today on pickup lines were going for round three of bento box meal ideas the theme lunch boxes for kids if you’re new to the channel hi I’m Satya when I worked at a children’s hospital as a dietitian and nutritionist I very often had parents come to me and ask me what kinds of food they should feed their children and asking for lunch ideas personally I don’t think it needs to be rocket science or anything complicated a healthy balance of some whole grains some fruits and vegetables and some plant sources of protein omega-3 fats and some calcium is really all they need and I’m gonna share those with you in this video if you see this little recipe alert sign it means that the recipe already exists up on the pickuplines blog so I’ll leave the link to each recipe in the description box down below so you can go and check those out if you’d like alright I’m really excited to share these recipes with you so let’s get started we start by making lunch number one and these adorable chocolate and banana sushi rolls I personally make my own chocolate spread at home which tastes just like Nutella but this recipe is actually super healthy I start by blending some roasted hazelnuts in a food processor with some other whole food ingredients like cocoa powder and dates to naturally sweetened on a whole grain tortilla I then spread on a generous amount of this homemade Nutella of course if you don’t have time you don’t have to make your own you can always purchase a dairy-free chocolate spread from the grocery store then I like to sprinkle on some hemp seeds for the extra protein and healthy Omega fats and place on a ripe banana and roll it up then cut it like you would sushi and then just place these in your lunchbox I also added some fresh strawberries that I dipped into this chocolate spread it’s a fun way to get kids to have extra fruit plus there’s extra fiber healthy fats and protein from the nuts that are in that chocolate spread you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this lunch that’s a guarantee now on to making the snacks which is a fruit and yogurt dip with some homemade cookies I made these fruit skewers using fresh grapes and mango but of course you can use any fruits that you have on hand after you’ve prepared the fruits and place them on the skewers I also chose to cut off the ends so there’s no sharp bits going into the lunch box then on the side I poured in some calcium fortified plant-based yogurt here I used an unsweetened soy yogurt and this can serve as a dip for those fruit skewers I also included these one bowl peanut butter and chocolate cookies I’ve mentioned these in a previous video and I absolutely love making them because they have no added sugar or oil and they can be made easily and in One Bowl it takes belief 15 minutes to make from start to finish so you can batch make this on the weekends to enjoy as a snack throughout the week and that’s it for lunch box number one moving on to lunch box number two we begin by making this super adorable nut butter and fruit bear sandwich to make start off with two pieces of whole-grain bread and you can use a cup or cookie cutter to cut circles out of the bread then using about half of a ripe banana peel and slice some banana coins after you’ve spread some peanut butter or other kind of nut butter onto the bread circles place the sliced bananas on top like so as well as three blueberries to make an adorable little bear sandwich then stack the pieces and place it into the lunchbox I also added some veggies on the side like baby carrots cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes to make the cucumber’s even more fun for the little ones to eat you can peel it as I did before you cut them up so that they get this striped pattern now to make the snacks on the other half of the banana that you didn’t use you can write a message if you’d like before adding it to the lunch box then I also added some fresh blueberries as well as these chewy peanut butter and no-bake granola bars like the previous cookie recipe these are made with only whole food ingredients so no added sugar or added oil they too can be made all in the food processor so very little cleaning up required I also like to make this on the weekends add different kinds of nuts and dried fruit to keep it interesting each time and then wrap it up and store it in the freezer so they can be taken as a to-go snack or add it to lunchboxes throughout the week and that’s it for lunch box number two and finally for lunch box at number three we begin by making this bread and cheese jam dip so first start off by cutting off the crust from a slice of whole-grain bread and then roll it out to flatten using either a cop or a rolling pin then cut shapes out of the bread using cookie cutters I cut out two large hearts as well as two small heart shapes now don’t throw away the remaining pieces of bread that you don’t use you can always blend these in a food processor or blender and then freeze them to use as bread crumbs and future recipes then repeat this with another slice of bread so you end up with four large and four small shapes of whatever shape you chose add this to your lunch box and on the side add some homemade berry chia seed jam now this takes only five minutes to prepare and uses just four ingredients two of which are different types of berries and then I also added a little bit of juice and some chia seeds after you let it sit for thirty minutes your jam is ready packed with health benefits antioxidants fiber omega-3 fats all without any of the added sugar and preservatives that come with store-bought jam then on the side I added some fresh grapes and some baby tomatoes to enjoy your little one can either spread the jam onto the bread like so or do a fun dip and dunk as for the snack on this day I made this trail mix popcorn begin by coarsely chopping some roasted almonds then in a large pot on medium-high heat melt about half a teaspoon of coconut oil and add a quarter cup of popcorn kernels and give it a stir when it starts to pop shake it periodically so it cooks evenly and doesn’t burn when the popping quiets down remove it from the heat of course to speed this up you can always use butter list microwavable popcorn – popcorn is a whole grain source so it’s a great and fun way to get fiber into your little ones I also added about a teaspoon of nutritional yeast which gives it a cheesy flavor and also adds vitamin b12 then you can add the almonds and some goji berries or use raisins or dried cranberries if you’d like and that’s it for lunch box at number three now there’s a few things I’d like to mention you don’t need bento boxes to make this any lunch container will do if your kid happens to be quite young you might want to consider chopping up any choking hazards like grapes cherry tomatoes or some of the nuts that I share in these recipes as well if your kid happens to be in enough free-school you might want to consider using some kind of nut free spread like ‘wow butter anytime I use something like peanut butter i wern’t some of those ridiculously adorable I personally loved making a little bear sandwich I hope that you found some ideas and some inspiration and if you want to try any of the recipes like I said the link to them can be found in the description box below if you liked this video if you found any of the suggestions helpful share that in the comments below as well give this video a thumbs up be sure to also subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future videos and if you want to check out some of the other bento box videos I’ve made you can go and check that out on my channel as well alright thanks for watching I’ll see you in a few days