I know I’m only supposed to use my
right hand. I’m being a little bit lazy it’s so big it’s hard not to use two
hands Hey guys, I’m Ross and I’m Bek! We’re in Little India for the 2nd part in our 3-part foodie experience in Kuala
Lumpur. Wait till you check it out Alright we’re feeling a little bit
overwhelmed We love Chat Masala this place we’ve been to a few times now and well we’re pretty excited today because we haven’t ordered the biggest family size dozer ever before so looking at it yeah like
sometimes you see a family type thing on a menu and you
you think it’s not that big we’re big eaters we’ll be fine but this thing is
pretty scary so we’re gonna get started on that yeah let’s let’s do this all
right let’s just rip into it pretty pretty old-school
I’m just just breaking it off there and I don’t know I’ll just go with this one
and dip it in so crispy is tasty! How many spices in that? in KL, it’s like we’re straight back into India
again Like this is just straight out of India Now I’m just gonna rip into this pretty heavy and I know I’m only supposed
to use my right hand Being a little bit lazy it’s so big it’s hard
not to use two hands Now they do give us these different sources but how different are they! They are all so flavourful! But really different. So, this one here. I can see there are mustard seeds in it And I think it must be a cheese or a yoghurt too! It’s really really delicious! It’s got a bit of heat to it as well. Oh yeah, I know what you mean! That’s probably my favorite! We’ve come at a bit of a quieter time today. We came maybe two days ago at night time And it was absolutely packed! People were having to wait by the door for a table to become free. So we thought we would get in really early today. We’re here a bit before lunchtime just to beat the rush I’m just gonna keep dipping into these I’ve eaten a fair bit of this thing and really not even made a dent into it at all I’m excited This is good it’s good to try something different I love pickles and in India that’s something that I fell in love with. Bek you’re not such a fan pickles so I might go ahead You try it out Oh, that’s fantastic! little papa’s here Chapati 1 2 3 4 5 You know it’s like 8 or 9 different sauces just to go in with
that rice and just kind of lap that stuff up Green beans mix Let’s try that Oh yeah, use your hands yeah that’s quite nice That is just a really yummy little green bean mix I’m thinking this is some sort of beetroot yeah they’re almost like pallet cleansers They are quite soft in flavor you know a bit of an escape from some of the other really punchy heat that you’re getting in some of those other
sauces Yum, that’s really good. Now… that is a big chili It’s really salty too! I don’t know if they put that in salt or something. It’s quite good. Alright Bek. Let’s try some Okra You get an Okra, I get an Okra. Everyone gets an okra Yeah that’s delicious I think it’s been potentially fried but been dried out. Yeah very dry as well everything else on here is wet Get a bit of chapati I’m trying my best not to use my left hand I don’t want anyone picking me up on using my left hand if I use my left hand can you tell me off in the comments all right in we go YUM!!! Not very good at this. That’s ok I reckon we need a little bit of this
one This looks like some sort of daal or something. It’s green. I can see lentils and mustard seeds let’s try that normally normally you get your own plate but… you know we’re crossing swords a little bit here but it’s a cool little
experience Too much food! we could have got our own. We did get our own the other night This would go so well. This one. This lentil sort of mushy pea type mixture with a meat pie in Australia throw that on a meat pie. A bit of tomato
sauce on and you’ve got yourself an Indian pie. Yoghurt! Is just bang on bang on! oh, that’s a good one! yeah that one’s got some spice The Thali comes with one dish that has a different sweet each day So, I’m going to try the one that it comes with today. I haven’t had it before! Wow, kind of like fudge! yeah like vanilla that’s beautiful Indian sweets really good oh that’s a really good point. I want to show you
something out on the street that is delicious
so we’re gonna show you that on the way to the next place which I’m not going to tell you too much about it…but just imagine tandoori chicken and cheese naan You told them everything! That’s how we roll! We ate this on Instagram the other day And I didn’t know what this was called. a lot of comments coming through saying
that this is a Jallebi! I love them! Really crispy on the outside and on the inside there’s like this liquid river of sugar now I thought originally it was honey….it’s not honey…it’s sugar! But who doesn’t love sugar Again, excitement levels up about there! Some of our favourite things so! Indian food We’ve had a thali now into some naan and we have tandoori chicken which is just
so succulent just really really moist and this naan which is so good now we
have a cheese and garlic just plain cheese which I think there’s
a little bit of butter over the top all right let’s start with a
little bit of now with the naan recommended by the chefs in the kitchen
was to have an egg sort of spice mixture and there’s some potato lentil and a few
other bits now can see chili as well have you naan with some of that all
right get this up some of that so a vegetarian
option for this sort of side dipping sauce beautiful really spicy so this is
a beef version of this for the people who do like meat so beef it’s almost
like a bolognese sauce but Indian style so might try the cheese
naan this time so no garlic in this one and let’s just add that
all right we’re ready to go we’ve got a little bit of beef Definitely a cheat day! Yeah this is I’m not
eating tomorrow oh yeah
oh wow I really do like the cheese and garlic one but just straight cheese just going so well with the beef Yeah, it’s really slow cooked! it’s quite finely cut, so each little piece is really tender before we tuck into the tandoori which
looked amazing I’m gonna try the lassi first oh wow really really fresh mango and
yoghurt This is the rosewater with a black jelly and some dairy as well! Oh wow, it’s like Turkish delight! so we just got this little mint and
yogurt side sauce I’m just gonna put that over there just lash it on oh yeah again get your fingers dirty come Bek
fingers in here you can have that one yeah we’re married so we’re allowed to
sort of touch each other’s food you know I’m going that’s way too big for me but
not really oh wow
so many things happening there’s a really amazing rich tandoori paste over
it’s been slow cooked really moist I don’t know how they keep all that
moisture in but they do really really meaty – not packed full of bones
everywhere which is they’re giving us some really good cut to me that yoga oh
there’s some real strong and chilli in that paste it’s not a soft one I would
rather have it this way then you have something that you can’t really pick up
many of the flavors so that’s delicious we’d actually read and
a few friends and pointed this place out saying it’s a beautiful little spot to
see tandoori chicken we haven’t actually had this one before and loved it it’s
delicious again really affordable KL just doesn’t cease to amaze there’s so many Indian options to eat absolutely love Indian food guys we will see you next time because next time
we’re doing it Malay food so part three in our series check it out we have some
seriously yummy stuff on the way see you next time
by she’s lovely cleaning up after me