With the mango lassi the Indians might have invented the first smoothie in the history of mankind. Its 2 ingredients, takes maximum 5 minutes, high in vitamin A, C and calcium. One billion Indians can’t be wrong. Alright, all you need is one ripe mango. If you press it and it’s soft, then you’ll know it is ripe. Then you need 2 cups of yogurt or around 300 grams. 500 to 600ml of water, and, this is optional, a pinch of
cardamom. Put all together it will be enough for
2 big smoothies. Ok, let’s start off with the mango. If you don’t know how to cut and scoop a mango yet, you should definitely check out one of
the tutorials on the Internet. There should be a link in the video right now. If you don’t do it I guarantee you it will be quite messy and
you will not want to make the mango lassi again. And you don’t want that, do you? Also, please check if the mango is sweet. If it is not, add a tablespoon of sugar. Ok, next add the 2 yogurts and then pour in the water. If you want you can also add the
cardamom now. I didn’t do it, I just sprinkled it over the smoothie later on. Then lid on top and blend. Yep, that’s a fancy scene from the side. So there you have it. The mango lassi. Excellent for a sunny day. Actually something that people already knew 3000 years ago when the smoothie was invented. Awesome. For this version I sprinkled now some cardamom on top. But there are many different variations
of this drink out there. And if you know a version that we should try, let us know in the comments below. I had always doubts about green smoothies but the spinach banana one definitely convinced me. And if you’re up for a summary lunch you
should also check out the greek pitas. And of course don’t forget to subscribe
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