hi this is vote on the rodent rodent court foot here in value gamma in sri lanka in last video from villa gamma i showed you how to make a filter at ease and today we will see rotis with the same beginning of preparation but a completely different ending and it’s probably the most noisy food preparation to so take the prepared ow cut on smaller pieces and create balls of it if you have seen filled ratty recipe you can skip to 1 minute and 30 seconds the dowel is a mix of wheat flour butter salt and water for our detailed recipe check link under the video when we have the balls ready drizzle over a bit of oil cover with foil and set aside to rest in a row temperature then take a ball of the dough and spread it out first using your fingers and then do what you can see when you have a large and tiny griddle cake put on a hot plate coated slightly with oil then create another one put on top of the first one and turn both of them then continue like this again and again until you have amount or griddlecakes you need it’s important to work on a smooth metal board that the dough doesn’t stick to it then create row of them and start cutting it from the side by the way co2 means chopped in Sinhala then turn the hip by 90 degrees and continue cutting and as what you want are just a tiny pieces of doubt if you can seem some large part shook them fine now let’s move to the hot plate fry Curly’s garlic and ginger on a bit of oil add mix a vegetable side carrot white cabbage leek onions and green chillies then at the neck Cotuit a leftovers of chicken curry and chili flakes it really depends on your taste preferences and fantasy and now let’s play some music this is a very typical evening sound being played over sri lanka every single evening there are so many varieties not only of the retina but of karate ingredients too you can use egg or not the same with soya sauce you can skip meat it’s simply up to you now let’s see another where I am this is supposed to be a take away equal to for kids so it’s not so spicy and it’s without vegetables so what they used we’ll just an egg and chicken collect over sweet sauce now a bit of last sounds a photo and this is traditional sri lankan take away packaging simple and practical for full recipe and buying ingredients check links under the video for more stuff about authentic cooking check authentic world food come website and follow us on facebook