We’re gonna do a beautiful version of a
Waldorf Salad ok. This is a classic salad from the Waldorf Hotel in New York. I’m still going to honor and respect the basis of the salad but I want to take you on a bit. I want to express myself with roasted grapes, that healthy dressing. I absolutely love it as a starter, as a side salad. Amazing
with a roast chicken and roast potatoes First up, the classic part has
to be the grapes. So get yourself some lovely grapes. So salt and pepper, olive oil and a little squeeze of lemon juice. So dress it like a little salad. The original
recipe had beautiful fresh grapes. I wanna get caramelisation, sweetness. I wanna get another vibe going on. Dress the grapes in that seasoning.
This is in the wood oven, about 180 degrees, for about 5 to 10 minutes. see how it’s starting to just shrivel up and see that little red juice. We’re now going to go in with my nuts, back in. What I wanna do next is celery Peel off the worst of the stringy bits, so I use a speed peeler to do this.
normally people have this end off and Normally people hack this end off and throw it in the bin but this is like the crown jewel. This is what the Italians go mad for. I’m
going to just keep this half. I’ll come back to that. With the stalks here, slice them up nice and delicate.
The heart of the celery is often the part that everyone throws away. Look how beautiful that is guys and the
flavor is crunchy and fresh and really clean. Finely slice those hearts. Gorgeous We got romaine lettuce. Take the first half
because it produces gorgeous little cups then I’m going to find a slice the
middle part and then I’m gonna cut this heart in half just like the celery. I’m gonna do
this for four people. Cause I wanna make a nice big salad Sorry about the noise. It’s mating season. I’m at home in Essex. Spring’s come sun’s out. It’s like Doctor Doolittle’s love parlour round here. Every corner you there is an animal at it. So the original Waldorf salad dressing was mayonnaise based. I’m gonna make something of the same vibe with better flavours, more dynamic flavours. So couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Twice as much organic yogurt. Go a nice teaspoon of English mustard season it with salt and pepper. It’s quite nice with a little
squeeze of lemon juice, it’s going to be a really nice little dressing. The lovely
colour. I can hear this stuff going off in here. Those grapes are phenomenal, look at that! Tarragon I’ve got here, chop up the tarragon, get it in your dressing. Mix up that flavour, in and on top- wonderful. We’ll take our grapes off the vine, take some of these nuts as well. Focus in on my nuts please. And then just crush them with your hands. there’s the animals they’re getting excited I’m getting excited. It’s all kicking off here in Essex. Tell me in the comments box below where you’re from in the world and have a
little listen where you are and tell me if there are animals at it. I wanna see where you’re all from. That’s the beautiful thing about Youtube, because you guys are watching from all over the world. What a lovely community
we’ve built together, so thanks for following and subscribing. Don’t forget to share it to
your friends, because we love it and it’s free and that’s the whole point. More nuts, crush it up and then the golden bit, this juice is almost like a natural sort of great balsamic vinegar. Don’t waste any of that, I’ve got my nice
apple. Cut it, even thickness. I’m just gonna slice this up the other way into
matchsticks. In we go, toss it up Gorgeous colours, wonderful textures. So I’ve saved back a couple of these grapes just to put on top. A beautiful, simple reinterpretation of
that great classic salad but with roasted grapes, that healthy dressing. I mean this isn’t
all for me obviously this is for four people. but you know I’m just gonna hang out and eat my funky, little Waldorf salad. That is really good. The roasted grapes gives an incredible sweetness and it works so well with the
nuts and the tang of the dressing and the crunch of the apples and celery. That is a mighty seller. Please, please give that a go. Very exciting, if you want more
salads then check out DJ BBQ, he’s done a wicked, little ceaser salad. And I trust him to do a good job- woo, DJ BBQ! Good game! Until next time, take care guys.. Bye! And from all the animals- bye!