Asalamualikum viewers and welcome to my cooking channel, Cooking with Hafsa I hope you are all well. I am sharing with you a special Daal recipe It’s quick and easy to make. It’s tasty as well. The ingredients are on screen and in the description. The daal I am making is Moongi and Massar daal It’s made so quickly We love this daal at home. If I don’t feel like cooking I will make this daal because it’s so easy. We need equal amounts of Moongi daal and massar daal Tomato, I am using a frozen paste but fresh tomato also work. There are two tomatoes in the paste There is also garlic paste and ginger paste Garam masala is on the plate. Tumeric, crushed chillis and salt are also on screen. We have to soak the daal for five minutes. Add the drained daal to the pot. Clean the bowl of any remains of daal. We will now add water There is no need to use a pressure cooker. Add the water and leave on simmer. It will still cook quickly. I have added hot water to speed the process. I am now adding all the remaining ingredients. Add all the ingredients at once. Now I will leave it to cook. Cover the pot. Leave it for 10 minutes. The daal will cook in 10-15 minutes. Look at how tasty it looks. I will now fry onions which are optional to season. After this I will garnish with coriander. I will lightly fry the red onions. Oil is not necessary for the daal itself. Otherwise the oil floats to the top. The onions are now frying. The onions are slowly browning. I will add zeera and chilli powder after growing the onions. By putting too much chilli in the daal makes the daal too spicy. If the daal is too spicy you won’t enjoy it and food should be enjoyed. As the onions are browning you should reduce the flame. Now I add the cumin and chilli powder. Lowering the flame stops the cumin burning. I will add the seasoning(parka) to the sliced ginger which I decorated the daal with earlier. I also added some chopped green chillis along with the ginger as garnish. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Please, like, share and subscribe. I will read and respond to all of your comments. I hope you love the recipe. May God be your protector. Once again please don’t forget to subscribe. God willing we will speak soon.