We launched Mindful Chef two years ago
with one mission to make healthy eating easy. Since we crowdfunded last year
we’ve shipped over half a million meals and the world’s largest publisher,
penguin, has signed us for a two book deal. Here’s our story. We spent months
understanding what healthy eating meant to people. We identified that people knew
a healthy to look like but they didn’t know how to make the delicious and varied
week in week out. And when people are busy they make unhealthy choices, not
because they want to but because planning is difficult and shopping is
time-consuming. The solution was a recipe box, but not
just any recipe box. One that enables lifestyle change, healthier choices and
caters across a free from range. The secret to our service is that none of
our recipes contain refined carbs. No pasta, no white rice, no bread. Instead
their based on imaginative uses of fresh vegetables and the highest quality meat
and fish. Customers love our service because eating this way makes them feel