Everybody loves rice. But I love brown
rice. Because brown rice, I love that whole mouth feel, that bite, that nutty flavor and of course very very healthy for you. I also like to experiment
different kinds of combination with rice. Okay. Like today I’ve got some
Shitake Mushrooms, dried ones which I picked up in the market. And I got some Button
Mushrooms, I’v got mooli. Yes radish, that also goes into the rice.
Along with a touch of coconut milk. So I’ve got a very kind of modern Asian
influence to this rice. Ok. so let’s start cooking. So I’ve got a nice tablespoon of
olive oil in here. We are gonna be adding some chopped onions. A little bit of chopped ginger. Just give that a little base flavor to it, right. Then I’ve got
some shiitake mushrooms ok. These are mushrooms which you get in the dried form
and then what we do is we put them in water. We rehydrate them and I used
this water. I call it the mushroom stock as a flavoring for this rice. So in goes
the shiitake mushrooms. Your regular button mushrooms as well. Nicely saute out. All the flavor from mushrooms is going to come out. A little chopped green chili, some mooli radish. So you have got the earthiness of the mushrooms. You’ve got ginger, you’ve got
onions, then you’ve got the radish. So there’s a lots of things going on in this rice. So once these vegetables are kind of soft, I mean not completely mushy but I want that bite in this vegetable. Thoda sa salt and I’m adding just a touch of some garam masala powder into this. Good kick in the flavor. And then I’m going to be adding a couple
of spoons of coconut milk into this. And finally we’ve got to put this cooked
brown rice and very very gently Mix everything. Very Simple. Very very nice. Next a little bit of black pepper, a little bit of salt, some
fresh coriander and I’ve got some mooli ke patte, radish leaves which I’m going to be adding into the rice as well. Nicely mixed up. And our Mushroom Rice is ready! It makes a great snack, if you want to quickly make it, eat it at home, carry it in your tiffin box, give it to your kids in schools And then you can get absolutely creative with rice. If you really want to know some
really good recipes with rice, just AskMe! And now it’s time to plate it up. Some coriander. Few sprouts. Beetroot, methi, mustard. All around flavoring your rice. And here we go! Our Mushroom and Radish Brown Rice, ready for you!