From these three different kinds of cups we can to say the cups I mean that’s like a giant cup like what sounds getting a drink That’s a big cup big gun All right, guys You guys have been asking us to do a slime scavenger hunt? Like on the last couple videos and put them in the poll in like 90% of you guys are all thin Slime scavenger hunt so that’s what he said to do today. We’re gonna do it on teams That’s why there’s an extra camera sitting over there and a mom over here Okay, Matt seems all moms because we’re the winning team Yeah, yes we heal anywhere we want to in the house to fight our slime ingredients But almost all the slime ingredients are in this room So we gotta go find what we need. There are rules though This is all about Trinity vs. Madison Me Mom are just camera peoples. So no helping Okay, so we’re gonna go ahead and find our stuff. Are you guys ready? Yes But first, let’s pick our bowls Masen you go first, okay Your silly reason right there by you Why and I won’t Wait, I got one or more idea Alexa set a timer for five minutes Five minutes starting now starting now go bills Going in the kitchen, I’m go in the ball pit Dive in see if you can jump over the boxes. Oh, you can’t jump them. Come on Come on we got to find stuff before passing it’s over Oh, that’s good. That’s good. Oh, where’s massive gun? Let’s just put her stuff over there Come on So far it looks like we’re having blue slime guys, are you gonna keep it? Okay now keep looking Don’t you find something good? Luck these line that’s not doing very much over there So we don’t know for sure if Trin wants to keep these so we’re just gonna set me here for now and see if she Maybe find something better Madison I’m guessing met her at the bottom of the vault head Oh Madison’s got yellow yellow Come on trend you girls are so slow at this All right guys if Alexa gets to that five-minute Ainur hey mom, we’re gonna have to jump in and help these kids find these stuff Come on girls Good Well, it’s um, okay, I already put these in the keep it pile are we getting rid of them Keep it. Okay how much stuff you can keep drinks that one blue and then These are you keeping the shaving cream Oh my gosh gold are you keeping it wish listen? All right guys Alexa timer off All right, guys, Alexa has buzzed Madison does not have enough stuff. So that means we get to get in here and help the girls Girls out of the ball pit me and mom are going in This is harder than it looks Oh, we want green no, okay Yes, Hey, okay we’re here we’re gonna keep going until mom Matt’s gonna get this should we get rid of the gold that won’t look at? Get a gold pink you like get rid of pink Should we get rid of this that’ll be like a really ugly color. All right, Jen. What are we getting rid of? Blue, okay. We’re getting rid of blue Okay, I’ll get ready blue if you want it. Come on Right, no, I know right I think we’re done. I think we try to wait for modern medicine So I guess we’ve got the maps and stuff now. We’re just going to go and help fill them up So the Eternity are done. We’re just waiting for a mom and Madison to find whatever they’re still looking for Come on girls Madison is that clear? Jim’s pink blue purple blue, silver blue and purple glitter trendy Just got to she’s got gold and pink for shaving cream And colorful Jim. Alright guys. So now that you know what they’ve got for their slam whose line It’s going to turn out best. All right guys, so we’ve got everything up here Trinity’s got the gold pink chin cream and color gems win the big bowl but Madison has glitter it’s really pretty find these and She got a spoon In the kitchen she’s been trained You gotta help me, okay, I’ll help you out Oh Yeah Yeah, we’re trained to do some This time we’re actually gonna try using the laundry detergent as the activator we always use borax So basically in this keep mixing, okay, take it all The pink of the gold Color All right Let’s roll Right here you can already see what color it’s gonna be cool. All right. Keep mixing. Let’s roll this back up wrong Okay, we got probably 50 diamonds in here guys Is the most expensive? Okay Really yeah You can try your luck in your own salon look at you How’s the engine? Okay, what are you doing it? Out of your your shaving cream in and it made your slim kind of Look and so they show up really good now because it’s not so much gold anywhere is it? Mm-hmm? That’s Really cool. It’s like a Jacket, I just say it cookie biting of the right word An M&M cookie M&M cookie a Lincoln monster cookie Good are you slang with the clear Jess? My wife golden sparkly one with these colorful gems