What’s up, family? It’s J-Wro, Jason Andrew
Wrobel here, bringing you another amazing vegan raw food super food
recipe. Today, we’re going to be doing lemon cashew creme tarts. Yes, sweet
little tarts that are going to be like a cupid’s arrow right to your heart.
These are delicious, they’re super-easy to make. We’re going to start by
doing this in two steps: We’re going to make the lemon cashew creme filling
and then the walnut date crust second. We’re over at our Blendtech and we’re going
to start by adding 1 cup of raw soaked cashews. I soaked these guys overnight
in some fresh water. If you don’t have overnight and you want to make
these the same day, soak them for at least 2 hours, just to get them really
nice and soft, and easily blendable. Then we’re going to add 1/4 cup
of filtered water, and then 1/4 cup of your favorite liquid sweetener. In this
case, I’m rocking some raw coconut nectar. Of course, you guys and do
maple syrup, you could do agave, you could do [inaudible: 01:05]; whatever
your pleasure. You can do it that way. Next up, we’re going to add a pinch of Himalayan
crystal salt to bring out all the flavors and to add extra minerals,
too. Then we’re going to do a teaspoon of raw extra virgin coconut oil,
and then we’re going to throw in a teaspoon of organic vanilla extract. You
can also substitute ground organic vanilla beans. Then lastly, we’re
going to add a few squirts I guess, squeezes of fresh lemon juice. We’re
going to blend for about 20 to 30 seconds, until we have a super smooth,
whippy, creamy, yummy, decadent consistency. Yes, all of those adjectives
in one. Look at that. That is what we’re going for. It’s almost like a frosting
consistency, if you will. Maybe not as thick, but you can see it’s got
some body to it. It’s got some body, body, body. What we want to do is take
the lemon cashew creme and put it in a container, like a Pyrex or Tupperware,
and we’re going to chill it in the fridge for a few hours to let it really
firm up while we make our walnut date crust. Now that our cashew lemon filling is chilling
in the fridge, we’ve got to move onto our walnut and date crust. Let’s
take our raw organic walnuts and about 4 locally-grown honey dates. They’re
so soft, chewy, and sweet, they’re going to be an awesome addition to
this crust. Let’s walk over to our gigantor food processor and make ourselves
a little tart crust because it’s a must. To your food processor bowl, take your 1 cup
of raw walnuts. If you don’t like walnuts, you can easily substitute pecans,
even hazelnuts, or almonds in this crust. Go ahead and process the walnuts
until they turn into almost like a chunky meal consistency. Once you achieve
that, we’re going to add our dates to bind it all together. Let’s check
the consistency. We’re going to check on 2 things here: We’re going to
check on, Number 1; whether or not we have that perfect crumby consistency,
which it looks like we do. Then the second thing we’re going to check
for is to see if we have enough dates in here, where we’re going to be able
to bind our crust. Next, let’s add a little splash of organic vanilla extract,
and also of course, we got to add a pinch of salt. That’s looking real
good. Let’s take our crust back to our cutting board, and we’re going to press
these into our little tart cups. Stick these babies in the freezer and
let them chill out for awhile because they need some alone time. Now it’s time to form our little tart crusts.
To that end, I’m going to use 2 different pieces of kitchen equipment, if
you will. I’m going to take these little muffin wrappers, if you will,
these little foil and paper wrappers. To aid in the formation of our crust,
I’m actually going to put them inside of these little ramekins. Then
take a little bit of your crust and start forming it as best you can into
a little tart cup. What I like to do is just be pretty meticulous with my crust-making.
By pressing in the middle and using your thumb and fluting the
edges, we call it, which is basically just pushing the edges into the
crinkles, you get a nice beautiful, action here. It’s very even, it’s
all pressed down. You want to make sure there are no cracks, there are no
crumbs, just a nice, even, firm crust. What we’re going to do is take all of our
little ramekins here and we’re going to go and put these in the freezer for
about 1 hour or 2, just to solidify and firm up. Then we’re going to
take out our cashew creme and fill these babies, and top it with some fresh
blueberries and fresh mint leaves. I am going to go chill. I don’t know;
maybe take a stroll, check on my fig tree, walk the dog, do something. I
will be back very shortly when everything is firm and ready to go. Our walnut date tart crusts are fresh out
of the freezer and looking awesome, as is our cashew lemon filling. I’m
going to take our little tarts one-by-one, and with a small offset spatula,
which you could also use a kitchen knife, go around the edges of our
little muffin wrappers here and gently pry them loose. It’s time to fill them
with our lemon cashew creme. What I love to top these with is a little
bit of fresh fruit, like organic blueberries, a little bit of fresh mint. You
guys could throw some kiwi, raspberry, a little bit of peaches, whatever
you want at this point. Play and create; it’s all up to you. This is always
the most difficult part, when you make something really, really stunningly
beautiful and then you must wreck it for the sake of appetite. Let’s
pick off the one closest to the face and give her a little taste. Maybe
we can just wreck it a little bit here. That’s looking like the perfect
bite. Ready? Down the hatch. Here we go. I’m serious guys; you guys are going to love
this recipe. Run home if you’re not home already and make this tonight.
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