Hey, there. Welcome back. Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef and I have
some really exciting news. If you have been following me, you know I’ve
been working super hard on my very first cookbook and I am so excited because it’s available
for pre-order now and it’s gonna be released on August 20th. I am just over the moon excited. So, I thought it would be fun today to make
one of my absolute favorite breakfast recipes from my cookbook and that is some low-carb
pizza waffles. Which combined two of my absolute favorite
things, pizza and waffles, making it very easily and quickly one of my favorite breakfast. So, my secret ingredient for making these
waffles low-carb is to use cauliflower which not only is a great filler but it also makes
it super nutritious and so yummy. So, are you ready? Let’s get started. Oh, and before I forget, make sure to go subscribe
to this channel so you never miss my new weekly recipe videos and updates about the cookbooks
and all sorts of healthy eating inspiration. Go, do it right now. So, cauliflower rice is one of my absolute
favorite substitutions because it’s clean, it’s healthy, and it has a lot of added nutrients
and fiber. You can make it in a ton of different ways. You can use a food processor to just pull
some florets until they resemble rice-sized pieces, you can use a cheese grater and grate
your cauliflower across the cheese grater until that looks like shredded cheese but
in cauliflower form or a really cool thing that is happening nowadays in all sorts of
stores is you can buy your own frozen cauliflower rice. You either get it frozen or fresh. All of these options are gonna work for this
recipe. You just need some cauliflower that’s broken
into small pieces. We’re gonna need about three to four cups
of cauliflower rice which is gonna be roughly the size of one large head or one pound of
cauliflower. If you do buy frozen cauliflower rice, make
sure to allow it to thaw on the counter before we get started so it’s not frozen as you’re
adding it to your recipe. So, in a large mixing bowl, go ahead and add
your riced cauliflower, followed by whole wheat pastry flour, milk of your choice, fresh
mozzarella that’s been diced into small pieces, uncured pepperoni that’s been chopped, some
eggs. And yes, a flax egg or a chia egg will work
in this recipe. So, you could replace the egg with either
one of those. Some grated Parmesan, baking powder, sea salts,
garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, dried basil, and some ground black pepper. And then we are gonna mix all this together
until it’s very well combined. All right. So, let’s talk about the pepperoni because
I’m betting you have some questions. Not all pepperoni is created equal, but there
are some great brands out there like Applegate, Peterson’s or Vermont that have options that
are free of nitrates and nitrites, they have no added sugar, and they just have a lot more
minimally processed pepperoni. If you wanted to replace pepperoni altogether
you could always choose a meaty veggie and chop up some cremini mushrooms or something
like that as well. If you’re looking for a gluten-free option
for replacing your whole wheat pastry flour, you can easily sub out cassava flour or almond
flour as a one to one ratio instead of your whole wheat pastry flour. You could also use coconut flour which is
another great gluten-free flour. However, that will be very thirsty so you’ll
have to add some more moisture, probably two to three more eggs into the batter. Another thing you could do is to use some
oat flour, though you’re gonna require a little bit more oat flour, about one and a half cups
to one cup of the whole wheat pastry flour. Any of those options are great. Just choose what works best for your diet. All right. Now, it’s time to get our waffle iron and
we got to grease it so our waffles don’t stick to anything. So, the amount of waffle batter that we’re
using is gonna depend on the size of your waffle iron. Mine is a pretty large one and I use about
a cup of the batter. What we’re looking for is to put it in the
center and then spread it all the way around all of the sides. If you don’t get it all the way to the sides,
it will not spread like a normal waffle. So, you have to make it spread by pushing
some along the sides. You can always use a spoon and add a little
bit more of the batter to fill in all of those unfilled areas. Then we’re gonna close our waffle iron and
let all that magic happen. It’s gonna cook for about four to six minutes,
again, depending on the size of your waffle iron. You’re gonna notice as it gets almost done
that the amount of steam is gonna reduce significantly, you’re gonna smell everything cooking. And when you open it up it should be nice
and golden brown around all the edges and release easily. Then just repeat those steps and so you have
all of your waffles made. To serve these delicious pizza waffles, I
top them with some freshly chopped Italian parsley, a little bit more diced fresh mozzarella,
and then a little bit of marinara sauce for dipping because you got to dip it. It’s just how it has to happen. Hey, you could even use that roasted tomato
sauce I just shared with you in my last video for your tasty marinara dipping sauce. Okay. So, how fun are these low-carb pizza waffles? They taste amazing, they look delicious, and
they’re a really cool way to change up your waffles and have a delicious breakfast thanks
to some really helpful nutritious ingredients like cauliflower, whole wheat pastry flour,
and all sorts of real simple ingredients. You can grab this recipe in my brand new cookbook
and get all 75 delicious and nutritious recipes that ditch processed ingredients and you can
get it right now. Pre-order it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million,
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this cookbook so you can get all these tasty recipes and I cannot wait for you to try them. Let me know once you pre-order it. Send me a comment below, I would love to hear
it. Thanks so much for your support and I hope
you’re as excited as I am. I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye. [00:06:04]
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