what’s going on guys and welcome back to
the pit main cook kitchen today’s video is all about grain bowls now grain bowls
are arguably one of my favorite meals if you’re not familiar with them basically
it’s just a large bowl full of grains vegetables proteins and a sauce now
these are generally higher calorie bowls so they tend to pack quite a punch in
terms of giving you long lasting energy for the day now I love these bowls
because they’re really easy to prepare and to customize with your own favorite
food now here’s a quick Anna to comb this in grad school I was learning to
cook for myself and I invited a friend over to study I asked her as I hate he
wants some food I just cooked she’s like nah no thank you I don’t want one of
your man bowls and I say well what’s a man bowl she said you know how you men
do you just put all your food into one bowl and then just mix it up together so
first off that’s pretty accurate but secondly men are getting the last laugh
because come 2018 man bowls are these grain bowls are all the craze right now
I know a lot of people believe that healthier meals are much more lower
calorie that they’re really small meals but that’s not always the case for
instance a fast-food burger meal could have the same amount of colors as a
grain bowl but it’s just a matter of where those calories come from healthy
food and clean ingredients are processed much more efficiently by our bodies so
after you eat a big bowl of something like this you’re not left with that
feeling of being heavy imploded contrarily you’re actually feeling a lot
more energized which makes this a great option for people who are following a
really active lifestyle and need more energy for work or for their work out
all that to say don’t be afraid to make green balls your own and remember to
adjust them to meet your energy and caloric needs so today I’m gonna show
you my favorite base grain bowl recipe and then I’m gonna show you three ways
to customize it with a vegan chickpea version a chicken version and then a
barbecue seminole version so that you could enjoy a variety throughout the
entire week now lastly one thing that really makes a great grain bowl is the
sauce so today I’m gonna show you how to make it really super easy sauce with a
special ingredient and that is nutritional
if you have not had this yet you need to go out and get it and add this to your
pantry this is a must-have this is packed with b12 fiber and also protein
in fact I believe like 2 tablespoons of this is 4 grams of protein so it’s great
to complete protein to so it’s great if you’re needing just to add some
seasoning to your food what do you want to add some protein to now the best
thing about personal use is that it has a great TV flavor so today this is going
to serve as the base cheesy texture and cheesy flavor for our special green Bowl
sauce all right so if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands
a little dirty then let’s get started bring water to a boil then toss in
Brussels sprouts boil for 3 to 5 minutes then plunge them in an ice bath so
they’ll stop cooking place them on the towel to pat them dry then add them to a
bowl with butternut squash and red onion add olive oil and a pinch of sea salt
and pepper mix it up then add them to a baking sheet bake for 20 minutes at 420 and cook farro to a bowl and add in the
grilled vegetables then fold everything together now let’s make the sauce add
garlic tahini or peanut butter lemon nutritional yeast fresh basil fresh
cilantro and cumin as it blends pour in some water to your desired thickness
season to taste with sea salt and pepper now for the vegan grain bowl spray a
skillet with avocado oil and add in chickpeas chili powder and cumin saute
for 5 to 6 minutes add some chives now let’s bring it all together add the
veggie and grain mix then the chickpeas then the sauce avocado to balance out
the chili powder and sesame seed garnish when you want to change seasoned chicken
breasts with my casing rub from fit man cook calm then spray a nonstick skillet
with avocado oil add the chicken breast and cook on both sides for six to eight
minutes apiece actually the meal prep container and
garnish with radish for added crunch when you want to change from that spray
salmon with avocado oil then add garlic powder onion powder
sea salt pepper and lemon zest rub it on then bake for 8 minutes at 4:21 a
barbecue sauce to each fillet then brush it on bake for an additional 2 to 4
minutes add the plate to your meal prep container then add a sprinkle of pumpkin
seeds or your favorite seeds for a heart-healthy crunch and just like that
protein rich grain bowls for the entire week our right job that is it for
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