indian languages That’s why you get an international type of food in here. Like pancakes sandwiches, noodles etc This is called the Char Dukan but there are many shops Earlier there were four shops now there are seven. What things do you add to the batter? In the batter we add maida, sugar, milk, salt and no egg We make it egg less Every time they make fresh batter And the pancakes are available in many flavours Like chocolate, banana, cinnamon, plain, vanilla, Nutella. Or you can mix the flavours like chocolate with banana Or banana with cinnamon or cinnamon with chocolate Tell us something about the shop and Char Dukan. The history of Char Dukan is such that there is a church from the year 1840 So two three years after that the market came up here At that time there were lots of Britishers Th office of the Ministry of Defence was a hospital in the name BMS or British Military Hospital And adjacent to that there was this market called the sisters bazaar there used to stay the nurses of the hospital Thats why the name sisters bazaar. Here, since the earliest times there were four shops. that’s why the name CharDukan Originally the old Mussoorie is this part only and the lower part has been set up later. The Britishers made this a resting place. In earlier times when people were having malaria and other diseases. They had marked this place for resting And that is why they made it into a cantonment. The original food stalls here are this one and the last one. Now what happened is all the remaining shop which are old as well have now turned to food stops. Again here there is a school, the Landour language school Those who are sitting are from the Landour language school Now the number of students have gone down Otherwise in those days, my father used to tell that there were 100 teachers over here itself. And there were nearly 100 students. And on this circular road used to sit the hawkers. Like some were selling fruits, some were cobblers some barbers They all used to sit there during the lunch time. So they used to come here. We used to question them why you are here. At that time the business was so high that there was a long queue out here The famous thing here is the bun and omelette. At earlier times there were Paranthas, bun omelette, bun with butter. These things were there. Now there is waffles, pancakes, pizza and maggi Now these are in vogue So originally if you have read Ruskin Bond’s books In all the texts you would get the reference of bun and omelette. That is the classic dish Thank you. It is quite fluffy On eating the pancake, we too became a foreigner for a while But the pan cake was very delicious Totally fluffy. there is a nice aroma and flavour of cinnamon And the butter that it has absorbed You can taste the saltiness of the butter And the sweetness of maple syrup. Perfect combination. I have never eaten such a fluffy pancake in my life. It is the first time I am having this. And many people have told me that this is the best pancake in the world.
-That’s true. In the mountains, omelette, samosas, pakode and jalebi Eating these is a different experience. the food is having a different flavour. If we the same thing at home and eat, we won’t get this taste Like the same omelette with eggs, onions and tomatoes. From this side it is crisp and from inside its soft and moist And anything with Nutella is bound to taste great Ya Nutella is addictive indeed. As sir was telling that people here walk a lot, up and down the path So they digest these things easily If you come on Sunday morning, there line of bikers over here. The Harley Davidson one, the bullet one. Mnay of them who come say that they had started from Gujarat 3 am And arrived here They have their breakfast and return back.
-yes Yes but then it’s not that far. I think that in 6-7 hours if you start from Delhi, you might reach here. Yes they need to ride that far. The name of this place is sisters bazaar Because the hospital that was there during the British period Those nurses used to stay here And this is the place where you will get every necessary item. provision store And their food items are very special. I am trying it for the first time Okay, I noticed But for here it is local. It really goes well with this marmalade Orange and ginger. We use a lot of peels so yo get the bitterness Normally people would put just few traces of orange peel But we put really good chunks Sir Thank you.
-It was a great journey from Mussoorie to Landour We tried so many things. And for me many of those were new. Foreign tastes. For her it is local food for such kind of people stay her And it was a pleasure meeting you and accompanying you in this walk And you come back again soon We will surely come soon to savour the traditional flavours of the Uttarakhand We will take you to some village Thank you