(upbeat music) – [Cory] Happy New Year. Here is a simple and
hearty soup to help combat the indulgence in the holidays. It’s delicious, simple, easy to make and full of vitamins and minerals. Be sure to remove the tough
center of the cabbage. It takes a long time to cook, and it isn’t very appetizing
in the end anyway. (light cheerful music) Filled with nutrient dense
veggies and easy to digest, this soup is easy on
your digestive system. This gives your body the
extra energy and time to focus on eliminating built
up toxins from the system. In addition, it’s full
of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, promoting
the elimination of toxins and a healthy gut flora. So, the next time you need a detox, avoid those harsh, extreme,
unbalanced detoxes, and grab a bowl of nutrient dense soup, to treat your body to a
balanced and healthy detox. (light upbeat music)