Hi guys! So me and Hotpoint asked you to send in your most incredible food memories. Mike had the most amazing food memory of a Limoncello Tiramisu that blew his mind. The only person to bring that back to life is Gennaro Contaldo. Go on my boy! Why am I cooking so good? Yes! I’m cooking so good and I’m gonna make this fantastic Limoncello Tiramisu which you will love it. If you want to see more of this food memory and win Hotpoint appliances click the link and enter the food memory hub. First let me tell you about this food memory. Mike found this dessert in a posh coffee shop in Lancashire. He ate it and then never forgot it. Mike went back again to try to find this coffee shop, but it was closed, finished. So I’m gonna make this fantastic Limoncello Tiramisu. First of all I’m gonna make lemon syrup. I’m gonna make it on Hotpoint hobs which gives me great control over temperature. First we put the sugar inside, 250g and 250ml of water. Just get straight inside. Mike said as soon as he tasted it he had this zest of lemons. So we need zest of 2 whole lemons. Cut all this to a little strip. The juice of 2 lemons straight inside and the zest of the lemon. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes, then it becomes a lovely syrup. Turn it off and let it cool down. We’re gonna separate the 4 eggs. Let’s do the yolk. 150g castor sugar. Let’s whisk it until it’s pale and fluffy. So nice. This is good. It’s 500g of mascarpone. Oh my goodness me. We need one zest of a whole lemon. Now we’re gonna drizzle with a little bit of Limoncello. It’s lemon liqueur. Couple of tablespoons. Let’s do the white of egg now. We need a little pinch of salt and start to whisk. But how do you know when it’s ready? Just get it and do this. Easy! You add white of eggs which are lovely and fluffy and fold it in. Let me show you how to put them all together. First of all you need to put this lovely cream of mascarpone on the bottom of your dish. Use this lovely finger biscuit which we call Savoiardi, Italians. Dip them inside of the syrup and then lie down one by one. Now we need to put some Limoncello on top. You will love it. Cover everything, in it goes. And then you repeat again. More limoncello goes on top. More mascarpone. Shake him a little bit to make sure, then everything is settling down. Let’s put them inside the Hotpoint fridge to set for perfect temperature. It needs to stay at least about 4 hours, but if you make it in the evening just let it stay overnight. This is what I made last night. Oh my God, look at this. This is incredible. Did you remember when we made that lovely lemon zest syrup? Lovely on top. Some top of mint. First of all I’m going to taste it. Oh my my! You will love it! Mike thank you very much to share this lovely memory as well Hotpoint are gonna give you a hob. If you want to win Hotpoint appliances, just click the link, enter the competition. For now, arrivederci! And we say ciao! What a lovely tiramisu. Taste good. Why I’m cooking so good! Arrivederci!