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Finally, weather gets warmer and people start wearing lighter clothes. To celebrate upcoming spring, we are going to make seasoned vegetables, so called Namul. It is a side dish that usually comes with a main dish. Today, I’m gonna make seasoned
vegetables using Chinese cabbage. It is a vegetable that most commonly used in Korean food. It is highly rich in fiber and vitamin C. Before we start cooking, Let me show an
ingredient that we need. We need cabbage, grind garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil,
sesame and spring onion. So, If you are ready, Let’s get started! Divide the Chinese cabbage equally into 8
parts. It is not easy to cut the Chinese cabbage at the first time. The best way to cut Chinese
cabbage is to cut it from the root. Remove the several leaves from outermost. Then, remove the roots. I’ll also cut the spring onion, but at this time I’ll chop this up like a cat food. Put a water into a pot about half full, and boil them. Don’t boil it over 3 minutes, for it should be soft and crispy at the same time. Add a bit of a salt. After 3 minutes, turn off the heat and take the cabbage out from water. Now, I’ll squeeze the water from Chinese cabbage. Put them in a scoop net and squeeze them using both hands. After it is done, let’s cut them into a bites. Put them into a bowl and add chopped
spring onion that we made before. Put 1 tea spoon of grinded garlic. Put three tea spoon of soy sauce. Put two tea spoon of sesame oil. Add a bit of a salt. Mix this all together using hands. Add a sesame and mix this together again. Now, it’s finished! This is so crispy and
sweet. Try this at home with a steamed rice. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs
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