– Hey guys, so today I’m going to show you my little recipe adaptation to the Trim Healthy Mama crabby patties. I’m gonna show how I mix
’em up for my family, how I add some extra special goodies to make ’em super healthy, and it’s a Trim Healthy
Mama inspired recipe that not only I can eat, but my whole family can eat as well. I get lots of questions on
how to feed a whole family the Trim Healthy Mama way, so this is one of the ways that I do it. And of course, Baby Daniel cam. Hey, he’s hanging out in his MOBY Wrap. So stay tuned so you don’t miss me, jammin’ in as many green
peppers as humanly possible. Tonight for dinner, I’m
going to use the recipe that Trim Healthy Mama has for, they call it, Sponge Bob’s Crabby Patties, for a large family, and it is found on page 338. I’m going to adapt it, add
to it just a little bit, and make it big enough to feed my crew so that we also have some leftovers, and I just call these tuna cakes. So they are definitely inspired, though, from this lovely Trim Healthy Mama book. Now, their recipe says
it feeds a large family, and as you can see, step number one calls for two to three
cans of wild salmon. Of course, I’m using regular old tuna, ’cause I don’t have any
cans of salmon around, and I use the equivalent
of about 11 cans of tuna. That’s how much I’m making. I’ve added to the book here, a 66-ounce can equals 11 regular cans, and I also use 11 eggs
and two cups of oatmeal. Now in their recipe here, they have two to three eggs for every can. Sorry, Baby Daniel’s
bumping into my camera here, jerkin’ my hand around a little bit. And they also say that you
can use oatmeal for it, so we’re gonna do the Jamerrill
version for a big herd. Oh, oh, let’s see Baby Daniel,
can I get you in the camera? Oh, you’re gonna fuss. Okay, not gonna work. So for these tuna cakes, I have one 66-ounce can of tuna. Again, in the Trim Healthy Mama book, these are more salmon cakes, but I’ve got a big can of tuna, so that’s what I’m working with. They call for, for two to
three cans of wild salmon. They call for two to three eggs, one for each can. So this is the equivalent
of 11 cans of tuna, so I have a bowl of 11 eggs, and then I’m also going to
use two cups of oatmeal. I’ll mix in a little salt,
pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, those kind
of things I have on hand. And I always find myself
trying to just put milled flax into anything I possibly can, so I’m gonna sneak a little bit
of that into my recipe, too. We’re gonna mix it all up, make actual patties like I
was doing hamburger patties, and I will cook them in
coconut oil on the stove, and then we are having tuna
cakes for dinner tonight. The kids are gonna have flax seed rolls that I got, two for a dollar. – [Gabe] Can I have a banana, Mommy? – Yes, Gabe, you can. Come and get it. Gabe is gonna get a banana. Come on in. They’re havin’ milled flax
rolls with their dinner, and I will probably have some
brocolli and the tuna cakes, of course adapting it for the kids. They’re probably gonna put
ketchup all over their tuna cakes and I’m having ’em plain
with nothing else on ’em. I say I’m having ’em plain, I may very well mix myself up a little homemade sauce
with some mayonnaise and somethin’ else on there. Oh, and also, just a little sneak into how I manage my Trim Healthy Mama from day to day. You’ll see that I have
just a little notebook, and I write my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and I write whether it’s an S meal. Today’s I’ve had S meals so far. I had coffee, and an egg and cheese and
veggie omelet for breakfast, I had one slice of
Ezekiel Bread with butter, so that would be an S helper meal. For lunch, I had chicken and broccoli, and I’ve been snackin’ on
these strawberries over here. And then for dinner, I’m planning on havin’ more
tuna cakes and broccoli, and when my husband and I get back from teaching Financial
Peace University tonight, I will probably make myself a yummy chocolate muffin and a mug, and have that with some berries on it too. I’m dumpin’ in my 66-ounce can of tuna. This will make enough for my
family for dinner tonight, and lunch tomorrow. – [Davy] Mommy? – Yes, honey? – [Davy] My kite is stuck on the chair. Can you get it off for me? – I’ll come help you – It’s tangled up.
– in a few minutes, okay? Davy’s kite’s tangled up. So this will be enough for dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow, and then if we… Tomorrow I’m working during the day, so my husband will be in charge of dinner, so they may just be
choosing from leftovers, unless he does a breakfast
for dinner thing, which he does that, too. We’ll definitely have enough tuna cakes for two meals, maybe three. Most likely just two. It’s very similar to
making little meatloaf, little mini meatloaves, only you’re doing it in tuna. So I’ve got my 11 eggs in there, my 66 ounces of tuna, my goodness. Can you get in the bowl there, Jadin? – [Jadin] Mm-hmm.
– Okay. Now, I’m gonna put in two cups of oatmeal. And another thing that I do, in my own adaptation, is I always try to fit as many vegetables into
items like this that I make. I do this also with turkey burgers, and if I have avocados, I’ll even put avocados in there. Just any kind of vegetables I can get in, and add it also. Now I’m also gonna put in just
a little bit of milled flax, because it’s something
else that’s good for us. And I will use about a fourth of a cup. There we go. So these are very healthy tuna cakes, and so far we have tuna, eggs, oatmeal, green peppers, and a little bit of milled flax. I’m going to cook them in coconut oil. Also, I have water that’s
hopefully gonna boil soon, and I’m going to do the family
a nice pot of brown rice. Now for myself, I could have
a little bit of brown rice, and that would make it an S helper meal, for those doing Trim Healthy Mama, ’cause it has a little
higher carbs for the S meals. And I need to put a little bit of salt and pepper in here, too. So now that my tuna
cakes are all mixed up, here in my big metal bowl, I’m gonna get my coconut
oil goin’ in the cast iron, and then we’ll get our hands dirty. See over here, this is the kind of coconut
oil I’ve been using. It’s Carrington Farms coconut oil, and I get this big
54-ounce container of it at Costco for under $17. So this is great for makin’
the Trim Healthy Mama skinny chocolate recipe, and a lot of other things. Lots of wonderful, beautiful
uses for coconut oil. I’m gonna actually use
my pancake griddle here, and then my big cast iron pan, and this is the lid from a cast
iron Dutch oven that I have. So I’m gonna get those goin’. So here’s the messy part, but mamas don’t mind gettin’ messy, especially mamas with lots of boys. Sometimes I laugh when I realize, Hey, I have five boys! That’s a lot of boys! I’m gonna just make the little patties, and yes, they won’t stay
together exactly perfect with the green peppers, so I just give them some extra squishin’. Of course, I got excited and made that one a little too big. You can tell, big family, big tuna cakes, just the way the Stewarts roll. Let’s see if I could make a
perfect little standard patty. I don’t know, could I? Could I do it, maybe? Seems so small, though. I’ll get these goin’ in the cast iron. And you’ll see, when I go
through and do meatloaf, and some other recipes, it’s very similar. My cooking secret is I try
to just keep everything as absolutely as simple as possible, because life and food
and cooking and family, and all of that, gets very complicated on its own. So remember, the tuna cake makin’ lady said keep it simple, sweetie. All right, so I’ve got
about seven goin’ there. And that’s my water, workin’ on the rice. So here’s an update on how the
tuna cakes are coming along. These are the four that
are in the big cast iron, and I’ve flipped them once so far. I will probably flip them one more time, and they’ll be ready to go! The tuna cakes are startin’
to come off the stove, so here’s our first plate full, and I have the second batch cookin’. These took about 10 minutes, and I flipped ’em twice. So here’s an example of how
our tuna cakes turned out. Hey, Miss Amelia. For the kids, how I can
adapt this meal for them, is they have tuna cakes with
some brown rice and ketchup, and then my Trim Healthy Mama approved, and my hairy husband arm, I’ve got my tuna cake and my broccoli, and there’s the rice for the family, there’s Naomi’s plate. And there’s for Jadin and Zion; they just have more rice, more tuna cake, and a Minecraft book. So this is how I make
tuna cakes for my family that are Trim Healthy Mama approved. Go ahead and leave me any
questions in the comments, any tips, any kind of
Trim Healthy Mama recipes you love also. (upbeat music)