welcome to Mumbai, a city of dreams, the financial capital of India and a huge streetfood hub. We will start our day with Bombay Sandwich and cutting chai. Come along with us. Bhaiya one Bombay sandwich please Its butter inside and butter outside and more butter while grilling served along with green chutney made of spinach, mint and coriander and also garlic chutney and stuffed with tomatoes, capsicum, potatoes, cucumber onion and butter let’s try the Bombay Sandwich Chutney is very spicy Anubhav: How long have you been in business? Seller: It’s been six years anubhav: six years ! where did you learn to make it? seller: we started selling from the streets. anubhav: ok Anubhav: and when does the shop open in the morning? seller: 7.45 in the morning anubhav: what is the time for the main rush? seller: 2 pm to 3 pm and 4pm to 5pm are the rush time anubhav: Sir what’s is the meaning of cutting chai? seller: Cutting chai is half the measure of full chai. Cutting chai is one by two. anubhav: One by two signifies the cutting chai this is cutting chai, if it get’s full seller: Then it is akka chai.
anubhav: ok akka anubhav: So there are two types of chai available akka chai and cutting chai. we are trying the cutting chai which is half one by two seller: How is it Anubhav: very nice; totally sweet Very good anubhav: Bhaiya give a plate of poha anubhav: This is Mumbai’s most famous
traditional breakfast dish, in the morning time the office goers stop at this place and have light breakfast. There is poha, sheera, idli, sambar and chutney We have taken poha and upma upma is made of semolina and poha is made of flattened rice topped with nylon sev and some onions and tempered with curry leaves along with this we have coconut chutney and sambar very tasty and a light breakfast. anubhav: Do you come everyday in the morning for breakfast?
fellow customer: Everyday! anubhav: So everyday you halt here before reaching office. anubhav: Where you go for lunch? fellow customer: I carry my own lunch. anubhav: okay. Thank You anubhav: We are now at the traditional Iranian Bakery whose name is Yazdani Bakery and its here since 1950 where we will try the brun maska and chai when i joined the bakery in the year ’69 a bag of maida was just costing 40 rupees now it is costing over 2000 bread was cheapest in Bombay; for 5 naya paisa you can get this much anubhav: What are the main dishes served out here? owner: bun maska, brun maska, pudding khara biscuit and 90 % of all our business is bread its supply to all over Mumbai Yes we supply Thank You Sir so now we will try the brun maska and chai please come here is the brun maska which is different from pav pav has a soft texture while brun has a crisp texture and is spread with Amul butter and their sweetened tea. and i think the best way to enjoy the pav is too dip it in the chai and eat you get five types of pooris here one of plain flour, one of paneer, one of masala, one of beetroot, one of spinach. here comes the Pancham Thali Five different kinds of pooris are there one paneer, sada poori, masala poori , spinach poori, beetroot poori matar paneer chole potato gravy kadhi pakoda rajma Spiced bhindi Dahi bhalle aamras amd masala poori so good means its a unique combination sweetened mango pulp like we tend to have pooris with spicy and savoury sabji but this combination is really unique wow this is masala poori inside there is a stuffing of urad dal and cumin lets try it with kadhi pakodi its a typical marwari style kadhi then there is the pakodi here the stuffing is of panner and spices red chillies coriander owner: This potato gravy is of U P style anubhav: In UP we have seen plain or urad dal pooris and potato and pumpkin which is also known as kashiphal its sweet and there is potato sabji and there is chutney owner: The founder is said to have arrived from Agra on a bullock cart and reached Mumbai since then he put the food cart and its going for generations its has been flourishing anubhav: You mean he came all the way from UP on a Bullock cart to Mumbai its a huge feat to cover such a great distance all by walking and begin from small food cart and become a huge establishment. and to survive for the past 150 years is a huge thing. its palak poori lets try it with chole it has a very distinct flavour of spinach each poori taste different its beetroot; Punjabi touch too owner: Yes its there as rajma is primarily from punjab anubhav: My all time favourite dish is Rajma chawal I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can have it everyday very delicious Instead of ending with Gulab jamun I will end with Aamras my favourite So we can call it A slice of history, a taste of history super delicious and amazing flavours the platter has a combination of flavours from punjab Rajasthan and UP all combined right here in Mumbai thanks for talking to us mumbai’s lifeline and its identity lets taste the vada pao one bada pao it has a pav stuffed with a deep fried potato fritter or patty red garlic chutney a little touch of sweet chutney and there is whole chillies it’s said to be invented for as a wholesome dish for the Mumbai mill workers the shiv sena government encouraged it and assisted people to set up stalls across the city anubhav: How did the shop got its name volga. pan seller: Volga was an earstwhile hotel that was situated here pan seller:five star pan seller: Then my father came to settle here anubhav: It’s 34 years old shop. the shop has recently shifted here 25 30 years ago it shifted from the place near that tree by bamba devis grace we are doing good here anubhav: So the name volga came from the same hotel pan seller: The qaulity of pan leaves is most important rest is immaterial pan seller: please do visit again Now we are bandra west and we are going to taste the mumbais famous street food bhel poori, sev poori and pani poori bhaiya plate one bhel poori, one sev poori and pani poori anubhav: This is your sevpoori which is mumbai’s famous dish. very delicious it just melts in mouth its a combination sweet, saltly and spicy flavours anubhab: all the flavours in one bite super delicious nice tangy taste of raw mango papdi is crisp and is topped with potatoes spices, channa dal chat masala its said that Mumbais panni puri has a distinct flavour and taste this is elcos special take on the pani pooris the sindhi pani poori it has two different flavoured water: sweet one and tangy savoury one. there boondi and moong dal here comes the fresh panni pooris they serve it with by combining the two waters anubhav: It’s crisp and melts in mouth the golgappas crisp and vanishes inside the mouth at last we have the masala poori to and the meal now we are trying Mumbais Famous Bhelpoori The interesting part is The dish is from Mumbai, but the guy making it is from our UP sweet date chutney chopped raw mangoes, chopped coriander leaves the ingredients are same as sev puri unlike sev puri, there is only one papdi here its puffed rice the sev is made of pure besan and is called nylon sev you wont get such fine sev anywhere else anubhav: totally fine owner: It has puffed rice it is white but we roast it to get the yellow tinge anubhav: You add turmeric owner: Yes its added and then roasted hence it becomes very distinct and different anubhav: The process in different. owner: It has theree kinds of chutney, garlic green and dates anubhav: The addition of garlic chutney is a unique thing here there is groundnuts channa potatoes chopped raw mangoes it is giving a nice tanginess very delicious We have arrived at tardeo chowk, right behind basant naik chowk bus stop its the famous pav bhaji shop the sardar pav bhaji; you can see the long que outside it let’s try it It’s interesting to note that the bhajji is prepared on charcoal ovens the bhaji is almost ready; ten more minutes of mixing and it will be ready the bhaji is fully floating in butter the bun and bhaji both are smeared in butter anubhav: So what is the right way to have it; shall we add onion in the bhaji fellow eater: Yes add a little onion to the bhaji very delicious bhaji is mildly spiced as we saw while its being made first they added onion, jeera, peas and then potatoes coriander and spices a special khatti masala was added cooked on slow charcoal flame and was smashed and mixed continuously. and due to copious amount of butter the bhaji is floating. salted amul butter is added to teh pav the first flavour to hit the palete is that of butter fellow eater: Butter and all other ingredients come together to gieve such taste initially when babashab launched the vada pav movement the founder he came he devised this dish for the mill workers they needed a carbohydrate rich, wholesome diet that’s the reason they started having this this is the origin its said that the dish was devised for the mill workers its was made out of leftover vegetables and was served with pav very delious and now it is famous all across India but in Mumbai the bhaji has a unique taste at many other places they add palak to the bhaji but here the key ingredient is tomatoes onions and special masalas like garam masala and khaati masala very delicious