Namaskar, Welcome to Pedes are of two types namely white Pedes and brown Pedes. Brown Pedes are also known as Mathura Ke Pede. Today, we will prepare Mathura Ke Pede. Mathura Ke Pede were traditionally prepared by the Mawa made from cow’s milk. But, you can also prepare these Pedes from the Mawa made by buffalo’s milk. Let us see what all do we require to prepare Mathura Ke Pede. Mawa (dried milk) – 250 gram (more than 1 cup) Tagar (Boora) – 200 grams or 1 cup Tagar is easily available in market and you can prepare it at home also. The method to prepare Tagar is available on Cardamom – 4 to 5. Desi ghee – 2 to 3 tbsp Let us start preparing the Pedes. Crumble Mawa first. It can also be grated. Turn on the gas and heat a pan. Mawa is now crumbled and pan is heated. Roast the Mawa now. Roast Mawa in mid-flame till it turns dark brown to prepare Pede of Mathura. Mawa have turned light brown. But, we will have to roast Mawa more till it turns dark brown to prepare Pede of Mathura. Make sure that burner is in mid-flame. Add ghee in Mawa at regular intervals to prevent Mawa from burning. Keep roasting it by moving it constantly with a ladle. If you think Mawa is dry, add 2 tbsp milk in the Mawa. Roast it again till the milk in it dries up. Turn off the gas since Mawa has turned brown. Mawa has cooled down now and you can touch it with your fingers. Add powder of cardamom seeds in it and mix it. Add Tagar in it and leave a small amount of Tagar to wrap Pedes in it. Don’t let the Mawa cool down too much since it will be very difficult to prepare Pedes with the cold Mawa. Mix the mixture nicely. Now, we will prepare the Pedes. Take out a small amount of mixture and make a ball of it. Pedes can be of any size depending on your choice. Press the ball now with your hands to give it the shape of a Peda. Wrap it in Tagar and keep it. Prepare all the Pedes in the similar way. Mathura ke Pede are now ready. If these Pedes are
prepared from the Mawa of cow’s milk, then it will
turn brown naturally. There will be no need to add ghee and milk in it. We will have to roast Mawa
in mid-flame with ghee and milk, if Pedes are prepared
from Mawa of buffalo’s milk. Roast Mawa by constantly moving it with the ladle to prevent burning of Mawa. The burning of Mawa might not give good color to Pedes and might make them tasteless. Pedes of Mathura can be prepared easily. These Pedes can be eaten for 1 month when kept in refrigerator. Prepare and enjoy Mathura Ke Pede and share your experiences with us. Let us meet again at