Usually, when we decide to prepare
an omelette, it’s an egg omelette. But today, I will show you vegetarian omelette,
‘Mixed Vegetable Omelette’. Let’s take a finely chopped onion. Next, let’s add a finely chopped tomato.. ..and a grated carrot. 4 tbsp of (chopped) cabbage. Coriander, as per your liking. 1 tbsp of ginger and garlic paste. 3 tbsp of fine semolina (rawa). 1 tbsp of mix masala. Half a tsp of turmeric powder. Salt to taste.. ..and finally, half a cup of gram flour. Now, let’s mix everything well. Let’s add water as much as required. You can add some more water
while mixing, if required. We do not need more water. This has been mixed well,
let’s heat the oil now. Pour oil as required
for frying an omelette. Oil is hot enough,
let’s prepare the Omelette now. Make sure you prepare medium sized Omelettes. Now, let’s flip it. It’s done,
let’s take it out (on a plate). Similarly, let’s prepare the remaining Omelettes. Vegetable Omelettes are ready! This Mixed Vegetable Omelette
is a good alternative for an egg omelette. So, do try it
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