– Hello everyone!
– Hello! – It’s Barry here, welcome
to My Virgin Kitchen! I’m joined joined by Mrs. Barry. – Yes. It sounded like you were going
to say something else there. – I don’t know. Fistbump? How’s it going? Tell everyone how you’re doing. – I’m very well, thank you. It’s been a long time. – Yes, it has. You enjoying your new job? – I am. – Do you miss your old boss? Don’t worry, Mrs. Barry will be back doing more videos soon in the new studio. – Will I? – Yeah! – Okay! – If that’s alright? – Yes, that’s fine. – Today we’re testing
some more kitchen hacks. This is part of a place we’ve done before which you guys seem to like, right? – Yeah. – We muddle our way through some hacks. We’re doing five today. Um, you don’t even know
what they are yet, do you? – No, and they don’t always work. – They don’t. – We’re not using the microwave, are we? – Uh, no. – Do you remember what happened last time? – Yes. The fuse went. But we have got a new one. – We’ve got a new microwave. So let’s not use the microwave. – Yeah, got a lot of stick for that one. “When are you changing that microwave?” So we got it done. The first hack we’re going to do is involving — – Mango? – Mango? – Mango, do you do the mango one first? – Yeah, we’ll do the mango one. – I knew that one. – Now this one, to easily dice a mango, slice it in half then cut the grids into the two halves then invert the slice to cut the cubes. – Okay, so you cut in half, and you slice everything up whilst the flesh is still in the skin. – Yes. – And then you just pull it off. – Then you invert it out. I’ve got two mangoes, so should we both give it a go? – Okay. I’ve just put hand cream on, so my hands are a little bit slippy. – Lush. You ready, Mrs. B? – I’m ready. – Right, so we’ve both got a mango. Slice it in half. The sun is being crazy today. – Normally, when I do it,
I normally like peel — Oh, how’d you do that? – I just pulled it really hard. Mango isn’t very good, is it? Dunno. – I might need you to help me. Please? – Yeah, but there’s
nothing in it to slice now. You’re supposed to slice just that bit. – Yeah, I reckon so. (laughter) – Maybe we can just like… – There’s nothing, is there? – Maybe we just get like rubbish mangoes in the UK or something. This is a mango, isn’t it? – Yes. And you’re sure this hack was for a mango? You’re just meant to like
score it, aren’t you? So then it… – Oh, okay. Well, let me do it with this side as well. Okay, so we score. – I don’t think there’s
enough flesh in this I think for it to work. – No. It’s going to look very unique. – And then you’re going to go like that and it’s… (laughter) Like that? – Yeah, but there’s no mango in that! – No. Then how are you gonna? – Yeah, look, you’re
supposed to go like — – Slice it off like that? – Ah, there you go. Yeah, that’s not bad, is it? – But then how do you it out of the skin? – Well then you’re just
supposed to slice it off. Like that, see, I’ve got the squares. So that does work, if
you’re using a normal mango. Look, that’s the whole stone. The stone is bigger than the mango! I don’t think these
mangoes are quite as good as other ones you can get. You know when you see an avocado from America compared to the ones we get here in the UK in the supermarket they’re never really quite as green, they look more like a dinosaur egg. Do you know what I mean? But yeah you basically just invert it. – Oh, gosh. Oh yeah. – I think it works, but use a mango bigger than
the size of a baby potato. (laughter) Yeah, I’m just about to show them. To top things off, on
the packet it even shows, sorry, Mrs. B, I’m covering your face up, look, that’s how it’s supposed to look. – Do you know what, did you
see the back of the packaging? – No. Oh, you slice up the cheeks! Yeah, but then those mangoes were so small it was pretty much the size of a lemon. – Yeah, you slice around
it and then do it. Oh, that makes so much more sense. Why didn’t we think to do that? – I might go to the shop and
go get a mango right now. I didn’t need go to the shop, we do have a cheek, sort of left, okay. Let’s see if we can do it, folks. Sorry about this. Okay, that is stone, right there, still. So that is literally the slice of mango. That’s the cheek. That’s hardly worth it! – Let me have a go at slicing it, then. – Really lovely beam of light coming through the kitchen at the moment. – Oh, sorry, should I move? Like that? – Oh, there you go! Yeah, but then do another line down and make sure they’re nice and deep. – Yeah. – Yeah! And then just do another line and I think longways as well. I think we’ve done this, I think we’ve smashed it there. Hey!
– Ta-da! Yay! – But look at all that wasted, there’s good flesh around there. But what you’re supposed to do then… – Oh, that’s cool, then. You just do that, baby. – Yeah, you just sort of
trim off a little nodule. Let’s have a bit each. It works. – Hm. – Nice. For this next one, Mrs. Barry? – Yes? – I lied, we are going
to need the microwave. – Oh, no. – So we turn our microwave on. We’re going to make hot chocolate using the microwave,
hot milk, and truffles. – Oh, wow, that sounds amazing. – It does, doesn’t it? – Yes. – Add chocolate —
– Steady! – Is the lid off it! You took the lid off it? – I took the lid off
because it was ready to go. – I just splashed milk all over myself. Okay. – Let me clean it up. – The dogs will lick that up. – Hang on. – They love that stuff. – The lid is off. – Thank you. Add chocolate truffles
to a mug of hot milk to make own premium hot chocolate. Okay, cold milk. – That’s enough, because when you put the truffle in, it will… – Oh yeah. – Explode. It will get bigger. – I’m not that thick. I’m thick, but I’m not that thick. – No, I didn’t say you were. – So we’ll warm that up for a minute and what flavour truffles have we got? – Salted caramel. – Salted caramel. – Your favourite. – So we’ll have our salted
caramel hot chocolate. – Oh, look at these, these are a bit posh wrapped in tissue. – Oh, wow, they’re wrapped in tissue and then they’re like there go. Can you open them? Please. – Let’s do it carefully. Look, there’s a little bit of sellotape. – I tell you what, if we use one of those, the rest ends up being
a bit of a romantic gift to Mrs. Barry so um, happy
Valentine’s Day to next year. – Thanks. – Milk’s ready. – Ooh, there we go! – Hot milk. Whoo, can you see the
steam coming off that? You probably can’t. But there is. Gold! – They are good. – I like gold. – Alright, ready? – You drop the truffle
in, I’ll eat that one. – Alright then. I thought you would… (gasps) I don’t know why I jumped. Sorry. – Mm, that’s amazing. – Okay. Ooh. This is such a good idea. I am going to do this all the time now. As long as it tastes nice. – It’s actually a lot like
the hot chocolate sticks. We did a video recipe on that
about a year ago, didn’t we? And it also reminds me of the
Nutella hot chocolate, too. – Mm. It is changing colour, folks. – The caramel is sticking to bottom. – Oh yeah, you can see. There you go, you see that? Right at the bottom there. Really scrape it, that’s it. – No, look, you’re spilling. Why do you have to do things
and get it everywhere? – I don’t know, I was just trying to get a bit like feel like I’m part of it. – Oh, dear. – It’s got like a bit of a mystical trail of different colours on the top. I do like that, though. (snorts) I don’t know what that face means. She’s just like, “What is it?” – It’s, I don’t know. At the top, it’s gone
all gold and shimmery. – Oh, wow. Oh yeah, see the shimmer? That’s pretty cool. Have another taste. – I don’t know. – You don’t know? – It’s like very, maybe we
need to add another one. – [Barry] Another one? – Oh yeah, look, look,
you can see the layers. That’s cool. It’s very milky. – [Barry] Do you want to
add another one in then? – [Mrs. B] This is like
your weekly calorie intake. – [Barry] Well, not mine. – No, not mine either. – The second truffle is in. Want to see if that makes it any better? Needs another truffle? – It needs another truffle. No, no, no. That’s good. It’s very, very sweet now. – Is it? Can I have a go? – Try it. – It just smells like milk though. – That is a very
chocolate-y hot chocolate. – Oh, wow! That’s beautiful. – Yeah, better with two. – Mm, that’s really, really good. I like that. – This next hack, uh, Mrs. Barry? – Yes? – I’ve washed out a bottle of, oh, see that jerk sauce? We’ve basically, I’ve seen
this one online a lot. It means, what you can do, you see that? – Oh my gosh. – Smell it. – I can smell it. Smells lovely and clean. Is that not going to make the
pancake batter taste of that? – It’s a used jerk sauce bottle. And it still does smell
a bit of jerk sauce. So essentially what you can do is put your pancake batter
into a squeezy bottle and it makes it easier to dispense. So we’re going to make some pancakes that might smell of jerk seasoning. (laughter) And then we put the screw lid on it and it should hopefully make it easier. Maybe to do pancake art! – Pancake art? – Yeah, people wanted to see
a pancake art challenge once. – Oh, art. – So yeah, like where you do
like little faces and stuff. – Sorry, sorry, I’ve got to sneeze. (sneezes) Sorry! Oh, excuse me. – When Mrs. Barry blows her nose, good job you didn’t do that on camera, it is honestly like the horn of a titanic. (foghorn noises) But we’ll accept your sneeze, bless you. – It’s because I couldn’t blow my nose until I was like… – You couldn’t blow your nose
until you were like what? Like, 15. – No, like nine or something. – Really? What, you didn’t have the confidence? – I don’t know. – You didn’t know how to do it? – I just remember not
blowing my nose at one point. I don’t know. And then suddenly being able to do it. – Ah. Pancake batter in our jerk sauce bottle with a nice sort of small
squeezy lid thing on there. Should we go to the pan? – Yes, let’s go to the pan. – Lubricating the pan. Bit of spray oil. Now I think Mrs. Barry and I are both going to do a little bit of pancake art to try and I don’t know,
see if this theory works. Obviously it’s going to squeeze out, that’ll be cool, but let’s try and do a face or something. – Alright, so do you want to do one first? – Yeah! Ah, no! It comes out quite generously. – It’s good, though! – Yeah, it works. That’s my smiley face. – That’s not all there is, is there? – Well, what we do is
we let this bit cook. – Yeah? – And then you give it like
20 seconds or something. – Yeah? And then what? – And then when we flip it because it should be coloured, right? – Yeah, should be. – Should be. I’m going out. – Yeah, but be careful. – I’m going to do the eyes. Pancake art! – Don’t forget you’ve got to flip it and if you get too much, you’re not going to be able to flip it. – Then I go like that. – Why? – To fill in the gaps. Alright, so I’ve basically
just made a normal pancake but I’m quite happy with it. – It was good, though. – It worked, right? You haven’t got to get
the ladle everywhere. We’ve got a nice squeezy bottle. I don’t know why I’m smelling the bottle. A jerk seasoned pancake. (gasps) Hey! – I was stood really close, warn me! – [Barry] It comes out fast. What the heck is that supposed to be? – A heart! – [Barry] A heart? Looks like a bum! – It looks like a bum. (laughter) – [Barry] You’ve done a bum! – Yeah. But that’s quite tricky. To get it out. – [Barry] Well I think different bottles have different sorts of nozzles, this is quite a quick one. – It looks like, yeah, sorry. – You’ve made a bum. So with the pancake art, what they do is they fill in the gaps. They cook it so it’s brown, and they fill it all out so
it’s one big piece still. – Do they? – Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. So hopefully her bum’s going to brown. – It’s going to be a heart. – I think we’re just making pancakes. – Oh, wow, no way is that a pancake. – That is a pancake. – How have they got it all coloured? No way. – So Mrs. Barry, that, that is what we have to aspire to. – I don’t think we’re going to be able to do it using a jerk sauce bottle. – We’re just not very good at this. – Right, I’m going to flip. Are you ready? – Yep. – Are you steady? No, move, because I might hit you. – Okay, alright. – Oh, no, I didn’t turn it over! – You did a 360! – Yay! – There you go. – Oh, look! There’s a heart. – See? The heart. – It needed a bit longer. – So meanwhile, while Mrs. Barry’s finishing off her pancake, one of the most popular toppings that goes with a pancake here in the UK is just sugar and lemons. And that actually works
into our next hack. – Ohh, good thinking, that man. – So we’ve got sugar and lemons. Are you nearly there, mate? – Mm, no. – It’s in the feature
length edition, right. – I’m very impressed with
those pancake art pictures. – Yeah, they are good, aren’t they? – They’re pretty cool. – Let’s never try that. – Aw. – Tongs can be used to juice a lemon. I don’t know what you’re
doing to that pancake. – Incinerating it. – Okay, sugar, lemon. So what we do is I’m going to take the
tongs there at the end. The thing is, there are pips on it. There’s no pips in this, but make sure there’s no pips, yeah? And then apparently we squeeze the tongs. – Oh my gosh, it’s going everywhere! Wouldn’t it be better if you had — – Whoops! (laughter) What, you put me off my squeezing. – Sorry. – What am I supposed to do. – Hang on, I’ll show you. – This is just some ploy to make a better one than me. Mine right now is
literally just lemon juice with a bit of sugar and batter on it. Well that’s not — – Oh my gosh! Have you got it squirted in your eyes? – No. Is there any on the lens? No. – Wouldn’t it be better if… – You’re holding it like chopsticks! Is that working? – Yeah. – Okay.
– Gosh. – Not bad. – But it’s so much easier
if you just squeeze it and you can catch any
seeds with your hand then. – Or use your little juicer
gadget that you’ve got. – The juicer is amazing. – Or use this! – Yeah, that is the best. Just one of those where you just juice it but anyhow, I’m going
to try the most lemon-y infused pancake ever. Mm, that’s tangy. It needs more sugar. How about the heart pancake? “Heart.” – It’s a bit, maybe I
cooked it a bit long. – Is it tough? How would you like your pancake? Medium rare, well done? – Mm, mm. – Okay. If you would like to
see a pancake art video, let us know. You just missed that but we just… – Like all four of them, all four. – We just set the smoke alarm off. – All four smoke detectors
go off at the same time. If one goes off, it all goes off. – It was like a nightclub in here. – Oh, and the dogs were
trying to escape outside. They were like, let us out! – For this last hack, imagine that you’re in a hotel room and not in our front room. – Okay. – Or kitchen. And you need a panini
which you’ve already made. Right, go with me. – Okay, so you’ve kind
of brought it with you? For a snack maybe?
– Yeah, yeah. But you’ve got tinfoil and you’ve got an iron in your hotel room. – Right, so you’ve got, ah, okay, you’ve made it at home, wrapped it up in tin foil to take it with you. – Yeah. – And then you got there and you thought, I know, I’ll just order room service. – No. – No? (laughter) – Well sort of. It’s kind of like, I
need to cook this panini but there’s not the facility to do it in this hotel room. – Oh, okay, I’m with you. – So you use an iron. – Oh, that’s why you
asked me to get the iron. – Yeah, also I need my shorts ironed. So for this we’re using an
old side of my chopping board, don’t mind if that gets burned or singed. We need a panini bun. – Do you want it on steam? – I don’t want to steam it! Not getting creases out. – Well, hang on, then. – We’re just driving heat in. So I bought some non-stick foil because I thought, just in case. We don’t want the iron
sticking to the foil. – Do you get foil that’s sticky? I thought… – Well, most of them are,
but they got me with that. – Double the price. – Yeah! – “Use me as I am, no need
to add oil or butter.” – I thought you were talking–
– Not me! – That sounded so wrong then. “Use me as I am.” What we’ve got is some Emmental cheese, really good melty stuff. – It smells very strong. That’s like the cheese you
get in cartoons, isn’t it? With the holes in it. The cheese is like the cartoon-y cheese! – It is. You pesky mouse! Then we’re going to stick some ham in. – So I’m just covering… – And then more cheese on — (laughter) You don’t cover the iron! – What do you…? – You cover the panini. (laughter) I mean, maybe it would still work, but… – I thought we were covering the iron! – No! (laughter) Just no, Becky. You can see now why she married me. – Why, why can’t that work? You cover it and then
use it as like a plate. That’s what I was doing when I said I was getting the iron ready. – Okay. Can we please wrap this? And not the iron. – Oh, dear. And I bet I’m not the only one who thought we were doing that. – So, we’re in the hotel room. We’ve brought our foil-wrapped panini rather than our foil-wrapped iron. We now press this down, just put the iron… – So do we need to put
the iron like this then? It’s going to get hot. – No, press it down onto it! – Oh! Oh, okay. But do you know what I’m thinking of? I’m thinking… – You can tell we rehearsed this. To make panini in your
room while travelling, wrap them in foil and
use an iron to heat them or cook them in a miniature frying pan on the burner of your coffeemaker. Well, I don’t know how many hotel rooms come with miniature frying pans but um, yes. – In my defence, I’m thinking of that, um, hotel room video that you did. – Oh yeah, that was years ago. Cooking in a hotel room. – You wrapped the iron in foil. – Yeah but this is like, we’re not going to take it everywhere like some sort of massive thing. – Watch out, it’s hot. – Make sure you get the whole. (crinkling) Yeah, put some weight on it. Ugh, you just sprayed me! Just squirted water out of the front. Get off! (laughter) It’s like a deterrent. If she wants to get rid of me, she just. Don’t, anymore. It’s not very hot, is it? Is it on? – Yeah, I just turned the steam to zero. Yeah, it’s hot. – Ooh, Jesus, that is hot! – We’ll have to turn the panini
over and do the other side. – Giving it that nice sort
of flat smooth finish, yeah? You can see this all happening in all the big major
like coffee stores now. Like Starbucks, they’re going
to be like, sss, with irons. – Yeah, he needs a panini machine. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t resist! You were so close. – Look, I’m going to be like this. Would you spray a pug? No, no, don’t you dare. “You wouldn’t spray me, would you?” – Should we turn it over? – Yeah, you turn it
over, I’ll wash my hands. It definitely looks flatter. – Ooh. – My fear is that you’re going to slip off and burn my arm with the iron. – Yeah, be careful, stand back. I knew you were hovering! – Well, I wasn’t levitating. – I knew he was hovering to have a go. Because I wasn’t doing it right. – Yeah, I’d like to have a go! It’s not every day that you get to iron a sandwich, is it? Look at this. – No, because you’re going to get me! – I’m not going to spray you! – You will! This is a really good idea. – Oh, wow, it’s so flat now. – Do you think if we
put the steam on as well it might hurry it up a bit? – The steam? – Do you think it would just make it a, no, not too much! It’s just going to make it
wet and soggy then isn’t it? Actually, yeah, it might
get a wet, soggy panini. – You don’t want a soggy panini. – Can we see if it’s done? – I think it’s done. Look how flat it’s gotten. – Okay, turn the iron off. – Let’s find out. – I think it worked. – Oh my gosh! – Look! Look, the cheese is melted. – That has worked! Look at that. Oh my gosh. – Could have left it a little bit longer. – Yeah, but it’s toasty. It’s toasty. – Oh, wow. – Ah. – That is, wow. That is amazing. – Wow, that’s, yeah. – You can hear that. (crispy crackling) – It’s worked, but, maybe.
– It’s really worked! But just a little bit longer. – So I think we did maybe
three minutes on either side? – Yeah. – Five minutes on either
side, I think you’d be… – That is cooked. So do not go and waste your
money on a panini machine. Just use your iron! – Yeah, just take your iron with you. Trying it without the foil. Well, look, it’s managed
to get it all gooey there. – That’s cool. – Whoo! Hot! So, there we go Mrs. B. That wasn’t a bad little go, was it? – No! – As always we have, um, done our own version of
attempting these hacks. – And it just goes to show that they don’t always work. Or that we, we, we did them… – We shouldn’t have tried them, yeah. – We did them how everyone
else would do them. – But if you do have any other hacks that you’ve seen that you want to see us try, let us know down below and we’ll put it on the next video. There is a playlist of other ones on there so check that out and that’s it. – Yeah! – Subscribe for regular
videos and food fun and we’ll see you next time! – Bye!
– Bye!