[MUSIC] Today we’re gonna make
pita with ground beef.>>Also know as borek.>>We need onions,
we need ground beef, we need salt, flour,
butter, and water.>>With this
dish you want to definitely ground
the onions and get that good flavor
developing early. So when you add the meat
mixture, you have that layer of flavor,
you have that good base.>>Now we start
making the dough. We use approximately
four cups of flour, little bit of salt,
warm water.>>After watching
this you’re gonna be making Albanian dishes
left and right. They’re gonna
think you’re from the motherland. But you’ll be Spanish. Or, like, Chinese or
something. And you’ll be
making this.>>You remember when
you were small? We used to ask
you what are you. You used to give
us 100 million.>>Yeah, I’m like half
this and half that. [LAUGH].
>>Half, half this, half Spanish, half
Albanian, half Jewish.>>Where the hell did
I get Spanish from? [LAUGH] The best way to clean your hands
from dough.>>Is to use flour.>>Is flour. Rub it with the flour. It becomes more dough
than you just added. That’s where you get
the flavor from, when you get it
all in there.>>Mm-hm.>>The little
crevices put in that little soul flavor.>>The dough has to be
cut in small pieces. My cousin here
is going to start rolling
while I’m cutting.>>Watch this technique. You see this? Look, look at
the fingers. See the technique?>>And
she does it different.>>No, but
it’s a similar technique. It’s just to
make it round.>>These have to rest for five to ten minutes until
I get the butter going. The butter is
getting melted. [MUSIC] We’re gonna add little
bit of paprika, and we’re gonna add
little bit of water. Now we’re gonna add
the ground beef. We’re gonna add salt. We’re gonna add Vegeta,
special spice that I always use on any,
all my cookings. And I’m gonna use
some black pepper. We gonna cook the meat
until it gets browned. So now we have to start
rolling with the dough. We put some flour so
it doesn’t stick.>>You see the turning? You see how it’s turning
every other time? That’s so you keep it in
a nice circular shape.>>We have to separate
half of the dough in the bottom, then we put
the beef in the middle, and then half
of it on top.>>It’s gonna be
12 layers each.>>Every layer
that you put, you sprinkle it with
a little bit of butter. Butter keeps it from
it becoming one blob of dough.>>Use your hands.>>I’m sorry.>>Pita is all about
using your hands.>>I know, you’re right,
you’re right, I actually.>>There you go.>>I was being lazy.>>Right, you see.>>So you’re putting them
on top of each other and stretching it?>>And stretching it.>>Okay.
>>Yeah, I’m gonna start
stretching it.>>This is something
you have to have confidence with. If you’re iffy
about making this, it’s not gonna come out. Look at that skill. [MUSIC] You have to learn
this dough first. The filling is
the easy part. It’s all about the dough. This is the superstar.>>Okay.
Half of the pita is done. I’m gonna put
it in a pan.>>If you wanna compare
this to anything, this is gonna be compared
to a Chicago-style pizza. Classic pizzerias
like Sbarro, they make that pie
that’s enclosed. It has the top and
the bottom. It’s similar to that,
but the crust and the dough is much
more tender and much more crispy and
flaky.>>Now we preheat
the oven, 450. Now we add, the meat. Okay. So now we put the second
layer on top.>>See how this
instantly puffed up? Look at that. As soon as something
warm hit it, it’s already
puffing right up.>>I’m coming.>>Ooh. Cover the baby. This is very
intimidating to do.>>Okay, so now we gonna
try to close the edges.>>Crimping. [MUSIC] Is that what
that’s called? Or crumping? I don’t know the damn
word, but you know.>>Whatever.
>>It’s some sort of style. You see the style that’s
going down there? Food is art. Bottom line. When you see it and it
looks good, and then you taste it and it’s good,
everyone’s happy.>>We’re gonna add
a little bit of more butter on top. [MUSIC] Ready to go in the oven.>>So we pre-heated the
oven to 450 for the pita. This is a all eye thing. There’s no timer. You have to watch. Every day is different. Look at that thing. You don’t put it
on the top rack. You gotta put it
in the middle one.>>Oh, oh man. Here it is. [MUSIC] That’s beauty
right there. That’s exactly what it’s
supposed to look like. You can’t really get
much better than that. You hear this? [SOUND]. Look at this. [MUSIC]. Holla.>>Incredible.>>Hm?>>It’s incredible. [MUSIC].