(lively, festive instrumental music) – Hey health nuts, welcome
back to my channel. I’m so excited about today’s video. We are making the most epic healthified
cinnamon rolls to date. I’ve cracked the code. I’ve made cinnamon rolls healthified that actually taste really, really good. And don’t get me wrong, there’s butter, there’s sugar, there’s flour in these, but I’m using whole realsome ingredients. There’s no refined sugars, there’s no weird oils or
anything in this recipe. It’s all real ingredients that you probably already
have in your pantry right now. Get excited, these are delicious. I cannot wait to share
the recipe with you guys. And the icing, oh my goodness,
is probably the best part. It has a secret ingredient. You guys will have to wait to find out. Now before we hop in, I just
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hop right into the video. In a small saucepan I’m gonna warm up some
unsweetened almond milk. You wanna warm it up ’til it reaches about a temperature of
100 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. It’s really important that
you don’t overheat it, otherwise you’re gonna kill the yeast that we’re gonna sprinkle
on it in just a second. Remove it from the heat and
then transfer into a bowl. I’m gonna sprinkle on over top some yeast. Now there’s regular yeast
and quick rise yeast. I’m just using the regular one. I’ll have a link to it on the blog post. And then I’m taking some coconut sugar and I’m gonna sprinkle that
right over top, evenly as well. The sugar is gonna help feed the yeast, and you’re just gonna let
this sit for about 10 minutes to activate the yeast. And you’re gonna see
it get nice and foamy, and that’s how you know
your yeast is good to go. Now that the yeast is all
nice and foamy and activated, we’re gonna add in our melted butter. This is melted and then I let
it cool at room temperature, so once again you don’t kill
the yeast if it’s too hot. I’m also gonna add in one
egg yolk and vanilla extract. Whisk it all together until combined. Set that aside while we mix
together our dry ingredients. In a large bowl combine light
spelt flour and sea salt. Just give it a quick mix to make sure everything is mixed well. And I’m just gonna kinda create
a little divot in the middle so I can easily pour in
the wet batter right in. This just makes it easier
to mix up and form a dough. Once you have something that
sort of resembles dough, you can go ahead and flour your surface and take that dough and
just knead it a few times. You wanna knead it for about five minutes, just until it kinda
really combines together. You’re really activating
the gluten in the spelt. And you’ll just start to notice it has more of an elastic feel to it and it’s a little bit smoother. Take that same large bowl
that you had the flour in and just lightly grease it. Place the dough in and just make sure you get the oil on top as well, and cover. I’m just using some beeswax paper and then a clean dish towel over top. And then you’re gonna set it
aside in a warm place to rise for about an hour or two. While that’s rising, you can go ahead and mix
together our filling. So I have already some
coconut sugar in a bowl and I’m just gonna add in some cinnamon. Actually there’s a lot of cinnamon, ’cause you really want
that flavor to pop through when you’re biting into the rolls. Just give it a quick whisk to combine. So once you’re dough has
done it’s first rise, you’ll notice it’s pretty
much doubled in size, which is really cool. The yeast has done it’s job. And then you just wanna
kind of punch it down just to kind of calm it down a little bit. Remove it from the bowl
and then flour your surface and then we’re gonna roll
this out to form our rolls. I like to flour everything, my hands, the surface, the roller, just so that you don’t have
anything sticking anywhere. You wanna roll it out
into a large rectangle, kind of about 12 by 18. If you wanna get really specific you can go ahead and take
a ruler, just to be sure, but I know you can kind
of eyeball it as well. Okay, so this looks good. I’m now taking some
softened, unsalted butter. You can melt it, but I just kind of like
spreading it softened. So I’m just gonna spread that across and then I’m taking our
coconut sugar/cinnamon mixture and I’m gonna heavily just
sprinkle that right across. It looks like a lot, but it’s actually only
1/4 cup of coconut sugar for the whole thing, so it’s not too bad. And then you’re gonna just tightly roll it from one end to the other, all the way up, until you’ve reached the end. So you’re gonna have one weird, long log of cinnamon roll dough. So I’m cutting off the ends ’cause they kind of form a weird shape, but you can still save
those and cook them, they’re still fine. I’m gonna cut it down the middle and then I’m gonna cut down
those ends in the middle again and then each section I’m
gonna cut into three parts. That way we’ll have even pieces. You should end up with 12 rolls. So we’re gonna take all
these little cut rolls and place them onto our baking dish. I’ve just lined it with parchment paper and I’ve sprayed a little
bit of avocado oil, just to make sure nothing sticks. Evenly arrange your cut cinnamon rolls into your baking dish. Cover again with a dish cloth. I know there’s a lot of
waiting in this recipe. I’m gonna set it aside to rise
for another couple of hours. Once again, the dough
is gonna double in size. This is optional, but you
can take some melted butter and just brush it on top, just to help it stay nice and moist when it’s baking in the oven. So while that’s baking,
let’s make our glaze. In a small saucepan I’m just gonna warm up
some coconut butter. My coconut butter was
actually already melted, but if it’s solid just measure it and then melt it in the saucepan. To that I’m gonna sweeten
it up with some maple syrup. And for flavoring, some vanilla extract. And then just to kinda help thin it out and make it nice and pourable, I’m just gonna add in some
unsweetened almond milk and then a pinch of sea salt, which I feel like just helps
bring out the sweetness. Whisk that all together on
low heat until nice and smooth and you kind of reach a glaze consistency. Once your cinnamon rolls
are done baking in the oven, you wanna get that glaze
on them pretty soon because you want that heat
to kind of warm up the glaze and just melt it all into the crevices. So I’m just gonna drizzle
it right over top. This glaze is probably the
best part of this recipe. It’s quite delicious. And now I’m just gonna sprinkle
on some crushed raw pecans. I really like the crunch with the creamy icing and the dough. It’s just a really nice combination. There you have it, health nuts, a delicious, healthified version of the traditional cinnamon rolls with a coconut butter maple glaze. The glaze is probably my favorite part. Do not skip out on the glaze. And yeah, I know you’re gonna love it. They’re cinnamony, soft, moist, sticky, everything a cinnamon roll should be, and they’re perfect for the holidays. Now let’s do some taste testing, shall we? All right so I have a little
taste tester, not a little, he’s taller than me. (chuckles) Taste tester with me.
– Am I in? – Oh, you got it. Yeah you gotta crouch down to my level. Cheers. Ready? Mm-mm. – It’s chewy, moist, cinnamony, buttery. Everything you want for
the holidays. (laughs) It’s good.
– Mm! – I think I’ve already had, I don’t know, 10 of these in the last few weeks when we were testing them out. – We’ve been eating these nonstop, mm. – They just keep getting better with time, just like me. – So good. Mm-mm!
– Mm! – They’re delicious.
– Mm-hmm. – Thanks guys for watching. (chuckles) What should they do? – Like, subscribe, ask for more of me, and that’s it. Have a great happy
holiday, Merry Christmas. – Thank you so much, guys, for watching. The recipe is linked down below. Happy holidays.