Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon and
today we’re looking at 5 different kitchen gadgets. I love going to kitchen shops and I always
see things like this and I wonder is it even going to work? So I thought I’d try them out. I’ve never
tried any of these before so we are going to test them out on camera and you can tell
me if you think they are CLEVER or if you’d NEVER buy them. So let’s start with this one… What this one says is it will do is it says
that it will make it easy to make a rose out of fondant. So you roll out your fondant and cut it out. Then what you’re supposed to be able to do,
let’s see if this actually works, is fold that in half like that and then starting at
this end, just roll it up. Let’s see if it’s going to work. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll … roll, rooooll. And then … you have a little flower. What do you think, it doesn’t look like a
perfect rose to me but it’s still a pretty, quick flower. We might do it again one more time …
You know what I should do? Because I do stuff with fondant anyway, I
should get Dave to do it so we can see if it works for him! (crickets)
What?! C’mon! Alright so just cut it out. I wasn’t expecting this. Ok. Yep, pull it off. Get rid of the excess. What are you thinking so far? It’s really hard. Is it clever or never? Ahhh, it’s … I would never but my wife is
very clever. Use the paper to fold. This is heaps easy! Yep and then open it. And then starting from that end, roll it up. I would roll it towards me. Yeah, no I would roll it towards me as well. The other end, there you go. This is why I’m good with words! Keep going… you can do it. Hey look at that! The middle is coming out of the top! I love you! Ohhh … you’re so sweet. Ok so when you’re rolling it obviously you
have to make sure that you roll so that it’s going down on the inside rather than up, so
if you’ve never used it before it might take a bit of practice or if you’re not sure how
to roll flowers. (What are you saying?) Yeah it’s very good. (I think it’s very good)
Let me know in the comments if you think this is clever or never. Ok so number 2 we have this cutter for Bananas
that Dave got when he was in Singapore. I can’t read the writing so I’m not sure if
it’s Chinese or Japanese. It says made in China so it might be from
Singapore, Japanese banana cutter made in China. Let’s see if it works. First of all let’s peel the banana, I’m assuming
we can’t cut through the skin and put it on a chopping board. Grab our cutter and push it down. And we end up with a banana that I can’t get
off the cutter – let’s push it all the way through. See if I can get it off. There we go, push it all the way out and we
have a banana that’s cut up into random, uneven shapes. I think for me this is definitely a never,
only because I reckon I can cut a banana way faster than that. I’m going to race Dave and see what’s quicker. Ok so here’s the rules, you have to completely
chop your banana and get it into the bowl. The first one to finish wins. You’re using the banana chopper and I’m using
a knife. Singapore weapon! On your marks, get set, go! We should have peeled the bananas first. Watch this … BANG! Check it. Done! Argggh … your banana was smaller! My banana was not smaller than your banana. And look at the difference… Yeah, yours is a mess, look at mine. Yours is like mashed up banana. Singapore! This one’s a never for me, let me know in
the comments if you think it’s clever or never. It doesn’t even say the word banana when you
chop it. No, but it’s cool. No it’s not. It’s pretty cool. At number 3, we have the Yolk Pig. It’s supposed to help you separate your yolks
from your whites, so let’s see if it works. There we go, ok according to the packet we
are just squeezing and sucking up the yolks. Looks like he’s got a snotty nose. Bloop! That actually worked really well, let’s try
this one. That is a bit repulsive. Oh now this yolk is a bit broken so this is
going to be, a bit of an unfair test but we’ll see if it can manage it anyway. Nope, can’t do it if the yolk’s broken, the
yolk has to be intact for the yolk pig to be able to be able to get it. But it actually worked very effectively, Ithought
it was pretty good. It just looked a bit disgusting. What do you think, clever or never. I like that. At number 4 we have this … it’s not in English
so I don’t know what to call it if you know what that is, read it and tell me but it is
a Kiwi cutter I can tell that from the picture. It comes with a little cute saw and you saw
it in half … it does work. We have two halves. Ithink this looks a lot bigger than this soI
don’t know if it’s going to just destroy it but we’ll try it. Push it in and then twist … yeah I think
my Kiwi is too small for it. It got three pieces but the other piece is
a bit stuck and mangled in the skin. I’m going to see if we can find a bigger kiwi. Twist it around … and then, oh look at that,
out comes the kiwi. That’s actually pretty clever, I like that
one. (maybe the language says non-organic kiwi
cutter). Yeah, do not use on organic kiwis.Only use
on big kiwis. Big fat kiwis. So Number 5 we have these Russian piping tips
which have these weird cut-out shapes out of the top of them, so I’m a bit intrigued
by what they’re going to look like when they pipe. I’m going to start with this one which looks
like it’s going to be rose petal type of shapes. I’ll star right down low, give it a squeeze
and pull up. Let’s just do a few more low down ones and
see if they’re in a bunch if they look good together. That’s actually pretty good, that looks pretty
nice. And this is just my normal butter cream recipe,
you can get that on the website, I’ll link to that below. They’re pretty, they’d look nice on a cupcake
and they’re quick so I think they’re good. Let’s test out the other ones and see what
they do. So this would be my favourite one out of the
Russian Piping Tips and if you just have two colours in your bag then it turns out really
beautiful. So there you go, that’s 5 different gadgets
that we’ve tried, let me know in the comments below which ones you think are clever and
which ones you think you would never try. And also let me know if there’s other gadgets
that you’ve been looking at in the shops that you want to know do they even work. Let me know what they are and I’ll get them
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They’re good at it!