Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak And right now I am in Makkah Makkah is the place where this world began Adam and Eve met here in the plain of Arafat The first house ever built was the Kaaba, which in Noah’s flood was destroyed, then, Abraham PBUH was ordered by God to rebuild this house, and since then, people have been coming here for Hajj and Umrah and circumambulate around it God’s mercy and blessings are showered here It is the house of Allah I’ll try in this video to give out info and show around as much as possible and show the food courts here as well the restaurants and different kinds of cuisine I’ll try to highlight those a bit as well I hope you all will like this video Let’s start the journey to Makkah, Let’s Go! All around the Grand Mosque, there are hotels and whichever hotel you stay in, do note that whenever you come here have patience in you because Hajj and Umrah are a lot of hard work Whichever hotel you stay in, however convenient it may be You would still have to do a lot of hard work But whatever hardships you face here, will not be in vain! So let’s go and check out the breakfast here Usually we get eggs, parathas in breakfast and desi ghee, but actually, olives and other fresh stuff in breakfast is what we should have You can have Daal Chana here as well I really liked this dish that we have here It is like ‘pheni’ and we have nuts here too flavored yogurt Here’s a dessert made with milk and rice and we have pineapples too This is the omelette station If your hotel doesn’t have breakfast then you can go to the various shops/restaurants that are found all around the hotels But if you do have it in hotel, then there’s less hassle And you can, directly after having breakfast, go to the Mosque, which is much easier. Right now we’re going to see around Makkah Saeed Bhai where are we going? First we’ll go to the cave of Thawr This mountain right here is the Mount Thawr Right now we are near the cave of Thawr The cave was all the way up there at the top And when the pagans of Makkah persecuted the Prophet and his followers, He decided to migrate to Medina. On the way, The Prophet, along with Abubakr (R.A) hid in this cave because the enemies were chasing them, and then, God ordered a spider to put its web around the cave’s mouth And when the enemies came to the cave they saw a lot of spider webs at the mouth and thought that no one could have gone inside So they left the cave. For 3 days, The Prophet (PBUH) stayed here, and this place has a lot of significance in Islam So we found a subscriber here ! What’s your name? My name is Muhammad Ali I’m from NJ, USA And I really enjoy Street Food PK videos Thank you so much, it was nice meeting you You’re doing good work, keep it up! Saeed Bhai, we saw the cave of Thawr, where do we go now? Arafat. So we are gonna see all the places involved in Hajj We are near the plain of Arafat On both sides, we have trees and parking Here, the people performing Hajj stay in camps and during hajj the whole plain becomes white due to the camps Right now I am at the plain of Arafat And right behind me you all can see The ‘Mount of Mercy’ The Prophet PBUH delivered his Hajj sermon from there He only did one Hajj in his lifetime and the whole essence of his message was delivered in that sermon people come in normal days here for visits and pray on the Mount of Mercy Near the Mount of Mercy we have a small fruit cart where we have different kinds of fruits and people are buying as well Here we have abayas, small stalls are everywhere Here we have an icecream truck and we can see the delicious ice cream being sold 5 Riyal? From Arafat, we’ll move towards the Nimrah mosque now Here we have the Nirmah mosque, the Hajj sermon is delivered from here and once every year, this mosque opens, and then closes for the rest of the year and the whole plain of Arafat starts from here Half of this mosque is in the plain of Arafat, and some of it is out of Arafat. So if you come for Hajj, and you think of staying inside the Nimrah mosque, then make sure that you dont stay in the area that’s out of Arafat, or, your Hajj will be void because staying at the plain of Arafat is integral to Hajj, do take care of that! This is the valley of Mina which becomes populated during Hajj all people doing Hajj stay here for 5 days and the environment becomes holy here during Hajj After Muzdalifa we have jamarat where three pillars represent the devil whom we stone, it has a whole history, which I cannot explain in this short vlog I’m giving out small highlights and you can search about the history The gray pillars beneath the shades the pillars represent the devil, whom we symbolically stone 7 stones are pelted over each pillar Saeed Bhai where do we go now? Mountain of Light and the Cave of Hira Here we have the Mountain of Light/Cave of Hira Cave of Hira is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Used to go for meditation and used to stay for days in this cave This is a very high mountain And the first revelation from the Quran That Gabriel brought to the Prophet, from Allah, That also happened here in this cave and this is where the revelations began Here below the cave, we have some restaurants because it takes a lot of time to reach here ‘Pakistani, Indian and Arabian food’ They are preparing the food right now Assalam Alaikum, How are you? Pakistani food…What do you guys have? We have everything here So we have Biryani Aloo Palak as well Mutton Quorma and Qeema too Daal So here we have a restaurant that sells fast food like Zinger Burgers etc The zuhr prayer just ended and everyone is going for lunch now, so let’s go around and see what kinds of food do we have So this is the King Fahd gate and that’s the King Abdulaziz gate Which is under construction. In front of King Fahd gate We have this mall which is right beside the Makkah Tower Here we have a KFC, alongside which we have an alley where other food stops are available as well Here we have some pizza and this al-Tazaj is barbecue chicken in Arabian style which is really famous as you can see by the queue We have some food options upstairs but I didnt go there Here we have a lot of Broast shops What do you have? Daal, Chicken, Vegetables, everything I see! Here you can see the Makkah Tower and this road comes from the mosque and this straight leads to the Ibrahim Khalil road We have some hotels here as well which have a lot of food spots too Here as you can see, on both sides, We have long queues due to food being distributed here for free And many people here do this kind of charity work And food keeps getting distributed whether you are rich or poor, does not matter Whoever is in the queue will get the food and everyone gets the benefits from this This is the Makkah Tower This is the main entrance, let’s checkvthe food here When you’re going to the Makkah Tower you can see these things like Miswak being sold Many people buy these for themselves and others buy them and then distribute for free Right now I’m inside the food court of Makkah Tower on the 3rd floor On the 3rd floor, you can find all the local authentic food items On the 4th floor we have all the food chains Assalam Alaikum how are you? What do we have here? Are you from India? Yes. Where in India? Kerala. Oh I see so we have south Indian food here Not south Indian? Pakistan/Indian? Biryani? Pakistani Biryani or Indian Biryani? It’s all of it They have delicious food Oh I see Yeah they have reasonable prices and tastes good too So the food here was just recommended to us ‘Mazaq al-Arabi’ You’ll find this on the 3rd floor the food here is delicious and we have these brothers from Kerala here ‘Pakistani Faisalabad Hotel’ Assalam Alaikum how are you? You can find all Pakistani food items here I tried the ‘Matar Chawal’ here and the Biryani as well, it’s very tasty, you csn find this on the 3rd floor as well ‘Pakistani Faisalabad Hotel’ ‘Istanbul’ If any one requires a wheelchair then tey have them right in front of the mosque where these people are and these wheelchairs have charges You can get the wheelchair, along with an attendant You can have the whole Umrah this way or however you want, you can borrow these So this was a small highlight of our Trip to Makkah Hope you all liked the video and I pray that God takes us all to Umrah and Hajj and bring us here frequently please like and share the video Meet you all in the next video Allah Hafiz