Hi, Harjoyt Kang and this is my little helper
my nephew Rylan. Welcome to http://www.indiabase.ca. Today Rylan and I are going to be making a
vegan yellow and orange lentil daal. So here are the ingredients you need for this stellar
lentil dish. So the first ingredient we’re going to be using is two cups of lentils.
So one cup of yellow lentils or mung lentils and one cup of orange lentils or masoor lentils.
Now if your buying these bulk from your food shop, it’s really important you sift through
them just to make sure you don’t get any impurities in the lentils. We washed it in
a little bit of water, drained the water and then it’s ready to pop it into our six cups
of boiling water that we are going to use. We diced up two medium sized tomatoes. Of
course we are going to be using one jar of India Base. This one base creates hundreds
of indian dishes and has everything you need to make your dishes taste awesome. So we got
a pinch of salt to taste and we got of course our favorite jalapeno that we’re going to
leave whole and we’ve cut it down the middle. So we added in our two cups of lentils, six
cups of boiling water, and it’s right now boiling at a high heat level. Once it hits
that boil, bring it down to a medium heat. So it’s simmering nicely. You want to cook
the lentils for 20-25 minutes. And you want to add water as needed, so a good way to kind
of indicate how much water you have in the pot is you want the lentils to be submerged
at least 3 inches of water I would say. So keep checking on it every few minutes or so
and to give it a stir and also to check how much water is left. Because you don’t want
it to run out and the lentils will thicken up on you. So to this I’m going to add a
pinch of salt. And this is completely optional but you can add a pinch of turmeric to the
water, if you don’t have turmeric that’s okay. Because india base has turmeric in it
already. So you don’t need to worry too much about that. I’m going to add in the
whole jalapeno. And we’ll take that out once we finish cooking the lentils. And now
we are going to add in our two diced tomatoes. So give that a good stir, like I said we are
going to leave that on to a medium to medium-high heat, we are going to cover it, leaving a
small crack open letting out some of the steam escape, because if you don’t it’s going
to boil up on you. And you don’t want that to happen. And we’re going to keep checking
up on it for 20-25 minutes. A little longer just depending on how soft you want the lentils
and then we’ll check back on it and add water as needed.
So we’ve been boiling the lentils for a good 20-25 minutes. You’ll notice that while
you are cooking them that there’s a type of film or froth that is collected at the
top. So what you want to do is with your spoon just remove that layer that rises to the top.
And get rid of it. So here we go, we got our lentils going, and in our pot here, in our
saucepan here, we’ve added one tablespoon of olive oil. To that I’m actually going
to add dried fenny greek leaves and it adds a little bit of flavor. And if you don’t
have this, that’s alright, you can add a little bit of cilantro at the end, but it
just adds a little bit of greenness to the dish. So I’ll add in our whole jar of India
base. And we’re going to do something called tempering up the lentils. So this is a really
great way to add flavor to your lentil dish. So what we’re going to do once we’ve mixed
our India base with the olive oil and it’s warmed through. Now we’ve got this on a
medium-heat. Mix it through. So india base has been warming through now for about a couple
of minutes. Turned it up to about a medium high heat. And now what I’m going to do
is temper the lentils. So I’m going to add in, one ladle full to start of the lentils.
Going to mix it around. Stir. And now im going to add in, the second ladle full of the lentils.
So this is a great way to add in flavor right into the base, of the dish, which is our india
base. And then we are going to mix it in, to get in all of the flavors incorporated
with the lentils. Im going to turn that off, and throw that right in with the rest of the
lentils. This is a unique way of adding flavor directly into the lentils. So I’m going
to let this simmer again on our medium to medium-low heat. Cover it for another 15-minutes.
Once I’ve stirred all of india base. At this stage, you can add in any salt, or add
in anymore heat. So I’m just going to give it a good stir cover it up and cook for another
10-15 minutes. So there you have it, a super simple, yellow
and orange lentil daal. The perfect dish to complement those gray days in Vancouver. Of
course you always have to try out your food, give it a little taste. It’s absolutely
perfect. Thank you so much for watching, again we always love your feedback and happy eating.