Your time starts now! Eh wait it’s locked! What do I do? Hi I’m Julian. Hi I’m Chiara. Hi I’m Ra. Hi I’m John and this is Minute Mania’s Fast Food Challenge! Name 4 fast food chains in Singapore. Burger King, Jollibee, KFC, Mcdonald’s. Mcdonald’s, KFC, Subway, Burger King. KFC, Mcdonald’s, Jollibee anddddddd Ahhhhhhhh! No! Name one of Ronald Mcdonald’s friends. Burger! Ahhhh! Wait (x3)! Tweety Bird? I don’t know! Grimace. Name one of KFC’s unique burgers. Zinger. Double down.
Zinger. Double down. Shrooms Burger! What does the ‘M’ in Mos Burger stand for? Mountain! OMG! Name a major fast food chain that has left Singapore. – Wendy’s!
– A&W. Can you get a salad from Burger King? I guess so. Yes! Name 2 special flavours of KFC fried chicken! Mala and Parmesan Cheese! Grilled Chicken and Mala Chicken. Mcdonald’s sells Coke in how many sizes? – 3.
– 2. True or false, MOS Burger has a burger that uses lettuce instead of buns. True! What is the name of KFC’s founder? Colonel Sanders. In Singapore, which fast food chain has the most branches? – KFC.
– Mcdonald’s! What is the name of Burger King’s signature burger? The Whopper! – Whopper?
– Burger King burger. True or false? Eggtarts are not available in KFC. False! I freaking love their egg tarts! – Between Mcdonald’s, KFC and Burger Ki-
– Time’s up! OMG what! I still have 3 more questions leh. I always get tongue tied when reading the words, I quite stupid. – I think not bad eh.
– (PD) You good eh Ra! -(PD) You damn good.
-(PD) What is M.O.S.? Mountain… Ocean… Sun. (PD) Beautiful! Oh this is hard. – Oh it’s a nugget.
– Fish patty. This is a pie! The pie inside got nothing one leh! Competition is rigged! Cannot. Eatbook must win. What is this I can’t even tell there is nothing inside I’m serious. – (PD) There’s nothing inside.
– ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Oh it’s just the crust ah? Omgosh y’all sneaky. Ooh this is apple pie from MCD. This one is apple, that one is taro 100%.
This is a very familiar disgusting taste. Eh it’s not very disgusting la.
This one is apple, that one is taro 100%.
This is a very familiar disgusting taste. Eh it’s not very disgusting la. It’s not disgusting! It’s great okay. MCD does very cosy apple pie. I love it, it tastes like Christmas. Haha burger yes! OMG the smell is like you know already la. Taste like secondary school, you no money buy anything else you buy this one. Actually now I still buy cause I no money. I don’t think I can taste it yet, can you give me one more? This is a big boy. Ehhhh on top got sesame. I one smell I know what this is. It’s like lettuce. How you all smell? Y’all got god nose or something. I smell like… No wait what? It smells like there’s a char on the meat. Chiara you sure you Eatbook or not? This meat got “wok hei”. Wah nice, nice. (PD) Ready and reveal! – That is right!
– Oh damn everyone is getting correct. Don’t even need to tell us if we are right or wrong, we KNOW that we’re right. Why don’t we tell you what the dish is. Ya it was the cheeseburger. DOUBLE cheeseburger. It was double? Double cheeseburger?? They have too much budget? Aiya this smell. I feel like MCD fries has a certain sturdiness to them. I feel like y’all haven’t eat enough fries. Ya I can taste a very distinct old oil flavour. Aww man so obvious now… Hahaha! There’s nothing. SUCKER! Took yours. Eh shit I gave you too many, I only have one left. – Wait this doesn’t taste normal.
– It’s like sweet potato. – But this one is thicker than the previous one.
– Ya ya ya. Which one is from Mcdonald’s? A or B? – Wait wait wait. Let me think.
– I think I know. OMG I DON’T KNOW! *out of tune singing* -(PD) Oreo McFlurry.
– Wah how I know. I only remember the old price leh. Back then I had no money so I remembered all the prices. Is it start with 1 or with 2? I don’t knowwwww. (PD) 3, 2, 1, reveal! We have a spectrum here! I think John is right! Correct price is… $2 And 70 cents! McDonald’s please bring back the Hershey’s chocolate cone. Oh it was amazing. – (PD) McWings 4 piece.
– Wapiang eh. (PD) Are yall confident for this? – No do we look confident for anything?
– A little bit. So the online shop is more espensive so we need to deduct some… (PD) 3, 2, 1! Ooo I went real high! (PD) $4 and 50 cents! (PD) The point goes to Ra! – McDonald’s!
– I deducted too much. Grilled Chicken Salad. John you’ll know! You eat this when you’re on diet. I eat grilled chicken Mcwrap! – How much is the McWrap?
– Why must I tell you? So I think salads are generally more expensive in the menu so I think this is (very)x3 expensive. I’m talking about 9 dollars kind. I’m very sure Chiara will be wrong. Renounce it! And the actual price of a Grilled Chicken Salad is… $5.80! OMG can I just say I wanna thank my mum, my sister, my father and brother and I want to not tank John who looked down on me. Burger Assembly! When I feel like I deserve a good meal, I buy this. When I think I deserve a good meal, I go for Japanese food. (PD) You have 2 minutes!
And your time starts now! Wait the cheese is on top or below? Below below nevermind. I’m remembering based on food photography. I’m just going to make a logical guess because you can see the sauce in some places. Yes, I’m using clues. Bun. Pickle! Awww my pickle is all the way up here. Same. All the sauce… is inside. Cheese… with patty… – (PD) Cheese facing down is the correct one.
– Yeah!!! Under the patty is the middle bun. Das right. Middle bun. Yas. Lettuce… Sauce…
Middle bun. Yas. Lettuce… Sauce… The next one is patty. Then the last thing is the bun. Oh man. – So I only miss one layer which is the pickles I put on top.
– Same! we got the same answer. (PD) Both Chiara and John tie! (PD) Julian only got the bottom and top bun… – I’m not confident.
– Julian is confident! I’m a slow eater. It’s so hard… – Chiara shut up! I’m choking!
– It’s so chewy. Can we just let John win? – Wah freak he’s damn fast.
– He only has 2 left??? What the heck! After the freaking first nugget right, We haven’t even chew yet then she start laughing. The nugget legit like… I regurgitated the nugget. And she’s doing this… Wah but honestly speaking right, 9 piece is more than it looks leh. (PD) The winner is… John John! – What kind of look are we going for today?
– I’m going for a RuPaul kind of look. What if after this my skin becomes like really soft. Do you think this is a spa? Wait wait wait still got one big one. Do you feel like RuPaul? Ya… A bit. More like RuPickles. (PD) Eat the pickle now. This is just really bad singing… But please remember to like share and subscribe! We promise we won’t subject you to their voices ever again. Bye! Thanks for watching!