Please subscribe to not to miss the latest upload bringing to get us back on now where can we try
to find bringing this back we’ll pick it up
where we left it on again we never forget cuz what we got some wood you open I through the waves cut through me
hypnotized by the sounds of breathing man colds I pulled chemicals collide
hold tight Hey
all being Trinity only hold up can’t make calls collide Paul
died Oh my to make me stores with cheese the leading us love
is all will ever trust ya know I don’t always we’ll go
three strands through the highways zoom a shadow through the sunrays along the way melodies we haven’t played
I don’t know go in around these walls to create a
song we’ll go through the wastelands through the
highways through my shadow through the sunrays we’ll go and will grow in number if you plan to
see the horizon turn us and will grow in
whew to see the her we’ll go the house