– Well, looky here. Somethin’ new? No. This is nothing new. I am
back again today friends, and I’ve got another Walmart grocery haul. This is to do 50. That’s right. Gettin’ ready to go down in my kitchen. Besides those, look at that book mess, that needs taken care of. Anyway, I’m not doing
that right now though, kids can do that when they get home. 50 freezer meals are
going down in my kitchen. That’s right. I am cooking up my large
family freezer meals, Pack 5. The thinking and everything,
it’s already done. All I had to do last night, I
was tired, I was going to bed, and I thought, “Jamerrill, if
you get that grocery order in “tonight it won’t be a
pressure in the morning.” It was late. We were watching
World’s Strongest Man. That’s part of what we
do on our free time. I just used in the large family
freezer meals pack I have, a big batch freezer meal shopping list. And this one’s about two pages, and it’s everything that you need and I need to do these 50 freezer meals. So I’m going to film this haul, show you what all I got, then I’m going to use the
big batch freezer meal guide and just cook right on through it. Its probably won’t be until about 3:30 before I get this started. Perfect world, when you
do your freezer cooking, I want you to get a good night’s sleep and I want you to get started at eight. Okay? You do that. Start early, be done by four or five. That’s the plan. Okay? I am going to start at 3:30 and probably get done about
midnight. Midnight thirty. Something like that, but that’s okay. It’s gonna be 50 freezer
meals in one evening. It’s going to be awesome. So let me show you the food, and tell ya exactly what we’re cooking up. So down here we’ve got all
kinds of broth goin’ on. Now, coulda made a bunch of chicken broth in my pressure cookers. Could of got it done yesterday. I could’ve made beef broth,
but I didn’t and I bought it. And that’s okay because
that’s going to give you, when I tell you the price
of what it’s costing me to do these 50 freezer meals, this is giving you a pretty
realistic range there. So I got six things of
chicken, four things of beef. I got 60 eggs. I know it’s so cute to just
buy this one little thing. And I did, you’re right, I
just did a huge Costco haul. So I put this Walmart haul in separate, so I can just drill down and focus on these freezer meals for you. Okay? Okay. So I need 35 eggs. Don’t worry. The extra eggs from this box, they will be put to good use. We got two gallons of
milk. Isn’t this cute? One thing of orange juice. I only actually need
a cup of orange juice, but kids will drink that orange juice. It’s gone, it’s gone already. Just like that cereal that
disappeared weeks ago. Forget it, there’s no orange juice here. I got six packs total. Three of these double packs of butter. A bazillion flour tortillas. Hey, another thing you
can do or someone can do is make homemade tortillas. Not doing that, but, bought
a whole bunch of them. I think I bought twelve packs? Yes. I think I only needed ten but then I worry about running
out, so I get a little extra. So I got twelve. If we don’t use them for
these, we’ll put some peanut butter and jelly
on them and roll them up. Oh yes, we will. Only three big things
of sour cream this time. This is some light freezer cooking. Okay, two things of spaghetti.
Two things of elbow macaroni. And we’ve got about six
packs of pie crust here because we’re also going
to be doing chicken pot pie for the freezer. Got one thing of barbecue
sauce. Whole bunch of bread crumbs, ’cause there’s
meatballs going down. Many, many packs, lets
see… one, two, four, we got eight packs of pepper jack cheese. We have some ginger paste. Two big, we’ve got ten pounds
total of shredded cheese. You know how I roll. I am not ashamed of the cheese
that goes into these meals. We got two, four, six, eight, ten things of spaghetti sauce. Four cans of green chilies. Black beans. Great northern
beans. Some butter beans. Four cans, family sized cans of corn. Then we have light red kidney beans. Got green beans back there. And then we have dark kidney beans. We have tortellini’s.
Three packs of those. We have three packs of
spinach. Green onions. Six green peppers. 40
pounds of ground beef. And then we have several pounds
of the mild Italian sausage. And then 20 pounds of boneless,
skinless chicken breasts. Here is the Big Batch
Freezer Meal Shopping List. And I will say before I
give you my grand total and we do the price breakdown
for these freezer meals, some items I already had. I already had a ton of
tomato sauce and tomato paste and crushed tomatoes. But it also calls for spaghetti sauce and that’s why I went ahead
and got some spaghetti sauce because my tomato sauce and tomato paste and crushed tomatoes I
already have in my pantry are going to be used and so I didn’t have any
left to make spaghetti sauce. And so I bought some, yay. But I did not buy tomato
paste, tomato sauce, or crushed tomatoes. And I did not buy old fashioned oats because I had some of those. I did not buy the orange marmalade because I have some
marmalade in the pantry. I didn’t buy the spices
’cause I had those. So my total for all of this stuff to make these 53 freezer meals is $370. So like I said, there were
a few items, those tomato products I was babbling
about in particular that I have on hand, but I went ahead and I
bought the meat to do these freezer meals in particular. I wanted to do this to give a
fairly accurate representation of what it’s costing me to
make these 50 freezer meals. It makes it about $7.40 per meal or so. I will say some of these
meals are going to be things like sesame orange chicken,
we’re going to do burrito pie freezer meal, quinoa
tortellini sausage soup, baked beef macaroni and
cheese, barbecue meat loaves, baked spaghetti, chicken pot
pies, weekend chicken chili, sausage and spinach fried
rice, and meatballs. So the meatballs can be used
with many different meals and the tortellini soup
will be several meals however you want to serve it up. Look for my very next
freezer cooking video. It’s gonna be me cooking
these 50 freezer meals. My family is gonna keep
about 30 of the meals. Now let me tell ya, many times I would keep
all 50 meals no problem. We would use them over
two to three months. I would just stretch them out
and use them whenever life erupts, which is at least three
to four times a week, right? But I’m going to keep about
30 or so for my family and then I have two other
families, one family is moving and the other family has a
family member in the hospital. So I’m going to give
each of those families about 10 each, 20 total. Keep about 30 in my freezer for my family. You can click here to
watch my all time top large family freezer cooking videos. You don’t want to miss these. Some of these are like almost an hour long and it’s me making a
bazillion freezer meals. That’s something new, haha. So I’ll talk to you in the comments and I’ll see you next time
with another brand new video.