what up guys and welcome back to the fit man cook kitchen for today’s quick recipe we have got a comfort food classic makeover we are making a chicken and broccoli casserole that you do not want to miss instead of the traditional writes we’re gonna be using in of course the global up of 2019 and 2018 cauliflower that’s right cauliflower rice is gonna come through again and save the day but I’m gonna show you a really easy and quick trick and really important trick so that way your finished product does not come out to be some really soupy mess this is also a budget-friendly recipe because we’re gonna be subbing in summer to Surrey chicken but in case you prep too much chicken or you overcook your chicken it is like bone dry it’s the traditional struggle chicken but you could actually use that in this recipe today and yes this recipe is also a nod to all of the low-carb and keto diet is out there so yes even though I’m not doing keto I respect that a lot of people out there are trying to live their best life on a low-carb plan so today I got y’all covered alright guys if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and let’s get started first thing you gonna do is grab a rotisserie chicken save yourself some time pull off the skin and then take out all of the chicken meat and you’re not gonna use all of it so we’re gonna go for about a pound pound and a half and this is perfect this is more than enough then take a sharp knife and just chop it into pieces in less than three minutes you have all your prep work done for the protein and just be sure that as you’re chopping it up you remove any small bones you don’t want those creeping into the final casserole and there’s another time-saver grab a bag of some frozen cauliflower rice pop up to the microwave for about four or five minutes and we’re gonna add this to our dish as well what I like to do is like to squeeze out all of the excess water and moisture because cauliflower tends to hold a lot of water which is a really good thing but sometimes whenever you’re making casseroles it can make the final product come out really soupy we don’t want that so just take it let it cool down a little bit then just squeeze out some of the excess water to a really large bowl we’re gonna add in some chicken our steamed cauliflower rice a pop of color with some bell pepper some onion some broccoli or some broccolini some fresh garlic some rosemary some cumin and some smoked paprika and now to add in the cream so first I’ve got here some milk if you are on keto or doing something that’s really high fat and used heavy cream we’re gonna split the milk with a little bit of Greek yogurt and then some cream cheese then grab a spatula and mix everything together and you’re gonna want to mash down the cream cheese and this go all the way to the bottom of the bowl and fold in the chicken okay so once it’s all been thoroughly mixed together we’re gonna take a little bit of sea salt and some pepper and mix it up one more time and grab a baking pan spray it with a little oil to make sure that it’s stick and add in our chicken and broccoli cauliflower casserole oh and lastly what is chicken broccoli and rice casserole with that little cheese so we’re gonna top it off with a little bit of the cheddar then cover and cook this for about 3035 minutes in the oven at 400 oh my god guys this smells so amazing and after about 35 minutes here you go it’s a work of art it just it looks like art doesn’t it I cannot wait to slice into this bad boy there’s so much goodness all right the part that I you know I live for the taste test and they get a piece of that cheese on top I love a little bit of burned cheese no way this is hanging look at it watch it forward to fall okay okay I go keto just for this just lot of spice lot of flavor because we added in the cumin in the smoked paprika so it’s not your old traditional broccoli and chicken casserole dish it’s got a little bit of zest to it I let my personality and I think that’s good because especially when it’s low carb you want something that satisfying it’s also going to keep your palate guessing ok you try juicy go ahead would you go keto for this that’s the quick there you go sir that’s a rich people do okay it’s pretty dope guys it’s really good put this one on the weekly rotation and what I also love about it there we packed in so many other veggies a lot of times people just rely on the cheese and everything else but there’s chicken in here we’ve got the cheese they let the cream and we cut part of the calories by adding just milk if you want to go higher calorie doesn’t really need it you can use some heavy cream but really we use cauliflower and we packed in some broccolini just makes this much more satisfying I don’t know what more you want this right here is a keeper you’ll love it you’re gonna love it alright guys that is it for today’s video I hope that y’all really enjoyed it but most importantly I hope that you all enjoyed making this wonderful amazing low carb chicken and broccoli casserole dish you are going to love it your family will love it I like to play around with the spices so really just make it your own if you’re not a fan of cumin then add in some and some cardamom maybe add in some coriander add in things that you really like to make it palatable for you and your family alright guys if you like stuff like this and I invite you to smash that like button below and remember don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and remember to ring that Bell see me notified every time we post hot new cut here alright y’all thank you so much for watching until next time keep it healthy but of course keep it low carb just kidding just keep it nipper boring wait let’s do that one more time that was the worst else forever let’s just run that right back alright guys they kill someone for watching until next time I want to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh and sometimes low-carb yeah you