– (laughs) – Oh hello everyone. – Since you
– (mumbles) – Just relax. Loosen up. Loosen up. – Okay. So. – (laughs) Oh it’s nice and (mumbles). How you doing, mum? – Hiyee. – (laughs) What was that? Hello everyone. It’s Barry here. (laughs) Sorry ’bout that. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. Today I’m joined by mumzy. My mumma. Right? – Hello everyone. – Hello. Hello. All right. You okay? – Yes. I’m good. – Um. Welcome. – I know. – It’s cool right?
– Your studio is nice. – Nice.
– I’m good. – Envious of the food pun
fridge, maybe? Little bit? – Da-dun! – Maybe not. Today, mumzy, we are making
lemon and blueberry scones. Do you like a scone? – [Mum] I do. – We pronounce it scone because as my nan, your mum, once said, “it’s not scone til it’s gone.” Right? – (laughs) – I don’t think makes
any sense whatsoever, but we’re gonna call them scones. Lemon and blueberry scones. If you wanna give this a go, the full method and write up, which I’m about to do after this video, ooh, inception, is on myvirginkitchen.com. Fantastic website. Full of thousands of recipes and food fun. – (laughs) – First thing we’ve got is a bowl of self-raising flour, mumzy. – Okay. – So, you don’t need to
do anything with that. Just enjoy it. Self raising,
a.k.a. baking flour. Now this is some baking powder, okay? – Okay, so we’re gonna put that inside. – Yep. A lot of people ask what my
mum does for a living, right. So what do you do for a living, mum? – I do lots of different
things, to be fair. – Yeah. She’s like a multi-tasker. – I do do children’s entertainment and I also do beauty therapy. – Hence the presentation,
“hello everybody.” – (chuckles) Right. What have you got now? – This is some butter. – Butter.
– It’s cold. What you wanna do, yeah, just stick it in, but you need to get your fingers and thumbs in there and rub it. – I want to chop it first. – Okay. What are you doing? – You need to chop before you rub. – I could have sliced it up for you. – Chop before you rub. – It’s getting lost in the… So my mum is basically
encouraging the fat of the butter to go into–
– We’re merging aren’t we? – We are. Yeah. I think I’ve seen you do this before, mummy, when you’ve made– Mummy (laughs) – That was very natural then
– Mummy. when he’s done cooking at home. – It’s quite relaxing. Just to feel that flowing
through your fingers. That’s difficult to say, flowing through your fingers. – Flowing frough your fingers. – Yeah. – Happy with that? – Yeah. I’m getting there. – Beautiful. No, she’s not. She’s still going. – I’m still going. – Next thing, mumzy, is some castor sugar. – And we go.
– And that goes. – So in it goes. – Just to sweeten up. ‘Cause it’s not gonna
be sweet with the jam that we’re gonna lace in
it later and clotted cream Ugh! In comes the milk. – [Mum] Let’s make a well. – A well! Yeah, okay. So in that goes. So bring that together. Yep. With your spoon mumma. Mumzy. – (giggles) – Should thicken up. – Oh it is. Look at this. – Doesn’t matter if it
gets a little bit messy ’cause we’re gonna get
it on this board anyway. You’re gonna flour it down and go rer-rer. Wax on, wax off. – (giggles) Whoops. – Right. Mummy. I’m gonna
chuck in some blueberries. – Okay. – Doesn’t matter if they
get squished or mashed up. This is a punnet. If you have nothing to
say, then you gotta pun it. – Wow. Where did you
get these blueberries? – They’re massive, aren’t they? – They are. I love blueberries. They’re really good for you, as well. – Oh. Thanks, mum. Thanks for the nutrition advice. Gonna chuck a few more in there and also gonna wet it.
– Really? Just so it helps to just
grip those a little bit more. – Yeah, it needs to bind. Oh. – There you go. In retrospect, we should
have put the blueberries in before the milk. So, when you make that, and
I’ll add that to the method, please make sure you do. Make my mum work for these blueberries. All right. My mum didn’t want to do this step, so I’m just gonna get
some lemon zest on there. Why didn’t you wanna do this, mum? – I just don’t like the sound of it rubbing up against the grater. – Oh no. Make sure we turn this. – Oh it smells lovely. I love lemon, though. – Mmm. – Mm. So fresh. – Lemon for men. Push that in.
– Nice. – Only about half a lemon zest in there. If you want, we can, actually
probably will do that, we’ll put a little bit
in with our clotted cream when we serve it up. Oosh. I don’t know what my mum’s doing, but it’s working. – Oh my gosh, it just smells so lovely. – That’s me. (laughs) – (laughs) – You got a really dirty laugh, mum. – I know. (laughs) – (laughs) – Right. Are we all ready? – Yup. Let me scatter some
flour down on this board. And what we’ll do is just
bring it together as well. Just to shape it a little bit into a consistently height. You don’t want one being
bigger than the other. Now normally, my mum
was saying off camera, she’s like “where’s your cutters?” ‘Cause the scones normally
you do have them round, but we’re gonna go a bit rustic. We might do triangular,
something like that. – Could you put that
out of the way, please? – Oh, of course. So the flour’s gonna take any
excess moisture out of it. If you have randomly made it too wet, add a little bit more flour in. If it is too dry, teeny
teeny little specks of milk or even water if you run out of milk. There’s no cow in your backyard. Kinda like making a little sweet pizza. What I’ve got here is a tray that I lined with baking parchment. And I’m going to get a
sharp knife for mumzy. Oh! Sorry, did I just clomp you? – [Mum] They’re gonna be massive. – Big scones. Yeah. Why not? All right. One at a time, we’re gonna
stick them on a tray. Oh yeah. Oh look at that, that’s a beautiful one. I love how like the
blueberries have split. So you’ve kinda got
these like little greeny, almost look like grapes inside showing. I guess the conclusion of this is that you can make
them any shape you want. If you wanna go classic cookie cutter,
– Well you could. – nice round ones. Yes, mumzy. Yes. Ultimately they’re gonna taste the same. Happy with those, mumzy? – I think they look good. And I’m looking forward to
see what they taste like. – I think they’re gonna
be absolute whoppers. So they go in the oven for
about 10 to 12 minutes. If you wanted to make
them even more golden, you can put an egg wash on there. Granulated sugar for a bit more crunch.
– Yeah. Could do. – A bit more sweetness boost. We’re gonna add some sugar,
trust me, just later. Just to say before we put it in the oven, if you are enjoying this video, don’t forget to subscribe for
regular recipes and food fun, like my mum laughing constantly. That’s enough, right? – (laughs) – That wasn’t a key to laugh. – That is my laugh. (cheery jazz music) – It took us 15 minutes
until they were nice and lightly golden brown. Take them from the tray, carefully lifting them onto
a wire rack to cool down before serving time. We’ve changed around. Mummy has been on the phone. Mummy has been on the
phone counselling a friend. – Oh yes. It’s got to be done.
– Man problems. Oh he’s horrible. We
don’t wanna mm. Right? – Yeah, but I was very good. – She was. – I sorted it out, so. – She’s like the female Jerry Springer. Anyway. These are looking great. We’re gonna just grab one right here. Would be quite nice to
have one on its own. But using a serrated knife, just go through the middle of it. Just take the top edge off. Maybe we can share it, mum, if that’s all right.
– Oh watch your fingers. – Yeah. – Come up the top a bit though. – Ah, I love that colour in the middle. Where you got that sort of
stain with the blueberries. – Oh, nice. – We got some clotted cream and some jam. Clotted cream. All right. So that on there like so. We’re gonna put some lemon in there. Do you wanna pass me the old lemon? – Mmhmm. – I now know why my mum
didn’t really wanna use it, ’cause I took a chunk out of my thumb. – Yeah. (laughs) – So a little bit–
– And he’s not found it yet. Little bit of lemon zest on there. So just to make it rain with lemon zest. Smelling that now, mum? – Mm. Fresh. – And this time I didn’t
get any thumb in it. It’s good. – Yeah. (laughs) Yeah, watch out at home. No thumb. – And then this is some blueberry jam, which is not that easy to get a hold of. So push that one there. So you got like the cream, you got the blueberry jam. – Oh my mouth’s watering. – And you got those little specks of like the lemon zest on it as well. – So it’s colourful as well. – It is. – Looking good. – And look kinda rustic
as well, don’t they? I feel like we should have
like a family picture. (camera clicks) (laughs) Right. Let’s have a taste. Mm. – Ooh. – Ooh-hoo-hoo. Ooh.
– Mm. – Naughty thing. – Oh God.
– Wow. – Ooh. Mm.
– Mm. Various noises of different tones. – Oh my gosh. – It’s good, right? Thanks for watching, guys. I’m gonna let my mum scarf and
finish the rest of that off. Always hilarious when
mumzy joins me, right? – We do have a laugh. – My mumzy. Let’s go
you sailing. Right kay. Bye. – Buh-bye.