The milk should be of thick consistency The water should boil well. If you add the macroni/pasta before boiling then it will stick with one another Allow it to boil well. Strain the boiled pasta Wash the boiled pasta in cold water so that they don’t stick on with one another While using this macroni for other dishes like poriyal , they boil by adding little oil so that they don’t stick when being cooked. Since we are preparing Kheer I did not add oil while boiling Boil the milk in a wide heavy bottomed vessel and allow it to thicken I have liquidized the jaggery .It should be of thick consistency. Adding this cashew and almond powder gives you a good taste and aroma to the kheer. Add 1 tsp of this powder Reduce the flame to sim and allow the milk to thicken Now the milk has started thickening scrap the sides of the pan. The cashew and almond powder we have added gives you a thick texture to the kheer. Add the boiled pasta to the thickened milk If you think that your pasta is bigger in size then add in the whipper once before adding to the milk. Allow it to come to a boil. Now the milk has come to a boil , switch off the flame and add the liquidized jaggery The kheer is ready. Finally garnish it with ghee and cashews You can add raisins according to your taste Garnish the roasted cashew to the kheer Tasty Pasta Kheer / Macroni Payasam is ready !!! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get regular updates !!!