Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Veg Lunch Recipe White Rice Raddish Dal Sambar Dal Rasam Brinjal Fry Let us check how can we organize and cook all these dishes in time Soak the rice. dal and tamarind in separate vessels Rice 1 and half cup soaked Tur dal 3/4th cup soaked Tamarind 2 Amla size soaked for sambar and Rasam Soak the tamarind in warm water For cooking, I am using a small cooker, saute pan and a big iron pan Two laddles Big iron pan is for Brinjal fry Small cooker is for sambar and rasam For sambar Raddish 1/2 kg Brinjal for fry 1/4 kg raddish small onions for sambar Curry leaves and coriander leaves Water in a basin to wash the vegetables Keep the vegetables on the newspaper so that the wastage may be collected easily. I have kept the masala box nearby the stove Heat the water in the cooker 1 and a half cup water Meanwhile peel off the onions Now the water is hot and add the soaked Tur dal Add turmeric powder Add castor oil Allow it to boil, meanwhile peel off the raddish Now the Tur dal is boiling Simmer the flame Close the lid Now keep the flame to high Add weight on top and allow it to cook for 3 whistles Meanwhile I have kept ready the brinjal, raddish and onions Now throw the waste to dustbin Now chop the raddish, onion and tomato This one is for sambar Slice the brinjal and put it in a bowl of water Brinjal is sliced and ready Heat the big iron pan with oil Once the oil is hot add the brinjal slices Saute it well Add salt and turmeric powder Turmeric powder is necessary for brinjal like vegetables Add red chilly powder Salt Mix it well Saute it for 2 mins Close the lid Keep it in simmer Dal is cooked well Add 1 and half cup water Cook the tomato in the hot dal to use it for rasam 3 tomatoes Allow it to boil in open lid Meanwhile take pulp from tamarind After a boil separate the tomatoes Drain the water and keep it for rasam Smal the dal well Cook the vegetables for sambar in the cooker Add dal stock water 2 to 3 laddle Add sambar powder 2 and 1/2 spoon Add required amount of salt mix it well Once the vegetables start boiling add the tamarind pulp Close the lid and cook for whistle Brinjal is cooked well This tamarind pulp is for rasam Add the tomatoes to the pulp Squeeze it well Now the vegetables is cooked Now the heat the tamarind pulp and tomato mixture Add required amount of salt Allow it to boil Brinjal is fried well Add the curry leaves to the fried brinjal Now take down the rasam Now take away some dal for rasam. So that rasam will be little thicker Now add the dal to the vegetables (for sambar) Mix it well Allow it to boil Brinjal is ready almost Saute mustard, asafoetida, onion vadagam and curry leaves and add it to the sambar Add coriander leaves I transfered the sambar and brinjal fry in separate vessels Wash this cooker and cook rasam in this cooker Heat the washed cooker Boiled tamarind and tomato rasam water Curry & coriander leaves, garlic cloves crushed heat the oil On the other side heat the water to cook the rice Add mustard Garlic cloves & onion vadagam Curry leaves Add the rasam water Now add the dal stock water Mix it well if required add little water Boil it in high flame Once the foam gets formed, switch off the stove Add coriander leaves Now rasam is getting boiled Transfer it to a vessel Now add the soaked rice to the hot water Meanwhile clean all the utensils Now the rice is cooked Drain the water Try this simple Veg Lunch Meal and send us your feedback